Lady GaGa – ‘Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)’ Video

Published: Tuesday 3rd Feb 2009 by Sam

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  1. DAVIDE LAFFE February 3, 2009

    f****** awesome vid .. im glad shes goign to release love game too

  2. Anonymous February 3, 2009

    She is ugly and I can’t get into her music. Definitely not a fan.

  3. Bigjamz February 3, 2009

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  4. Anonymous February 3, 2009

    12:13am, eat s***, she aint no ugly chick, she’s amazingly stunning and has a great voice to accompany with it. youm probably some loner who hates on anyone cos theym beautiful and you is uglyyy!!!

  5. Missy February 3, 2009

    Not a fan to i have to say her LP is like freakin awesome but it’s to pop for me !

  6. Anonymous February 3, 2009

    Im not feeling her

  7. Anonymous February 3, 2009

    GaGa is UNSTOPPABLE!!!!

  8. Anonymous February 3, 2009

    i personally don’t like her music that much. but you can’t deny she’s doing it big. more power to her.

  9. Anonymous February 3, 2009

    @ 4:33am Why don’t you eat my p****!! The b**** is ugly!!!! And she can’t sing..

  10. Anonymous February 3, 2009

    She is ugly lol and she aint doing it big. Her album flopped hard.

  11. Anonymous February 3, 2009

    She should have came out with “Starstruck”, but i like this song too.

  12. number1k9 February 3, 2009

    I’m really surprised they didn’t go with “Starstruck,” as well for the third U.S. single. Especially since it has features…. But I think they are trying to market GaGa as an artist who can make hit songs solo!

    BUT THIS SINGLE/SONG “Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)” is actually her single for Australia. It is going to be the 4th/Summer single for her in America. “LoveGame,” is said to be the 3rd U.S. single, but don’t expect it anytime soon, since “Poker Face,” has just started to blow up for her (Hot 100 # 32).

    I really do like “Eh, Eh (…)” and people actually compared it to songs that of Ace Of Base, and it does have that vibe to it, to me. I haven’t watched the video yet, about to now.

  13. number1k9 February 3, 2009

    I don’t know if it was just me, but I noticed the camera like not staying still, like someone was holding it with unsteady hands…. Tri-pod!

    I really do think the video has shows some similarities to Ashanti’s “Good Good,” video with the kitchen scenes. Although in other parts of the video, I enjoy seeing GaGa experimenting with the different looks, like rather than that same straight blond wig [that can’t be real, I hope not]

    Nonetheless it’s a “cute” video for the song. Perfect for Summer 2009-Stateside!

  14. MK February 3, 2009

    I like it, has a nice summery feel

  15. Anonymous February 3, 2009

    I like it, it kind of describes my situation I have right now lol. Very cute.

  16. Anonymous February 3, 2009

    what a copycat….


  17. Anonymous February 3, 2009

    8:06am. keep your mother f***** opinions to yourself. have you heard her sing live, proably no, just wanna hate for the sake of it. LOL.

  18. Anonymous February 3, 2009

    1:22 PM, – typical… if the media didnt say that you wouldn’t of drew it. ….

    Good video Gaga, cant wait for love game to premiere the video is gonna be dirty from the press release!!!

  19. Anonymous February 3, 2009

    what Ciara Never ever is #14 on Us Rnb Charts!
    #2 on Sweden Rnb Charst! #10 on Sweden Main Itunes Chart #19 on Rnb Canadain itunes chart! YAY CICI!!!
    UK where is losing in the race where are yall?

  20. Anonymous February 3, 2009

    1:33PM … oh u think so? I don't think so..the video was clearly inspired by the CAN'T HOLD US DOWN & CANDYMAN videos..that's a fact

  21. Anonymous February 3, 2009

    I want LOVEGAME!!!!! Come on GAGA! 🙂

  22. Anonymous February 3, 2009

    A friend of mine LOVES, “Paparazzi.”

  23. DAVIDE LAFFE February 4, 2009

    u people are dumb f****.. lady gaga is original..never a copycat.. when an artists video is the same maybe its because of the director most of the time its the directors concept.. not the artist.. lady gaga is showing basically little italy..her italian part.. like a vintage 80’s yes.. christina aguileras was more of a new york bronx type of 80’s

  24. Anonymous February 5, 2009

    @ 1:28pm I have heard her sing live that’s why I said she can’t sing, b****!! And I can give my opinion if I want to that’s the point of this site…

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