Soulja Boy: ‘I Want To Be A Positive Example’

Published: Thursday 18th Dec 2008 by Sam
In a video statement to the Associated Press, teen rapper Soulja Boy stresses that he wants to become a role model for young children, hence is taking a U-Turn with his music’s message, so as to be a ‘positive example’:

LOL. I guess someone has an album to plug. This PR/marketing stunt is so transparent it’s a joke. Baring in mind he is still in ‘one-hit wonder’ territory, it makes me wonder who these supposed ‘fans’ are. I mean, does anyone still even do the ‘Crank That’?

That said, maybe I should stop going in on the boy; label-influenced or not, more ‘positive’ message music is always a welcome contribution to the industry…

Or maybe not LOL…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous December 18, 2008

    Yeah he did release his album on the 16th, which surprised me cause I haven’t heard any singles from it, heard of “Bird Walk,” though…. He really is a one hit wonder.

    If he has a song where he is the lead artist reach the Top 10 of the Hot 100, I’ll be surprised!


  2. Anonymous December 18, 2008

    see the tracks on his NEW album
    Go head and booty got swag

    What songs will he perform if not his those and other ones like it.

    Also see the vids of him grinding on stage.
    Will he stop vulgar acts too???

  3. Anonymous December 18, 2008



  4. Qelz December 18, 2008

    If he is sincere, then I respect what he has said. However, it is a sad day in age if young kids are looking up to Soulja boy. It is even sadder that a parent found it okay to let some 5 year old listen to Crank That anyway.

  5. Anonymous December 18, 2008

    I would have given him a little more credit if he had done this much earlier than album release. His music sucks, and we all know that but I will admit it is somewhat commendable that he’s trying to at least improve even though it’s for publicity for his new album.

  6. Anonymous December 18, 2008

    Why does everyone hate on Soulja boy so much? I actually like the kid..

  7. ND December 19, 2008

    NEXT – that was jus an ad for his new single!

  8. d p December 23, 2008

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