T-Pain – ‘Freeze (ft. Chris Brown)’ Video

Published: Saturday 3rd Jan 2009 by Sam

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  1. soufian_y January 3, 2009

    first thing that came to mind was ‘okay’ .. like yeah..thanks why not .. it’s really normal.

  2. RB January 3, 2009

    Yeh I agree Soufian_Y, it is typical (for T-pain) as its the same as chopped and screwed! however it is still a creative piece of footage which is unique to the world of ‘Music Videos’.

    Hot Song + Unique Video = Top 10 (IMO)

    Cheers Sam!


  3. Nick January 3, 2009

    ummm yea, all his videos look the same/im sooo over him-thhis is wak!!!

  4. Janice January 3, 2009

    GARBAGE like the rest of his music. Its sad that this is what music has become especially when there are actual talented people who can never catch a break. Consumers should be ashamed for buying this CRAP and artists should be ashamed that this is the best that they can do. I know this is not the level of music that T-Pain grew up listening to so why is he creating this mess.

  5. Anonymous January 3, 2009

    these two need to stop creating crap together.

    and while the video has some cool effects here and there, overall it’s just masturbatory–visuals for visuals’ sake.

  6. Anonymous January 3, 2009

    thx Katt for screwing in the nails for me…

  7. Anonymous January 4, 2009

    The video is cool, and I like the visual effects. However, the song is wack. I’m not a fan of his at all, but I decided to give it a listen anyway just in case I was pleasantly suprised. Good point Janice, I agree!

  8. Luis January 4, 2009

    boring video. boring song. NEXT! When are we gonna get something new and fresh?

  9. Anonymous January 4, 2009

    Me I like the song mainly because I thought chris sounded better on the track then T-Pain but anyways this song to me would have been so much better if the showed more of the dancing and less of all the visual s*** to me it was to much going on and when I was watching the making of this when they were in front of the green screen Chris was hitting it I mean he was going hard on the dancing tip but they didnt show any of that so the video lowkey made me dislike the song a bit more because the song is about dancing and the didnt really show any of it because every-time the did that added all that extra s*** to it and then you could really get the vibe of the dancing IMO 3/10

  10. Anonymous January 5, 2009

    I didn’t like it…It looked like a commercial for something the YT man was trying to “urbanize” for us black folk.

  11. Anonymous January 6, 2009

    (origdjeh1 on youtube) DON’T GIVE UP!

  12. Anonymous January 6, 2009


    D O N ‘ T G I V E U P ! (check out origdjeh1 on youtube)


  13. Anonymous January 7, 2009


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