New Song: Brandy – ‘Long Distance (Pop Remix)’

Published: Wednesday 28th Jan 2009 by Sam

‘Long Distance’, the 2nd release from Brandy’s critically acclaimed new album ‘Human’, is set to be sent to Pop radio next week, however it will a revised version of the cut which will be serviced to stations. Still the same lyrically, the new version features different production, which, put simply, has more of a ‘thump’ to it. I must say I’m liking the song even more after listening to this. Here’s hoping Brandy does big things with this one.
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  1. DMagicthaking January 28, 2009

    While I did bump my head to it, (which I have never done to this song), I still kinda like the more simplistic 1st version. The 1st version is like a real timeless masterpiece; this one is OK, but not as good as the original.

  2. Anonymous January 28, 2009

    I like it…sounds different n it will def work better on the charts…i was gettin kinda desperate cuz she lately isn’t doin much promotion on the album…n it isn’t selling like it should…just hope she gets it right now…

  3. Anonymous January 28, 2009

    Doesn’t sound that much different to me, to be honest… but still great song! love Brandy

  4. Anonymous January 28, 2009

    not to be “hating” its more of a concern…

    what the hell happened to Brandy’s CD?! It feel off the damn face of billboard!!! Now, Sam, if you want to start talking poorly about artists that sold over 1 million copies of albums (ie, Mariah Carey E=MC2, etc) why dont you discuss how MANYYYY MORE artists cant even manage to sell over 500,000 copies (ie madonna, brandy, keyshia cole, michelle williams, etc) now those are flops. hardcore FLOPS.

    Its sad how the music industry has become, but if you cant keep it rolling with singles and a LOT of promotion… youre just going to fail. 🙁

  5. Anonymous January 28, 2009

    ummm…it sounds exactly the same!
    the only difference is the base is bumpin’ a lil more. get it together brandy!

  6. Anonymous January 28, 2009

    it’s just being sent to pop radio next week? jeez, talk about late.

    but anyway, it’s still a nice update.

  7. Nick January 28, 2009

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE her album (it may not be selling) BUT she put out an AMAZING ALBUM, this is hottt tho, get it BRANDY BABY!!!

  8. Anonymous January 28, 2009


  9. anderson January 28, 2009

    Epic records is not promoting Brandy the way they should be.

  10. Anonymous January 28, 2009

    I like the beat a lot in this remix. I just wish she would have re-sang it so it fits more smoothly with the beat. I still love brandy nonethless!!!

  11. Anonymous January 30, 2009

    brandys album is AMAZING from START TO FINISH!! and this is an awesome track especially when your in the situation!!

  12. Anonymous January 30, 2009

    i dont understand the logic, the track is beautiful, but shouldnt this be the urban one???? i guess, whatever they need to get on the ball and either push long distance or get a new single out asap.

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