Aubrey: "Yes, I Did Pose For Playboy!"

Published: Tuesday 13th Jan 2009 by Sam
Aubrey: 'Yes, I Did Pose For Playboy!'It seems it really is ‘K.O’ for Aubrey O’Day and Danity Kane. Remember that announcement O’ Day said she had for the 14th January? Turns out she will be announcing she has indeed posed for Playboy magazine’s March issue – and, yes, it will be featured nude:

“I’ve done the cover of Playboy,” she said late in December. “You know, I think that Playboy for me was one of the most liberating things that I’ve done as a woman.”

Scanning the pics on her Macbook laptop while chilling in Costa Mesa, California, O’Day showed off the results of her session with photographer Markus Klinko, who has done portraits of Mariah Carey and Pamela Anderson in the past and who shot the cover of Beyoncé’s 2003 album, Dangerously In Love.

Taken amid sessions for her solo debut, O’Day said she was surprised at the negative repercussions from her earlier, revealing shoot for Complex magazine, which is reported to have played a role in Diddy’s decision to drop O’Day from the group. {Source}

I’m sorry, but I must take a moment to pop my damn collar! Some of you may remember I predicted Aubrey’s whole ‘it’s empowering /liberating’ nonsense talk from the moment the rumours started gathering steam. Granted she’s grown and can do as she chooses, I’m kinda thinking this was either a) an act of rebellion to the whole Diddy/Making The Band situation or b) too good a pay cheque (reportedly $500,000) to turn down. I’m guessing it’s probably both. How she plans on launching a legitimate singing career after this, I’d itching to see…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous January 13, 2009

    Singing career? Dont think so… I mean who would listen to Aubrey?
    I cant wait to see her n*** photos, she is hot, but not as a singer

  2. Ms Keia January 13, 2009

    I don’t think this will hinder her solo career at all if her work is good enough . . . Look at all the other people that have done much worse things than pose n*** and their careers are on point . . . and those who have done absolutely nothing and have good songs and get no recognition . . . she has fans that we know . . . so I wish her the best of luck . . .

  3. Anonymous January 13, 2009

    I dont quite understand how she can play both of these roles. She tries to act like she’s no barbie doll or anything, yet she has the little dog, big tits, and poses naked. And yet still she’s conceited.
    But then she acts like she’s some kind of feminist or something.

  4. number1k9 January 13, 2009

    I mean that is a lot of money, she even got KanYe wanting to jump on the band wagon! Either way maybe the money will help her jump start her career as a solo artist to it may be a good move.

    Better get the money while it’s being offered rather than miss out on the opportunity and have to be back working at a burger joint next week, we would all pick and choose the money over working fast food. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

  5. Anonymous January 13, 2009

    WOW – why the f*** does it matter? she can pose naked and still go after a solo singing career… i don’t understand how this will hinder her chances. if anything this is just bolstering her popularity because s** sells. and at least the chick can actually sing unlike half of the most popular female singers we have out there right now. she can do whatever she wants, she’s getting money… i wouldn’t worry about her.

  6. Anonymous January 13, 2009

    She got naked and she still can go for a singing career?

    Janet shows her boob and her career is OVER…

    it sucks

  7. Anonymous January 13, 2009

    Can you please stop wasting good blog space on this winch? Untill she does something that involves talent and self respect I don’t want to hear about,read about or see her. Your blog is better than this Sam. You’re really slipping.

  8. Anonymous January 13, 2009

    Okay seriously, why so many Aubrey posts??????

  9. Richard January 13, 2009

    sorry but Aubrey is amazing and more power to her. Who in there right minds would turn down that money for some measly pics tht wud get out one day from a kiss and teller…. good on her least she got nout loose now, she got money in the bank.

    As for her singing, I loved her parts in DK, she made it as good as it was….. DK needed aubrey… he a fooool… n tbh the songs they had… spec tht ‘show stopper’ was in kno way a good look to promote the bull he sed DK stood for… they had a couple of gud ones on first album… the second album was full of dirttyy s*** tracfks n the like.. n tbh diddy aint no role model ….

    sooo go aubrey kick his ass! show him hu the real talent is!

  10. Anonymous January 13, 2009


    For some smooth RnB that give you hope – djeh on


  11. BFloyd86 January 13, 2009

    Drew Barrymoore posed for Playboy back in the day, and she’s Hollywood A-List…

    It could happen.

  12. Julio January 13, 2009

    She’s the all-American girl type girl.
    she can pull anything off. She has that something about her, and no posing n*** won’t do s*** to her musical career, but us fans will, Negative and Positive feedback/fans can change her career, so your the one to blame.
    But i’m proud of Aubrey, she has some big balls, bigger balls than some ppl that just talk s*** about her on their blogs.
    But i don’t think she cares, cuz she’ll wipe u out with her balls. She, IMO, is the best one out of DK, that’s why she’s the infamous Danity.
    And i think her career or antics stop/end here, they will/should be lots of more to come! be ready to hate! i’ll be ready to adore! thanx, bye!

  13. Julio EDITED! January 13, 2009


    And i think her career or antics WON’t and DON’T stop/end here, there will/should be lots of more to come! be ready to hate! i’ll be ready to adore! thanx, bye!

  14. Anonymous January 14, 2009

    Lets just say kudos to you Sam for stating the obvious “all that empowering BS. But in earnest her career hasn’t begun/ended so lets be optimistic because as much as I loved Kelly Rowland it’s the little things that let people know you can think for yourself and good Aubrey/ bad Aubrey that trick/professional artist has put her foot down in being her own person. You have made Kelly seem like a goddess, good music not wit standing, fan base or not Kelly still can’t get people to notice her in U.S. where she is from outside of DC3. Devils Advocate 🙂

  15. Anonymous January 14, 2009

    this b**** cannot sing. the only reason she was in danity kane was because she WAS s*** (she's not anymore) and she has a "star quality". her music is going to be wack; i guarantee she makes the same contemporary r&b record that we've heard 900000 times before. danity kane is a group greater than its parts; NO GIRL from that group could have a lasting solo career but together they could be (have been?) one of the top girl groups in the world.

  16. runtheshow472 January 14, 2009

    i love aubrey and cant wait for her CD i support her in all she does and if u call her a s*** or h** look at all the other celebs to pose in PLAYBOY like Drew Barymore r u gonna call her a s*** too? i didnt think so!!! <3 AUBS

  17. Katebozz January 14, 2009

    So what!!!
    Say Hello to one of America’s NEW SKANKs, taking over for Britney/Paris/Lindsey

    And As long as it looks better than the blender spread.
    That thing was a lil too skanky………..


    P.S. Have yall people who think she can’t sing seen making the band at all? The girl can sing and dance her ass off

  18. Anonymous January 14, 2009

    i’ve watched making the band since day one and have rooted for her since day one; i don’t like the direction she’s taking herself because i know she could do so much better for herself. her voice is alright (she sounded good on this last season, especially the a cappella challenge thing in miami) but let’s not overstate her talent or anything. she’s probably the 3rd or 4th best singer IN HER GROUP. she is a pretty nice dancer, though.

  19. Nanaliciouz January 15, 2009

    Obama/O’Day for 2012

  20. Anonymous January 16, 2009

    Go Aubrey. Think what u want of her but she made the smartest move. She was never gonna see a 500K paycheck with Diddy managing them. She and D Woods were the only interesting personalities in DK anyways and provided the most media attention, foolish decision on Diddy now his only charting act on his label has basically imploded.

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