Report: Chris Brown & Rihanna Back Together

Published: Saturday 28th Feb 2009 by Sam
Report: Chris Brown & Rihanna Back Together
According to, controversial pair Chris Brown and Rihanna are set to become even more controversial, with it being reported that they are back together – following Brown’s much publicised assault of the ‘Umbrella’ singer:
Rihanna and Chris Brown are back together, PEOPLE has learned exclusively.
The pair have reunited almost three weeks after Brown, 19, allegedly battered the “Umbrella” singer on Feb. 8, a source tells PEOPLE.
“They’re together again. They care for each other,” says the source. The on-again couple are currently spending time together at one of Sean “Diddy” Combs’s homes, on Miami Beach’s Star Island.
Adds the source: “While Chris is reflective and saddened about what happened, he is really happy to be with the woman he loves.”
In its latest issue, PEOPLE reports that Brown called Rihanna on her 21st birthday one week ago. “He called to wish her happy birthday,” a source told the magazine. “They’ve reached out to each other. It’s been mutual.”
Brown was booked by LAPD for making criminal threats but the case has not yet been presented to the District Attorney, who will ultimately determine which charges, if any, will be prosecuted.
I’m sure tongues will be more than wagging with this one. I must say, should Rihanna get back with Chris, granted their whole union wasn’t a publicity stunt, I would retract my comments about her coming out of this situation ‘the winner’. I can’t see many sympathising with her or taking her all that seriously, should she go that route. That said, the matter is between them, so I dunno.
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  1. Anonymous February 28, 2009

    I’m glad they are back together so people can stop feeling sorry for her as if they personally know her.

  2. jonnyhco February 28, 2009

    im am sick of both of these 2. fuckem both. They are about to ruin each others careers completely over some b*******. They are playing us yall.

  3. Anonymous February 28, 2009

    I’m so disappointed in Rihanna there’s definitely a BIG LOSS OF RESPECT because if he can get away with what he did to her I wonder how much more she’ll let him get away with in the name of love….plus so many teens are in such abusive relationships this was a great opportunity to actually use her stardom to help the teens who are follwing her every move I’m definitely no longer a rihanna fan after. I’ve lost complete respect for her

  4. Anonymous February 28, 2009

    People magazine is very reliable, they’re not a tabloid so I believe this.

    If Rihanna gets hit again, its her own damn fault. Noone is going to feel sorry for her ass now.

  5. Anonymous February 28, 2009

    Next time she gets beaten up i wont give a s*** cause it seems to me shes asking for beats from him.

  6. Anonymous February 28, 2009

    just boycott them both! especially Rihanna.

  7. Anonymous February 28, 2009

    I hope this means jive will let Ciara keep the turntables song and release it on the summer when everyone forgets about this

  8. Anonymous February 28, 2009

    What did everyone expect? Of course they are back together her father confirmed it, no-one but them knew what happened I suspect that they were fighting and this time she came worse off, some women are battered some couple fight (physically we all know at least one)sometimes the man is mashed up sometimes it’s the woman, I guess people should stay out of it cos it’s not their life

    I hope Chris remembers all the people that turned on him and Ciara should keep the original version of the song if she doesn’t it will suck just like No Air wouldn’t have been so good without Chris like him or not he’s a bad ass singer, I don’t like the way they stopped playing his music especially after that paedophile R Kelly can pee on a girl film it and go on trial and the radio was still playing his jam

  9. JNez February 28, 2009

    anyone who hasn’t been in this situation has no right to comment. i assumed that they would get back together. i hope things work out for them. all of this was really none of our business anyway….

  10. Duane da Vinci February 28, 2009

    Now it’s very rarely when I agree with Sam, but I truly feel the same that if Rihanna do accept him back with open arms she’ll be damaging her own career. She has so many activist and media blitz backing her right now. If this is true this will be another repeated story of Bobby and Whitney.

    I know this isn’t the best advice but if she’s going to take Classy-Chris back at lease do it on the low and not in front of the media or at lease after the release of your next project.

  11. melissa February 28, 2009

    Wouldn’t had been me. Girls are stupid sometimes. Rihanna is basically saying you can hit me again.

  12. Pbonez February 28, 2009

    I dnt cear what people say i fink that she is a mug i dnt cear she is so stupid she let meh down i was exspecting her to file a suite against him she is such a mug how can you get back together that is just stupid i hope she gets banged up again i dont like her no morer it must of been a stunt den how can you let sombody beat you up like that and go back with them whitney houston told her (when she was in mexica) that she shold not take him back and how she should look at her mistakes rihanna you are a fool i used to like her Now pshh i jus dnt know

  13. Anonymous February 28, 2009

    well maybe she took him back for all the publicty it will give at the end of the day chris brown is known way more than rihanna and since getting together with him it has boosted up her profile..anyway like i mentioned before im sure she hit him first for her not to report this then she started this whole mess…i just wish chris brown didnt take her back to be honest and instead should learn not to do that ever again and just move on away from her.

  14. Anonymous February 28, 2009


  15. number1k9 February 28, 2009

    Yeah, I think if she gets back with him ever again, if the case id proven t oshow Chris did beat Rihanna, it will negatively affect her career.

    But to do it so quick, is even more dumb of Rihanna. For both of their sake I hope this isn’t true. Rihanna needs to step it up and be a smart woman about this. Chris Brown needs to realize what he did was extremely wrong (from what we all know aas of now) and needs to take time off to reflect, learn, and grow from his mistakes.

    This really (if true) upsets me, regardless if it is our business, BECAUSE I DON’T CARE IF THIS WAS some random person I knew in high school, I still would not approve of them getting back together with someone who was abusive to them. DUMB!

  16. Anonymous February 28, 2009

    wow this is terrible. Chris is only gonna beat the crap out of her again. Everyone sees it comin’.

  17. DanniB February 28, 2009

    s*** just doesnt add up. I’m beginning to think none of it was real, rosanne was right and the world once again has bought a cheap trick from these two.

    people are still saying this guy is “adorable”, taking his side, saying she provoked him, probably still buying his music if only to rip it into little peices on good morning freaking america..

    two weeks later, this BADLY BEATEN girl is in mexico with not evne a scratch in sight, SWIMMING? albiet looking sad, but aint enough makeup in the world..

    ..however there is enough makeup to make it look like this really fabricate those pictures.hollywood can do anything.

    and they have. Chris Brown gets off with no time because someone “released a picture”…just like people always just-so-happen-to-find (read: their people release) pictures of these people? come on.

    if this ends with no consequences….then you can rest assured you’ve been douped, neither of them ahs put out new music and the world STILLLLLLLL cares about them.

    this is disgusting. and I’m of the opinion that people shouldn’t take advantage of the kindness and empathy of the general public to get ahead in the industry or anywhere….Domestic violence is no joke. Nobody’s gonna read into this but people like me, and thats sad. they’re making a joke out of it, and its not funny. not funny at all.

    I’m boycotting fuckery, I hope the rest of the world joins soon..

  18. DanniB_ February 28, 2009

    and let me add…just when people were getting tired of seeing them and hearing from her..(and him..his music is crumbling from underneath his a***)

    wasnt this incredibly…convenient?

  19. Anonymous February 28, 2009

    maybe they mad in luv yall

    regardless man, i dont feel sorry faw rihanna no mo…. i wld neva go back to a woman beater like CB…. u put ur hands on me – u out of ma f***** life – n u betta believe i’ll be testifyin too!!

  20. Anonymous February 28, 2009

    I agree with the first post. People are way to caught up in this and she was never seriously bruised or injured. Check out her recent pics on of her in Mexico today.

  21. the-coolestperiod February 28, 2009

    They’re both gonna look like idiots. . . especially her since she had the police called and went in “hiding at home in Barbados” just to be in Miami 3 weeks later. Chris is gonna look ridiculous, and she’ gonna look like the spineless b**** she is. POINT BLANK. I’m a DIEHARD Breezy fan, but he better get prepared because he may lose a lot of respect AND support over this foolishness. He put his reputation and career on the line for over some dumb ass girl. SMH

  22. Char March 1, 2009

    I second JNez. Now, I’m no Rihanna fan, but I don’t see why people are acting THAT shocked. Regular women get more than what she got all of the time, yet STILL go back to their husbands, boyfriends, etc. and the last time I checked Rihanna was also just human.

    I’m not saying she should go back to him if he did straight out attack her and whatnot, but I know someone- someone who I believed to be a VERY strong woman- go back to her abusive husband MORE than once, after previously stating before she entered the relationship, that she would never allow any man to put their hands on her and get away with it. Not everyone is as strong as you people, you know.

    It’s true that it would’ve been better for Rihanna to be done with him and give many women the courage to walk out of their own domestic relationships, but it just hasn’t happened that way. I STILL don’t know what really happened, and I’m pretty sure, unless you were there at the time, that no-one else does either, so I’m not going all-out with the criticism and whatnot just yet. Besides, I could’ve sworn this was no-one else’s business but their own. My mistake.

  23. Anonymous March 1, 2009

    Stupid b****!!!!!!

    If Chris does it again,it no ones fault but her dumbass self!!!!

  24. antertain March 1, 2009


    She’ll 4give and not 4get.

    Sure its happened be4

  25. Anonymous March 1, 2009


  26. Anonymous March 1, 2009

    weak dumb b****! what now? chris gotta break her face for her to see that he no good??????
    ima tell like this,they deserve each other!

  27. Anonymous March 1, 2009


  28. Anonymous March 1, 2009

    SILLY, SILLY GIRL!!! She just lost my respect. She obviously loves this little boy more than she loves herself. What a perfect role model for young women? Bye bye career. The next time she gets an ass whooping, I need her to do us all a favor and keep it to her damn self.

  29. Anonymous March 1, 2009

    Is this the same person who said the violence in the relationship was escalating? Hmmm, I wonder if she knows the meaning of the word? DUMBASS!!!!

  30. Beast March 1, 2009

    its funny seeing ppl getting worked up over something so fake hahahahhahaha

  31. Anonymous March 1, 2009

    ^It’s not fake. Theres pic of Rihanna’s team in Miami with Chris Brown all over the net. Rihanna’s dad even spoke out about this saying he supports her decision.

  32. DanniB March 1, 2009

    ^ I believe the person above you meant the entire situation and/or their relationship….I’m willing to believe either.

  33. JNez March 1, 2009

    @Char you and i are of similar minds. i was physically abusive to my wife and she is a very strong, self-assured woman and took me back. you honestly can't say what you would do unless you've faced the same circumstances. and even then…what's right for you may be wrong for someone else in the same situation.

    chris brown & rihanna are both young and i hope they'll still be celebrated for their music & contribution to pop culture. we all expect the separation of our personal lives from our professional lives. let's give entertainers the same consideration.

  34. Anonymous March 1, 2009

    it will happen again…no one will be shocked next time..they’ll eventually be washed up sooner than later.

  35. Anonymous March 2, 2009

    I hope this isnt true… Chris is sick woman beater… Rihanna is stupid if this is true

  36. Anonymous March 2, 2009

    I just don not have respect for Rihanna, no more. While most of the fans were worried (even crying) for her, she was thinking in get back with Damn s*** Chris?

    Sorry Rihanna, I hope u’ll get the best producers for ur next records, cause that’s what I’ll be looking for now.

  37. Anonymous March 2, 2009

    Whatever, f*** them both, I don’t care anymore. A woman in her right mind wouldn’t go back to a woman beater, and a man in his right mind would never hit a woman to begin with. These two don’t fit either of those descriptions and none of them are in their right mind.

    They deserve eachother, plain and simple. Next…

  38. speakinmymind March 2, 2009

    good for them! only they know what really went down and if they don’t feel the need to fill in the general public, then that’s their right. i don’t think either of them are worried about bloggers or anyone else “losing respect” for them…that’s laughable! who do you people think you are?? rihanna never said she was a victim of domestic violence nor did she ever state she was a role model for young girls or anyone else for that matter. people are quick to put their own personal UNREALISTIC expectations and labels on celebrities when what they really need to do is realize that celebrities are average, flawed human beings just like the rest of us. they mess up big time just like the rest of us and i don’t hold them to any higher moral standard than i do the men/women i pass walking down the street everyday.

    chris and rihanna don’t owe us s***. if they’ve made peace with each other on whatever terms they agreed to, then that’s their choice and who are we to pass judgment on a situation we didn’t witness firsthand nor are we in any of the inner circles to be privy to what actually happened.

    get a life folks and stop looking to other people (including celebrities) to set an example for you or be some shining beacon of moral responsibility in your life!

  39. Anonymous March 2, 2009

    Speakinmymind, Amen, you said nothing but the truth, I agree 100%
    So true

  40. Anonymous March 2, 2009

    so sickening…i didnt have any respect for Chris, but now i dont hav any for Rihanna..and “March 2, 2009 8:30 AM, Anonymous”…i saw ur comment u are so right, those nuts deserve each other.

  41. Anonymous March 2, 2009

    Was today a UK holiday or is Sam just really lazy?

  42. Anonymous March 3, 2009

    that’s what happens when good girls wanna be bad, they get a beatdown (okay bad joke) hehe

  43. Anonymous March 3, 2009

    she is so stupid its not even funny. She should of set a example for young girls around the world and left Chris Brown alone. Now girl are goin to think that its okay for there men to beat because they love them. Both of them are losers……………………….. Hope he beats her ass again……. cant wait…. that what happen when good girls want to be bad……

  44. Anonymous March 4, 2009

    Sam – Just wanted to comment that it’s “bear with us”, not “bare with us” unless you want us all to be naked like Aubrey O’day.

  45. Anonymous March 4, 2009

    Sam wants us to be naked with him

  46. Anonymous March 4, 2009

    I think you should really get a new banner, one without either of these two. (especially without chris brown)

  47. coffee March 4, 2009

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Rihanna and Chris Brown were married, and have been for months already

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