From The Vault: Pink – ‘There You Go’ & ‘Most Girls’

This week’s From The Vault serves up not the usual one clip, but two. This time we journey back 8 years to 2000 with Pink’s debut single ‘There You Go’ and follow-up ‘Most Girls’. As seemingly one of the the few that actually prefer Ms. Moore with her current Pop/Rock sound, I still hold her sole R&B LP ‘Can’t Take Me Home’ in high regard; these standout cuts from the record IMO:

There You Go

Most Girls

For all the quality music and success that Pink has enjoyed since switching up her sound, it’s not uncommon to hear the ‘Oh, she should go back to R&B’ statement from many a person. That said, peep this idea (tell me if it’s wack too LOL); wouldn’t it be great if her next release was a double CD of sorts with 1 CD being the Pop/Rock songs and the other being more R&B-tinged. I mean her voice certainly is versatile enough to do her thing on both. Then again, with the singer herself saying she felt forced into the R&B thing, the liklihood of this happening is slim. Still one can dream…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous November 2, 2008

    I don’t think Pink was ever RnB. I think because Pink can hold a note and being under the tutelage of LA Reid some automatically asume RnB is the music she sings. Pink is a free spirit. I love that she can go from RnB to Pop to Rock. That new single “SO WHAT” loves it!

  2. JANETS LOW TICKET SALES November 2, 2008

    AWWWWW,i MISS this PINK!
    i remember THERE YOU GO came out at like JAN 2000 and MOST GIRLS came at like APRIL 2000
    good memories 🙂

  3. Lukey Boy November 2, 2008

    Pink should definitely go back to R&B or like you say Sam at least have a balance between the two genres. She rebels against being "fake" but the fact that she ditched one sound completely for another just screams fake to me.

    Her voice is awesome but the music she's currently making is pants, I don't mind her doing rock but she's not doing QUALITY rock music like she did quality R&B music. "Missundastood" was good but she's not been making anything decent since, so either do what you seem to do best or step your rock game up Pink…

  4. Anonymous November 2, 2008

    Pink rocks!! Love her vocals. Her versatality just shows her talent and that she is capable of jumping from one genre to another effortlessly.

    U and your hand is the jam and so is “So What”. Go Pink

  5. tasti8 November 2, 2008


  6. sean November 2, 2008

    Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh… those P!nk R&B songs are hard to listen too. they sound SO bad. i love R&B music, but P!nk needs to stick to rock. Thank Heavens she is a rocker now, those lame attempts at R&B are brutual on the ears!

  7. Anonymous November 3, 2008

    One thing I don't get. She said, she was pushed to do R&B by her label, But didn't wasn't she in a R&B group, wasn't she the one who formed a R&B group before she had a record deal?
    So she doing R&B before she met LA Reid, right?
    Clarify please?

  8. JNez November 3, 2008

    i remember enjoying the heck out of pink’s first two singles there you go and most girls. the cd had a few other hot tracks on it too. i was surprised when she switched up her sound but appreciated that sound too. i have no criticism of pink…whatever she does, she always does it will, in my opinion.

  9. number1k9 November 3, 2008

    No way, I do like Pink as the current Pop Rock artist she is, but I really think she could have had successful R&B career. She definitely has a powerful enough voice and I used to love these two singles, “There You Go,” & “Most Girls.”

    It makes me mad because initially she had said that she didn’t want to follow in the routes of Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears but they were then classified solely as Pop artists. She to me was definitely an R&B artist, not Pop. She may have been classified as Pop, but that was primarily because she was a white female singing R&B; Hence why R&B is sometimes called Urban Pop.

    Pinks new CD is OK, nothing to special to me either. Though the song called, “Mean,” stood out from the rest of the song. I really think since she was making a break up album, an R&B style would have hit home for many R&B fans

    I just always hope that someday Pink will combine her two unique sounds and genre’s and do a double album, one of R&B music and the other of her chosen Pop Rock style. Please come true.


  10. number1k9 November 3, 2008

    I did enjoy the singles released from ‘M!ssundastood’, but her 3rd LP ‘Try This’ wasn’t big in the US, though I did like “God Is A DJ,” and most recently aisde of the new album, Funhouse, I liked “U + Ur Hand.”

    To me Pink could never be a Rock artist, she will only be a Pop Rock (or even Pop) artist. Her style isn’t hard enough for Rock, just like Kelly Clarkson.

  11. Anonymous November 3, 2008

    Wow, I’m surprised people think this P!nk was better. It’s not natural at all and boy do these songs sound dated or what?

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