New Video: Usher – ‘Trading Places’

Published: Thursday 2nd Oct 2008 by Sam

Usher’s third release from his ‘Here I Stand’ LP, ‘Trading Places’ saw its video premiere on Yahoo Music a few moments ago. The steamy Chris Robinson directed clip, continues the R&B crooner’s trend of top notch videos this go round, in comparison to the so-so music on the album. That said, I’m definitely a fan of this cut and I’m glad it’s received the single treatment.

Randomness: Where art thou Tameka?

What do you think of the video?

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  1. Anonymous October 2, 2008

    That video is hawt!! If Tameka had been around it probably woulda sucked.. lol

  2. Anonymous October 2, 2008

    yeah , its aite , he gotta folk out loads for them vids to make it up visually for a lame ass album .. cant believe he had over 7 diff producers for Here I Stand yet errthing sounds the same ..
    Ush needs to chill on the music and take care of wifey and kid ..

  3. Anonymous October 2, 2008

    wad da f***?? LOL.. these lyrics are GAY!!!!

    wat made usher make this song?? video is tight, but is usher gay?? lolollol.. funny s*** lyrics lol

  4. Tiziana October 2, 2008

    How can so many ppl say the album sucked?!? It was SO good! I mean most of the songs in there have great beat and lyrics, which is quite rare to see nowadays,not to mention all 3 songs he released from it were a hit! one of the best albums of this yr for sure…you go Usher! Shake dem hataz off!

  5. Nick October 2, 2008

    HOTT HOTTT HOTTTT, USHER is jst kool man, this whole album is HOTT HOTTTT HOTTTTTT/luv it…

  6. Anonymous October 2, 2008

    The album was HOT!! It was deffinatly 4 the grown and SEXXY!!
    The video is hot 2, he’s getting his sexxy back,YES!!

  7. Anonymous October 2, 2008

    I agree its a ‘grown’ album. Usher’s work is more mature today, and I do like it.

  8. Anonymous October 2, 2008

    Where art thou Tameka? lol sam sam sam u alway make me lol…

  9. Anonymous October 2, 2008

    One of the few cuts I actually liked and jammed to from the latest Usher album. As for the video much better then his most recent videos (IMO).

  10. Anonymous October 2, 2008

    he is boring and kinda gay

  11. SamIsA… October 2, 2008

    -_- Sit down, you ignorant, immature children. The lyrics are not gay. *sigh*

  12. jonnyhco October 2, 2008

    amazing song and video. better than anything chris brown has ever done. ush is back

  13. Anonymous October 2, 2008

    STEAMY …..HOTTT AND JUST F****** S***!!! This has to be the best video ive seen this year, industry aint lieing when they say “s** sells” usher sold me on this one!! as for Tameka, i forgot usher was even married to any1 when watching this video…..hahaha chick must be pissed about this one.

  14. Anonymous October 2, 2008

    LOL usher blates wants that girl in the vid as his wife!!

  15. Anonymous October 2, 2008



  16. Anonymous October 2, 2008

    Dang! I forgot Usher was married for a min. too. Wonder how Tomeka handled all that lip action?!

  17. Anonymous October 2, 2008

    Man Usher dis video was smoking hot!!!!!!
    U brought it extra hard in this vid you killed it, keep making them like that whooooo.

  18. mrsjones3 October 2, 2008

    shoot i actually like the song and video. i think i almost had an orgasm. lol, j/p!!

  19. Anonymous October 2, 2008

    god dam. that was hot.
    defiantly love the song & video

  20. Anonymous October 2, 2008

    let’s see if this song can revive his album.

  21. SamIsA… October 2, 2008

    Finally got the chance to watch the video… it’s amazing. I prefer Love in This Club over this video, but it’s still great.

    Where’s that deluxe edition Ursh-er and J.P.? Get it on!

  22. Anonymous October 2, 2008


    And love the track too! So glad he decided to release it!

  23. Anonymous October 3, 2008

    this song is pretty boring. and as for the video, i am not impressed at all. usher has had some good hits, but this is not going to be one of them. the lyrics are terrible. plain and simple.

  24. Anonymous October 3, 2008

    love the song nd the video………x

  25. Mark October 4, 2008

    I like the video it was real thought-out and made since with what the song was talking about! I LIKE THE SONG TRADING PLACES TOO!!!

  26. MzJGaines October 5, 2008

    I must admit I am not a huge fan of the album, but got damn . . . this video is so f****** hawt!!!!!!!!! and s*** !!!!!!! welcome back Ush . . . .

  27. Anonymous October 5, 2008

    woooow. loves it! good job usher. now that should have been the 2nd single and video.

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