Kanye West: "Beyonce Is Greater Than Tina Turner"

Kanye: 'Beyonce Is Greater Than Tina Turner' It seems Kanye West stays talking about Beyonce these days. Check out ‘Ye’s latest assertion about Bouncy’s greatness during a recent New Zealand press event below:

“Nobody really wants to recognize that Beyoncé is a f*cking living legend and that she is just as great, if not greater, than the artists that we had in the past…that she’s probably greater than Tina Turner.”

No doubt this one will get tongues wagging…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous December 1, 2008

    I thought Kanye was mediocre during his good days so his wackness of today is no surprise to me.

    I also have no real love for Beyonce either. I don’t even think she is great compared to her peers let alone to legends.

    But opinions are like you know what. Everyone has one so I respect his regardless of how retarded and insane they are to me.

    I don’t like Obama so like Kanye, I am use to my opinions getting ragged on and belittled by those who disagree.

    Keep doing you Kanye. I will never buy your music or support you but I do respect your hustle.

  2. Anonymous December 1, 2008

    I think Kanye is constantly talking about Beyonce maybe to get a collabo or just for publicity for that album that no one is taking seriously.

  3. Anonymous December 1, 2008

    Honestly? And Be very Fair people….what makes Tina Turner so great? And that is not a diss…but if people are going to trash Beyonce and Kanye..then please define to me why Tina TUrner is so great..because me personally I agree with Kanye….and this is why…

    Beyonce can give you Diana Ross “Flaws and ALl”
    Beyonce can give you Tina Turner “Crazy In Love”
    Beyonce can give you Etta James “EGO”
    Beyonce can give you DOnna Summer “Naughty Girl”
    Beyonce can give you Madonna “Greenlight”
    Beyonce can give you Glady’s Knight “Me Myself and I”
    Beyonce can give you Prince “Satellite”
    Beyonce can give you Celine Dion “Broken Hearted Girl”
    Beyonce can give yu Aretha Franklyn “Resentment”
    Beyonce can give you ANita Baker “If”
    Beyonce can give you Mary J Blidge “Upgrade U”
    Beyonce can give you Patti “Dangerously In Love”
    Beyonce can give you Janet “Ring the ALarm”
    Beyonce can give you Marvin Gaye “Speechless”

    And the list goes on…Beyonce is a universal artist..and we wont touch her accomplishments because that also out due TIna Turner…Now I am not dissing Tina Turner…I think she is awesome…But comeon now people just because you’re a Legend doesnt mean that someone else will never be better than you…

    • Teri August 27, 2014

      Exactly- but that’s where you’ve just proven to us how beyonce has copied and stolen fr every artist past and present. She’s no universal she’s a thief. Not original, not authentic, just nothing new!

  4. Anonymous December 1, 2008

    Kanye is on Beyonce third single from Sasha Fierce….Ego….he didnt record the song in time to meet the album deadline…so its going to be released as a remix single….

  5. Anonymous December 1, 2008

    I agree with you (At December 1, 2008 5:08 PM, Anonymous)


  6. Anonymous December 1, 2008

    Without Tina, they would be no Beyonce! He needs to shut the hell up!

  7. Anonymous December 1, 2008

    KANYE, YOU JUST NEVER SHUT UP EH? lOVE HIM THOUGH. I am very pleased with Beyonce’s new album. She has grown a lot more. She took risks and every album she has put out is totally different from the other.That is how you know an artist grows… That is why I love Alicia, Kanye, bRANDY, Jay AND THE LIST GOES ON.. I am waiting to see what Rihanna would do…

  8. MzJGaines December 1, 2008

    I will not take away from Beyonce’s accomplishments . . . I am a major stan . . . but until she can be considered a legend and an icon . . . she is not better than Tina Turner, for that alone . . . she’s on her way . . . but do not take away from those who paved the way . . .

  9. Anonymous December 1, 2008

    kanye is stupid; beyonce beyonce byonce im not a hater but beyonce is not exceptionel;she a good voice and good moves like many girls lol lol lol

  10. WithLove December 1, 2008

    How the hell is “Greenlight” a Madonna type song? How? Just how? “Ring the Alarm”…Janet? what? No… more like Kelis.

    That list is ridiculous. Does Beyonce have no persona of her own? It makes it seem like she trying to be everybody. How about Beyonce give us Beyonce not Beyonce as “insert another person”

  11. WithLove December 1, 2008

    Oh & Kanye? Ugh. somebody please gag him. He stay mouthing off about everything. Goodness! They should have left his jaws wired. He's too much. He needs to quit why does he keep praising Beyonce? Desperate much?

  12. Anonymous December 1, 2008

    Well every time Kanye releases an album he always disses another artist just to get publicity. Beyonce is not better than Tina Turner….B**** please wait until you’re 70 years old and let’s see if you’re still shaking ya ass on stage!!!!

  13. P.B. December 1, 2008

    UMM…Beyonce ALWAYS gives us Beyonce!! Name one chick who can do what she does!!! Name one person who could sing Crazy In Love, Irreplaceable, SINGLE LADIES, GET ME BODIED and make it their own!! NO ONE! Cz thats BEYONCE to a fault..why you think when Ciara and Christina Milian and all them other little girls was labeled as Beyonce wannabe look alikes whn they first came out cuz they tried to have the big blonde hair, big makeup, etc. CUZ BEYONCE HAS HER OWN ESQUE AND HER OWN STYLE that NO ONE has and that everyone tries to jock. Everyone wishes they cud be like her!

    If the likes of Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin, Patti Labelle, Prince, Luther Vandross, Diana Ross, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey and so many other great legends and icons hold Beyonce in such high esteem above typically most if not all of her peers, then she must be somethin special about her! Not every artist gets such compliments, appreciation, and en fans out of so many icons…but BEYONCE does! If shes not already an icon, she damn near will be by the end of this album or by the next!

  14. Anonymous December 1, 2008

    Whoa! Calm down! I must say that Bee is an entertainer! That is what she is! She puts on a show! As far as music goes, she give you music that is okay then but later on it is forgettable! It is hard not to like her because she is a great singer and a wonderful dancer but we can’t escape Beyonce because she is overexposed in my opinion! Kanye been on her nuts for a minute now! I wonder what he is getting out of the deal

  15. Anonymous December 1, 2008

    I’m sorry but she isn’t better than Tina Turner. Kanye be kissin’ Bey’s ass all the time.

  16. Anonymous December 1, 2008

    #3, yeah Beyonce can gives us all thse people. BUT CAN BEYONCE GIVE US BEYONCE? Artists like Aretha never tried to be anyone else.

    She thinks by her chaneling all these people like Diana Ross and Etta James and now Superwoman would get people to put her on a higher pedistol.

    She is a great performer, but when will she get over this idenitiy crisis her show her true self? We already got Aretha and her songs, we already have Celine and her classics as well. We don’t want any of that or someone trying to be them this generation. Beyonce want be legendary by potraying other legends.

  17. Anonymous December 1, 2008

    i luv beyonce

  18. Anonymous December 1, 2008

    Kanye West shut the hell up please, talk about the music and not beyonce being greater than Tina turner because she is not she is a copycat she does not have an original style she fake like you. Stop talking when you do your music sounds better. Nor you or beyonce are legends okay, you guys make remixes of old music that was hot before but you guys destroy it okay. You are wannabe Michael Jackson you are on his d*** get off it okay. No one care about you and Bitcha Knowles when she do interview she looks like a slow retarded fool. Just Shut up.

  19. Fernie December 1, 2008

    agree with a recent post

    not until I see beyonce perform in her 70’s than maybe…
    and beyonce is not origial she is just a copy-cat of everyone.

  20. Booyall December 1, 2008

    That’s like saying Chris Brown is better than Michael Jackson!? I don’t think so!!!! Without Tina, there would be no Beyonce! She would have no blueprint to go from! We shouldn’t discredit Tina or Beyonce, but let’s face it, we couldn’t have the animals we have now without the dinosaurs. It’s natural evolution, but it’s still an integral part of “A” becoming “B” …and so forth..

  21. Anonymous December 1, 2008

    Now he done pissed me off. Tina has a story that lives with in her, beyonce anit went through anything like tina. no struggles, no pain, no nothing. kanye acts like this is the first time hes seen two girls in leotards dressed like the star with nice legs and dance. tina voice is better 100 percent pure soul. Beyonce is talented but someone above mentioned bee is good as like fifteen old artists its funny that they pointed out every song that is similar to a previous artist. NO ORIGINALLITY!!! THAT’S WHAT IT SHOWS ME AND MOST OF THOSE SONGS MENTIONED ARE NOT CLASSIC HITS. BEE IS A GOOD PERFORMER THAT’S IT BUT SHE IS A SMALL PERCENT OF HOW GREAT THE OTHER ARTIST WERE, PLUS THEY WERE ALL ORIGINAL AND CAME WITH SOMETHING THAT WAS NEVER SEEN BEFORE. BEE SAID IT AT THE GRAMMYS THAT SHE TAKE A LITTLE FROM EVERYONE, BUT THATS GONE HURT HER IN THE LONG RUN CAUSE HER MUSIC IS NOT GREAT ITS JUST GOOD.

  22. Anonymous December 1, 2008

    you really have to look at the comment in the context of the interview. it wasnt like he was like “hmm what else do i wanna say…oh beyonce is better than tina turner!” it was more like a response to the AMA comments

  23. Corey December 2, 2008

    he’s right
    just like Ciara is better then Aaliyah and Janet
    Chris Brown and Usher are greater then Michael
    Britney and light years ahead of Madonna
    Nelly is better then LL
    Leona is better then Mariah
    Brandy is Better then Whitney

    LOL SIKE! In a Million YEARS! They are only as good as themselves and im SURE all will be LEGENDS some day. I see where he is GOING but yeah not in right direction! Beyonce respect Tina and bit off her style and a million of artists new old and other inspirations to create her. Which is hot and just amazing. But once you set the standard people wILL ALWAYS Reference it back to you, so can they truly be greater then you?!?! NO!
    But in a way yes because they took that standard and created a new one. Its just a cycle. And some day Bey will the Tina to the newer Gen. Beyonce. And people will say she is greater then Beyonce.
    So kind of a rhetorical comment and clearly answer is yes and no.

  24. Anonymous December 2, 2008

    Kanye I love you for this one!

  25. Anonymous December 2, 2008

    I agree with almost everybody’s comments on this thread. Beyonce will be a legend when everybody wants to copy her style of music. In addition, she will become a legend when she creates a song that withstands time. She needs to create songs that have meaning and everybody can relate too. Kayne will not be Kayne without putting his foot in his mouth. I get tired of hearing Kayne and Beyonce talking about becoming legends like Celine Dion and The Beatles. I just want them to continue making good music. Legends do not talk about being legends. Legends make good music, and the people who enjoy listening to their music call them legends. I think Beyonce is on her way to becoming a legend.

  26. ND December 2, 2008



  27. Anonymous December 2, 2008

    I think I know why Kanye is always talking about Beyonce being a legend, because Beyonce is his boss’ wife.

  28. Anonymous December 2, 2008

    I think I know why Kanye is always talking about Beyonce being a legend, because Beyonce is his boss’ wife. Oh,I forgot he is not the CEO of Def Jam Recordings anymore. He probably talks a lot about Beyonce being a legend, because Jay-Z and Kanye are friends (want to stay close friends).

  29. Anonymous December 2, 2008

    its sad that people cant understand what he is saying…but he said it best….”Nobody really wants to recognize that Beyoncé is a f*cking living legend and that she is just as great” please…He is not dissing Tina Turner…all he is saying that he feels like Beyonce is better than Tina TUrner..It has nothing to do with Beyonce and Tina personal life, it has nothing to do with TIna being a Legend..because sometimes having a long career in the music industry grants you the title as LEgend…..but that doesnt mean your craft is untouchable….Like give me a break…a writer posed a question…Please tell us why Tina Turner is great…because Beyonce mastered her and took her craft and transitioned it into another level…And I do recall Beyonce having some mini beyonces running around here……

  30. Anonymous December 2, 2008

    Its true…
    Beyonce is on the tip of everyones tongue. No matter what she does. She is the first name people think of when u mention female rnb. She keeps heads truning with her vids, ventures into acting, writing, clothing lines, and fragrances. I think she will DEF be rememberd 20 yrz from now. She is great at what she does..

    Now even though, im not a fan of her new CD, i love her previous work and i think shes an outstanding entertainer. I see her 20yrs from now recieving one of those honorary awards…

  31. Anonymous December 2, 2008

    @4:43……… why couldn’t Beyonce “master” her own craft” and do something original. Like someone said earlier, they would not be a Beyonce without a Tina.

  32. Anonymous December 2, 2008


  33. Anonymous December 2, 2008

    beyonce is doing things in her era
    and tina did her thing during her time
    they are both talented
    after artist like beyonce make names for themselves
    it wouldnt matter if she screwed up or mad a crappy album b/c people would see it as you being a hater
    rather than taking the critique and trying to think outside of their fanatic whelm/world and be more realistic
    yes beyonce has made a name for herself and disrespectful of kanye to diss the one’s that were here before like tina turner b/c these are the same black women that paved the way for beyonce and allowed us to become more open minded not to mention giving us guts

  34. Anonymous December 2, 2008

    Beyonce is a good performer and artist. You will not know if someone is a legend until the next generation. IMO We have to see how her music influences other artists, and if she creates songs people want to listen to decades after the hits are made. Kanye is entitled to make his opinion about him and beyonce being a legend. He can shout it to the rooftop if he wants to, but it will not change my opinion. I think he is telling everybody he and Beyonce are legend, so everybody will start calling him and beyonce living legends. Just because I do not agree with Kanye and Beyonce does not make me a hater. Sometimes when people use the “hating” words it makes me think they cannot handle opposing viewpoints.

  35. Anonymous December 2, 2008

    To 5:08….LMAO! You are an idiot with no life to sit and make up that dumb ass list. It just show how unoriginal she is, and how dare you compare to people like Madonna, Prince, Marvin Gaye???? are you f****** kidding me? Good laugh though I must say.

  36. Anonymous December 2, 2008


    Beyonce can give you Diana Ross “Flaws and ALl”
    Beyonce can give you Tina Turner “Crazy In Love”
    Beyonce can give you Etta James “EGO”
    Beyonce can give you DOnna Summer “Naughty Girl”
    Beyonce can give you Madonna “Greenlight”
    Beyonce can give you Glady’s Knight “Me Myself and I”
    Beyonce can give you Prince “Satellite”
    Beyonce can give you Celine Dion “Broken Hearted Girl”
    Beyonce can give yu Aretha Franklyn “Resentment”
    Beyonce can give you ANita Baker “If”
    Beyonce can give you Mary J Blidge “Upgrade U”
    Beyonce can give you Patti “Dangerously In Love”
    Beyonce can give you Janet “Ring the ALarm”
    Beyonce can give you Marvin Gaye “Speechless”

    Thank you Annonymous Stan for proving and stating in your own letters that Beyonce is unoriginal! That makes Tina so great because she did it first! Everyone forever remembers winners, not the runner up.

  37. Anonymous December 2, 2008

    And just so you know Beyonce’s team researches Madonna, Tine, Ross, all of them original superstars and pick what they like, make beyonce show and image into that. It is nothing original if you know your music history and know about the people who did it frist. I know this for a FACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Anonymous December 2, 2008

    WHO wants a robot your basically calling her a karaoke star/juke box, lol.

  39. Anonymous December 2, 2008

    I love Kanye as an artist but can somebody pls Surmon the spirits of locked-jaw on him. I hate kiss-ups. U never be hearing Beyonce saying anthing about Kanye.

    Guess he’s trying to be in Jay-z’s good books. Not a good look. BTW…Does that mean Beyonce is a better artist than you Kanye??..Just asking???

  40. Anonymous December 2, 2008

    WOW….lol….HI HATERS>…I dont think the person that made the list was stating that Beyonce is unorginal…lol…grow up people…lol..I think the person was just saying that Beyonce can give you more than one type of music….was it that hard to understand….I can care less for the chick…but I am not going to deny that she can work a stage and a mic…SO MIchael jackson can not be better than James Brown…No one in this game is orginial…so get over it…everyone copies off of someone whether they are in the past or presence…Everyone got their style from someone….so stop acting like Beyonce is the only one that mirrored other artist styles….

  41. Anonymous December 2, 2008

    yeah beyonce music is not memorable…i dont even remmeber half the s*** from B day..i respect her hustle as well as her performing ability, but the b**** is not a legend and is not better than Tina Turner…..

  42. jmoore December 3, 2008

    i respect Kanye's opinion…but what happened to the days when the Fans decided you were a legend..i mean Kanye is running around here demanding this the type of respect that is earned thru a continous superior, original body of work…808 & heartbreaks..i call that T-payne original….Beyonce is a talented women…you gotta give it to her…but she should want her own lane…not tina's…You cant take back Tina's career…Beyonce is hot but why is she a legend…and is Kanye…he needs to stop beating up the paparazzi…and address all the rappers callin him out on wax…

  43. Anonymous December 3, 2008

    Pls Kanye sit down & shut the hell up-Tina is a living legend………….you are really starting to work my nerves talking about other artist like Beyonce,Jt etc…to sell an album-you're really starting to act like Fifty & eventually people will start ignoring you too

  44. Anonymous December 3, 2008

    Corey u are dead wrong about comparing Ciara to Aaliyah-she might be able to dance but she damn sure can't sing better than Aaliyah-If it wasn't for Aaliyah there would be no CIARA-let's get it right sweetie……Usher's old ass can't dance like he used to before he got his ball & chain & Chris can dance but that's about it but noone will ever compare to Michael no matter how crazy he's become

    All these comparisons you're making are wack-like Whitney said Crack is Wack & you need to Just Say No

  45. Larry December 3, 2008

    Single Ladies” #1 on the Hot 100! Bey scores 5th #1!


  46. Larry December 3, 2008


    I thought the HATERS said she wasn’t doing good!?

    Week 1 – 483k /// Week 1 – 541k
    Week 2 – 254k /// Week 2 – 179k

    Sasha = 737k
    B’Day = 696k

    Single Ladies – #1 /// Deja Vu – #4
    If I Were A Boy – #3 /// Ring The Alarm – #11


  47. Larry December 3, 2008


    I thought the HATERS said she wasn’t doing good!?

    Week 1 – 483k /// Week 1 – 541k
    Week 2 – 254k /// Week 2 – 179k

    Sasha = 737k
    B’Day = 696k

    Single Ladies – #1 /// Deja Vu – #4
    If I Were A Boy – #3 /// Ring The Alarm – #11


  48. tia December 3, 2008

    lmao lmao lmao look at em goooooo hahahahahahaha…kanye you are too funny boy,why must you make these fools upset lol..”everybody feel that way about k but at least ya’ll feel something” whewww had me dying laughing over here…and for the record remember kanye said this not beyonce so dont be trippin on her cuz of another n***** comments lol…gotta love kanye,beyonce and tina LMAO!!

  49. tia December 3, 2008

    and wish ya’ll would shut the hell up about “if there was no tina there would be no beyonce” f*** are you talking about,if there was no tina knowles and matthew knowles there would be no beyonce,furthmore she did not come out a solo act,she came out in a group,that highlighted her talents and made her an even bigger solo star….f*** does tina have to do with that? nobody even started talking that ish about tina until BEYONCE was CHOSEN to open for her on the awards show that one time…..then everyone found something else to hate on…when they all failed to realize she was chosen for a reason….where was your favorite artist that day????? well mine was opening for tina lmao lmao lmao tina was good in her time and different,frankly i think they are the same talent wise only bey got slightly better vocals….ya’ll say she is being like tina….ok tina used to shake her ass in lil outfits back in the day/…..nobody wants to talk about that comparison,they think beyonce the only one “shaking a tailfeather” lmao!!! now thats a real comparison

    got to love the comments on here boy they crack me up!!

  50. Anonymous December 3, 2008

    Your comment cracks me up too. Everybody has an opinion. Do not take it so personal. The comment section allows everybody to express his or her viewpoints as you did above. Not everybody sees beyonce like you do and that is O.K. What makes your viewpoint the gospel?

  51. tia December 4, 2008

    my opinion isnt the gospel,but what made me go off was the whole “if there was no tina there would be no beyonce” how they hell would you know?? noone knows who would be but GOd…i have no problem with people not liking bey…my closest friend doesnt like her… its one thing to have a valid point and be cordial ….its another when shes all types of “b******” and “nobody special” “aint all that” yada yada yada…spending your day trying to find things wrong but they never stand up against the facts,hell after the other girls left dc i hated beyonce,but it didnt last long because her work ethic is ridiculous and she is talented…people are making observations like their miss cleo or something…like they can see the future or know if her songs will be remembered or not when everybody isnt the same and maybe there are hella people who will remember her songs 20 years from now….it becomes over the top…i try to stay out of these post thats why i laughed at first but after reading this stuff its just crazy…..to me when you have no valid point you are hating….but when you give a good and effective reason for disliking someone then that is your opinion,your intitled to it and thats it….im not one to not know the difference between not being a fan and just being a straight up hater….alot of these people are haters,whether they admit it or not

  52. Anonymous December 4, 2008

    First, legend means something coming down from the past. Beyonce is hot now, which is the present. Nobody knows the future except God, so we do not know how Beyonce’s story will end. Legends do not exalt themselves has legends, but the title is given to them. I am a fan of Beyonce’s music, and I hope she becomes a legend. We have different opinions on what makes a legend. We just do not agree. We cannot think our opinion is the one that matters. I think it is egotistic to think like that. You think Beyonce is a living legend and that is your purgative. I am not trying to change your opinion; I am just trying to express my opinion. You seem very hostile in your post, so you cannot judge if people are haters. You are cussing all through your post and you are very pessimistic. You laugh at people’s post, because you think your opinion is the only one that matters. Maybe you should not post if you think like that. I value all people’s comments, because I am not God.

  53. Anonymous December 22, 2008

    Beyonce…. a legend…….IMO…..NOT!!!

    “If I Were A Boy”…… I think it is not even yet a song, as it having composed on a single chorus extended while sung repeatedly over and over by Beyonce, using several different by improvizations….let alone it was written by someone else, yet she had claimed that it was written by her!

    Beyonce’s voice?,…….what’s so good about it? It is fully nasal dominated, high pitched noise…..Although the packaging is quite good, she shakes her booties too much all the time in order to increase her album sales….I would consider that as a WHooore of the American music in general…….

  54. Anonymous December 22, 2008

    Comparing Beyonce to Tina Turner????…..Hell, the analogy applies when comparing heaven (Legendary Tina T) and hell (Not so awesome Bey) !!! Frankly speaking

  55. Annonomous January 15, 2010


  56. Holly June 27, 2010

    OH PLEASE! Tina Turner is the best! Wayy better than beyonce. Tina Turner’s song and the legs good look for over 50 year and still sold out every concert events! Beyonce? Only 10 year give me a break. I am glad kayne start to withdraw himself out for a while. Beyonce knew tina turner is the best and Tina Turner is also Queen of rock and roll!

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