New Song: Ciara – ‘Turn Me On (ft. Chris Brown)’ (Snippet)

Published: Sunday 11th Jan 2009 by Sam

Check out this lengthy snippet of a new track from Ciara’s ‘Fantasy Ride’ LP called ‘Turn Me On, which features Chris Brown. Despite reserving my full judgement until hearing the track in its entirety, I must say the beat goes hard. 
It has now been confirmed that ‘Fantasy Ride’ will now be hitting stores April 3rd.
Hit or Miss?

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  1. djbaps January 11, 2009

    definitely sounds like a hit to me… if this song becomes a single im sure the video will be a dance fest from one of the best female & male dancers right now!

  2. Anonymous January 11, 2009


  3. Anonymous January 11, 2009

    it seems to me like she’s just throwing out all kinds of things to see what sticks.

  4. Anonymous January 11, 2009

    i have to hear in high quality before i can make any judgement

  5. Anonymous January 11, 2009


  6. soufian_y January 11, 2009

    that’s a big fat hit right there, oh my GOD i need the full track right now!!

  7. Anonymous January 11, 2009


  8. CiError January 11, 2009

    poor CiCi 🙁

  9. Anonymous January 11, 2009

    You can't really judge until you hear it in full, however I think Ciara working
    with Chris Brown is a good move, His the R&B Prince at this moment

  10. Anonymous January 11, 2009

    Miss . is some euro sounding 4/4 type thing like rihanna would do.Yuck. not American enough!

  11. Anonymous January 11, 2009

    It’s a HIT!

    The beat goes hard, the sample sounds Indian or something. Nice to hear her doing some dance songs again. She does it effortlessly like on Get Up and 1,2 Step.

    Can’t wait to hear the full song.

  12. Anonymous January 11, 2009

    This is a HII! She’s finally releasing the banger that everyone wants and she needs, this will blow up in the spring.

  13. Anonymous January 11, 2009

    I must hear now. Do knows what she’s doing by starting with a midtempo

  14. Anonymous January 11, 2009

    The prince n princess. Hi haters

  15. Anonymous January 11, 2009

    She def setting stuff up with the midtempo

  16. Anonymous January 11, 2009

    Oh and haters Never Ever is hot too! Were she confirm the 3rd of April?

    Can we say dance filled and going to give Janet n Michael Scream a run for their money! 🙂

  17. Anonymous January 11, 2009

    Sounds decent but it sounds like a leftover track from Justin Timberlakes Future S**/Love Sounds to me. I’ll reserve judgement until I hear the high quality version.

  18. Akeys Ciara Rihanna and Jhud 4eva! January 11, 2009

    April 3rd is a friday in USA so yeah not happening maybe the 7th but who knows?
    Of course I gotta rep for one of my fave artist along with the others in my name! GO CICI GET IT BOO!
    Oh n the Polow Aaliyah and Thing haters get ova yo selves! GET IT CICI POOOH!

  19. Anonymous January 12, 2009

    I got 50 right now that say this flops just like No Girl!

  20. Anonymous January 13, 2009

    Please, please, put out a video! I can’t wait to see those two dance together. Great entertainers!

  21. Billie iop August 24, 2018


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