Brandy On Tyra – The Interview

Published: Wednesday 10th Dec 2008 by Sam

Yesterday, we posted Brandy’s awesome performances from her recent stop on The Tyra Banks Show. Ms. Norwood was also interviewed by the supermodel turned talk show host and opened up about many a topic, including her fake marriage, ‘that’ fatal car accident, her brother Ray J’s sex tape and a whole lot more. Part 1 is above, with the rest watchable below:

Great interview!

Any thoughts?

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  1. GLYNN J December 10, 2008

    amazing interview. The three are sooooo funny…

  2. Anonymous December 10, 2008


  3. Anonymous December 10, 2008

    i remember a phrase of a song from brandy “this industry is more like a different world when it was just me and monica and babygirl”…and she’s right…in my opinion brandy is a beautifull true artist and hounest,no ego, just about the music …i feel like she’s tamia, deborah c** for instance are…But i can look true the hype and all the plastic and she remains my number one….!! jade

  4. Anonymous December 10, 2008

    BOUGHT TEARS TO MY EYES! Great interview!!!

  5. Anonymous December 10, 2008

    One of the best interviews ever!

  6. Ms Keia December 10, 2008

    I must admit this has got to be Tyra’s best interview ever . . . the three of them worked well together . . . Job Well Done . . .

  7. Anonymous December 10, 2008

    i’ve been raaabbbed lol i love dem

  8. DMagicthaking December 10, 2008

    Really, really good interview. Brandy came off very casual and nice — I almost forgot she was there to promote an album. Patti Labelle made sure she got her hustle on with them cookbooks and promoting those, though!!

  9. Anonymous December 10, 2008

    not even a brandy fan but i must say she came across very sincere and “human”. I’ve listened to the album n must say though its not one for the clubs its full of greatly crafted songs. It’s great to see and artist who isnt scared to sing songs with a message like artists used to do. N her vocals were definately on point.

    Brandy, the option for those not moved by plastic, media trained artist with nothing worthwhile to say.

    Brandy’s Newest Convert (Best Album of the Yr)

  10. SR December 10, 2008

    Great interview. Anyone else notice at the end how Tyra was pointing the knife everywhere. lol sheesh girl might have taken out patti.

  11. Anonymous December 10, 2008

    Not a fan of Brandy but I hope her album does ok.

    BTW Sam. Why didn’t you post A Keys interview with Tyra from last week?

  12. Miguel December 10, 2008

    This was a perfect interview. Brandy is wonderful in every way. Miss Patti is still doing her thang. Trya is a FOOL…lol…I love the Oprah impression, “Patti your getting new earrings” LOL. I love Tyra’s show. If you don’t have Brandy’s new album Human, you are truly missing out on some really great music!

  13. Nick December 10, 2008

    I LOVE BRANDY SOOO MUCH, I dnt undrstnd y shes only set 2 sell 70-80k??? come on people, GO GET HER ALBUM, its sooooooo gooood, we gota get her up higher than that….she been killin her tv promo/Uggghhhh! 🙁

  14. Anonymous December 11, 2008

    Thanks for posting this interview Sam. I missed it Monday because I overslept. LOL.

    I really enjoyed Brandy’s interview. I like hearing her talk, she’s so articulate and she gave real responses. The last segment when Patti was teaching them how to bake the apple pie was hilarious. Brandy was so behind, and Tyra is so goofy LOL.

    I’m copping Brandy’s album Friday. I think it’s one of the best to come out this year.

  15. Anonymous December 11, 2008

    brandy is one of the most talented & entertaining performers in the industry

    unlike britney or paris, brandy is a true artist with 'real' talent, and not some mechanically altered voice like those fake b****** brtiney and paris

    btw, did u know paris is working on her 2nd album? LOL

  16. Anonymous December 11, 2008

    ^^^^i agree



  17. antertain December 11, 2008

    Brandy kept it sooo real and it's soo good to see that shes talkin about those experiences so rawly, as it must have truly drained her spirit at one point. Obviously she won't get over the situation fully but i think with this album she channelled her energies in the right place to come back stronger than ever vocally..

    No typical up-tempos we usually get with Bran but its quality music and i think therapy for her.

    (Sidenote: Patti's Pie looked abit 2Brown with all dat suga & LOL @ Brandy gettin lost when they put in the ingredients so she just started throwin it all in quickly 2try catch up..[I wonder if Patti pimp slapped her lol])

  18. Liah December 11, 2008

    I really enjoyed this interview too. I appreciated Brandy’s candidness.

  19. Anonymous December 12, 2008

    Love love Brandy. Not a fan of Tyra at all, she acts like a kid who constantly wants to have the attention on her. She’s so self absorbed and I just can’t tolerate the way she overacts on being silly…I don’t find it funny. She’s too old for that.

  20. Anonymous December 12, 2008

    ^^u are really very smart 2 notice dat about tyra

    i was thinking the same thing

  21. Anonymous December 14, 2008

    I don’t really like Brandy’s album but I love her so I have it. I think its not her best work. Good interview though and I wish her the best.

  22. Anonymous December 16, 2008

    lol tyra was waving that knife all ova the place as if she hoped it accsidently poked patti ova the top diva ass lol

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