Pink Performs ‘Killing Me Softly’

Published: Wednesday 12th Nov 2008 by Sam

Currently over here in Europe promoting her chart-topping album ‘Funhouse’, Pink performed a set for MySpace Secret concert series in Barcelona this week. Yes, you don’t see the once-R&B singer on That Grape Juice all that much, but her performance of ‘Killing Me Softly’ (made popular by The Fugees) at the show was awesome.

Seeing her do the song such justice, even with her now being a ‘Pop Rocker’, really has me hoping she re-embraces a more Urban sound – even if just for a track or two – on her next release. Not to say, the pink hair and choreography should make a return, but music like this seems to be a sure-fit for her as well.

What do you think of the performance?

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  1. jonnyhco November 12, 2008

    yes i remember 99 when this posing ass b**** was singing r&b. pink has pipes but let Lauryn sing it.

  2. Anonymous November 12, 2008

    P!NK IS A TRUE artist!! the fact she couldnt even hear in her ear piece she jus ripped that s*** out and kept going. thats what i like to see. she just adapted to it, and it didnt let it phase a dope performance. GO PINK!!

  3. Anonymous November 12, 2008

    P!nk is an amazing talent. She truly has a love for both the r&b stylings of her past and the more pop rock tunes she currently releases. Singing this soulful song she not only did it justice vocally but it was also very believable. P!nk will be around for years to come.

  4. Anonymous November 12, 2008



  5. tia November 12, 2008

    sing that s*** pink!!! this the pink i know and love…therefore i tolerate that other ish she been doing…people fail to remember that she has a soulful voice and can really sing.

  6. Anonymous November 12, 2008

    DO THE DAMN THING!!!! This chick can sang!

  7. mrsjones3 November 12, 2008

    i feel you on that @tina. pink is my b****, and i think she is cool, and she can sing. that’s probably why i tolerate the immediate image change she pulled on her second album (i see where rihanna must have gotten it from)

  8. antertain November 12, 2008

    great artist always respected her as a singer even though she left r&b…

    she done that real justice

  9. Anonymous November 12, 2008

    that’s SOUL.

  10. Fresh November 13, 2008

    …I almost forgot Pink use to sing R&B…I really miss that side of her. I wish there was better audio around so I could hear her sing the song better but she def did a great job under the circumstances.

  11. Jai November 13, 2008

    I’ve always loved Pink’s voice and I can say that she’s one of the few artists that can be versatile and perform a classic like this one and kill the performance! She sounded great!

  12. Anonymous November 13, 2008

    i love her personality. [=
    great performance

  13. Anonymous November 14, 2008

    Pink has some of the most amazing vocals in the industry today. Her voice isn't commercial, and its not one that can be copied and thats what make her voice so great. She has two songs on her Funhouse cd that might be as close to R&B as she's going to do for a while. "Sober" and "I don't believe you". Her voice is remarkable on these two tracks.

  14. JAZZY B00 November 14, 2008

    she killed it y0 4 realz

  15. amira September 25, 2009

    Pink is fabulous. Does she sing a version of “Will you remember me”?

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