Michelle Williams Performs On Kimmel

Published: Friday 17th Oct 2008 by Sam

Michelle Williams featured on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show last night, offering live renditions of current singles ‘Hello Heartbreak’ (above) and ‘The Greatest’ (below). Though not her best live showings, Michelle did well – especially on ‘The Greatest’. She looked stunning too.

What do you think of the performances?

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  1. Anonymous October 17, 2008

    First performance was awful. But damn, she looked just like Aaliyah at the beginning of it (mostly due to the bad video quality). Then she looked like her old ugly self again. It will be no wonder if the album doesn’t sell.

  2. Anonymous October 17, 2008

    ^^^^^if you think she’s ugly you need ur eyes examined. she bloody gorgous

  3. Anonymous October 17, 2008

    she is beautiful… damn shame she didnt even stand a chance with all the beyonce hype. but its all good… she making her money as long as she keeps her head up she will make it.

  4. Anonymous October 17, 2008

    she sounds awfull

  5. Anonymous October 17, 2008

    “the greatest” was well done. “hello heartbreak” was awful. she needs to control her voice better.

    she looks very pretty, though.

  6. Anonymous October 17, 2008

    I’ve noticed she’s very a la Whitney Houston..Whitney in the late 90s early 2000s (“My Love is Your Love” days)

    NOT THE VOICE…but her style, her look and performance and such

    doesnt anyone else see it?? just a tad??

  7. Anonymous October 17, 2008

    Yeah, i saw a little whitney and a little mick jagger and grace jones as well. I do agree, more vocal control is needed but I was impressed with the whole look, vibe energy over all! if she keep it up I think she will succeed

  8. Anonymous October 17, 2008

    Okay, looks are a matter of taste but we are not here o discuss that. The first vid was awful but the original is so computerised that there was no chance in hell she was ever going to sound as good as the recording… but yes it was still dreadful! i didn’t think the second was that much better but i think the song is dull as hell, there’s a remix thats much better.

  9. Anonymous October 17, 2008

    i have no respect at all for michelle until she leaves the knowles corporation and starts to grow a pair !

  10. Anonymous October 17, 2008

    Both performances were good. I actually liked her performance of Hello Heartbreak and it’s not a song I listen to usually. Her vocals are also good for someone who hasn’t had much frontline experience. She doesn’t sound nervous anymore. Keep growing ‘Chelle!

  11. knox October 17, 2008

    this girl is talented…tha album isnt half as bad!

  12. Suga Brown October 18, 2008

    She defo grown as a performer. The 1st song was all about the energy and vibes and less much LESS bout the vocals but she turned it out on stage so love that.

    Sounded like herself on the slower song and she was on point.. Growth is beautiful 2c in an artist and i think her & Rihanna are very much improved now..

    Her album didn't stand a chance anyways not because of Beyonce but J.Hud, T.I etc.. had big hype surrounding them..

    Timing is critical especially when the fans are even more selective with album buying nowadays.

    Michelle shouldn't worry bout the numbers and keep performing to gain even more rep cuz DC doesn't seem to count for her when its solo time sales wise…
    R&B/Urban audience wasn't really gonna click with that type of album so she gotta gain mo' the white folks in US and europe/japan/aussie will take her sound more as well

  13. Cornell Lewis November 16, 2008

    Michelle I think you look absoultly beautiful!!!!! And I Love your new CD. Especially the Remix of the break of dawn with flo Rida. All i can say is keep up the good work your live peformance on kimmel was also good. Keep doing what you do best which is sing and make music as long as you do that i will follow you.

    So what everybody has there opinions, they are entitled to them so let them talk. Your talented and i love your voice and i love you.

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