Lady Gaga Performs ‘Just Dance’ On Leno

Burgeoning star Lady Gaga kept her momentum going last night by stopping by The Tonight Show With Jay Leno to perform her #1 single ‘Just Dance’. As with most of her live showings, she did great. It seems as if she’s switched things up with her performance of the track on this promotional push (band, less choreography, live-er vocals etc); still, just adds a different feel to what is an awesome and very deserving track.

What do you think of the performance?

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  1. you already know January 9, 2009

    she sounds pretty good to me. For the ppl who say she can’t sing live.

  2. Anonymous January 9, 2009

    That was good but HER TROUSERS ARE HORRIBLE!!!!!

  3. Anonymous January 9, 2009

    Very good!

  4. Soufian January 9, 2009

    she sounds good live, great performance.

    ironically..that Ooooh Babey in the end was so christina aguillera lol

  5. Anonymous January 9, 2009

    i honestly don’t see what’s so great about that song.

  6. Anonymous January 9, 2009

    She is soooo like last year. But I love her!

    She’s like the biggest thing to happen to pop!!

    I’m happy for her. She’s doing big things. Yay!

    Beautiful Dirty Rich BANG BANG

  7. number1k9 January 9, 2009

    YES OMG that last: “Ohhh Baby…” was VERYYYYYYYYY Christina Aguilera-ish. I really wonder what Christina Aguilera thinks now of the comments she made of not knowing GaGa now that “Just Dance,” has obviously became a bigger single than “Keeps Gettin’ Better” ???? Hmmmm….

    Did any1 else notice that her dancing seemed soley to involve her legs, like little to NO upper body movement??

    The vocal perfromance was not bad, but I get this vibe the GaGa is the type of performer who would not sound half as good the last song in a concert as her 1st song…. Is that with all singers?? U tell me?

    OMG did she seriously play the keyboard! LMAO! Keep up them tallents GaGa.

    Good job GaGa! Will be something to see “Just Dance” top the Hot 100 for 3(+) weeks! Then she may truly be here to stay. Katy Perry proved she’s no 1 hit wonder, can GaGa do so too?

    **CHECK it out!!

  8. Royston January 9, 2009

    great performance its always hard to push a gimmivk but i thibk she has done it great growth and its the 1st single

  9. Anonymous January 9, 2009

    Brilliant… u can tell from that performance that she is an artist in the true sense. IMO she’s not just the next nu big thing in music, she has the potential to be around for a long time. Loves ya gaga!!!

  10. Anonymous January 9, 2009

    I miss her girl dancers. She sounds better than 80% of the people we have out now, i mean as far as the pop world goes.

  11. Julie-Rose January 9, 2009

    OMG you know what i didn’t enjoy this performance as much as her others that i’ve seen, she seems more animated and like a piece of moving art… but that didn’t pop up in this.

    She looked uncomfortable.

    But i’m rooting for GaGa.

  12. Anonymous January 9, 2009

    Is it just me, or is her outfit horrible?

    I’m thinking she thought it was cool to put the pantyhose over her bottoms.

    She’s not pleasing to the eye here, the dancing was horrible like a bad high-school musical knock off.

    I like the original recording a lot, tho. I’m glad this wasn’t my intro to the song.

  13. gaga_monster January 9, 2009

    truly amazing

  14. Anonymous January 9, 2009

    f*** the haters cuz they always gon be there. Do yo thing Gaga, that was a good performance.

  15. Anonymous January 9, 2009

    I LOVE LADY GAGA!!!!! You go Girl! I’ve been a big fan of hers for some time now. I am soooo happy for her. I miss her lady dancers too!!! Gaga bring them back ASAP.

  16. Anonymous January 9, 2009

    Her clothes are awful but as an artist she can obviously kick rihanna’s ass

  17. Nick January 9, 2009

    yes yes yes, SHE SOUNDS GREAT LIVE & she worked the stage, BUT HER COSTUME was a bit much (ugly) im all about creativity, BUT tht was jst a mess & the dancers too (tooooo tite of pants !!) hahaha, she ROCKED IT THO!!!! (luv her album)

  18. Anonymous January 9, 2009

    I’m sorry but she looks like an out of shape s**** in that outfit. She put granny tights over a thong, it looks terrible. F*** GaGa, her music stinks.

  19. Anonymous January 9, 2009

    She sounds good live but I am hating the costume. It seems as though she’s not fully dressed especially the shoes looking like they’re not there. Dancing is crazy as hell too but she’s into it and you can see that she doesn’t care who likes it or not.

  20. C January 9, 2009

    lol, I think this is aiight, has she even got shoes on? see what happens when you put your high heels outside the window, you get jacked they even took off her wet look leggins, lol. Joke. C

  21. Anonymous January 9, 2009

    GaGa looks horrible! Fugly s****…

  22. Scoop Lady January 10, 2009

    i love her but that was not as good as the performances w/o the band

  23. Anonymous January 12, 2009


    (origdjeh1 on youtube) DON’T GIVE UP!


  24. Anonymous January 12, 2009

    LMAO she’s making the movements, but she cant dance for s***!!

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