Rihanna’s Record Sales Rocket Following ‘Assault’

Published: Thursday 19th Feb 2009 by Sam
Rihanna's Record Sales Rocket Following 'Assault'As many a media outlet continue to pimp the Chris Brown and Rihanna drama, the age old adage of ‘any publicity is good publicity’ is showing itself to be true, as Rihanna’s record sales have soared following the incident:
Rihanna has seen an increase in US sales of her Good Girl Gone Bad album following the recent press coverage of her alleged altercation with Chris Brown.
Sales of the 20-year-old star’s third LP have surged by 31% amid allegations that she was attacked by Brown.
The record has risen to 31 in the US Billboard Album chart, while Chris Brown’s 2007 album Exclusive failed to register in the Top 200.
Meanwhile, the singer’s collaboration with T.I. ‘Live Your Life’ is at number 16 in the Billboard Hot 100, with solo single ‘Disturbia’ at 33. {Source}
Though some of you disagreed with me, I repeat that I feel Ms. Fenty will be the real winner in all of this. Disclaimer (LOL): By no means did she deserve what went down and we don’t condone violence, but IMO her career will ultimately benefit from this all.

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  1. Anonymous February 19, 2009

    i think the same… great promotion

  2. Anonymous February 19, 2009

    I actually didn’t like Rihanna at first…But now I LOVE HER!!! She is an inspiration to all women in abusive relationships!! I even threw my Chris Brown album alway (seriously!!) I bought Rihanna’s album three days ago and I haven’t turned it off YET!!!

  3. beast February 19, 2009

    some ppl in this word are sad


  4. beast February 19, 2009


    I will never forgive CB if he let this nontalented w**** gets more fame the she already “don’t deserve.

  5. Anonymous February 19, 2009

    Wow Beast you’re really right ! This World is unbelievable 1:46 you need help and Rihanna is not the solution !
    That’s sad ! The music industry is becoming wack ! PERIOD !

  6. Anonymous February 19, 2009

    OMG what a bunch of fools who’s buying her album because of this? you can feel sorry for her without buying her album I personally can’t stand her voice but she does her thing, I like Chris Brown and I’m still gonna cos i’m a fan of his music and nothing else, didn’t they pull Chris’ CD off the shelves and the radio ain’t playing his music so how was his sells suppose to go up? and I find that some BS R Kelly is a paedophile and the radio are still playing his tunes they never stopped!! If there gonna do it for one they should do it for all

    Get over it people we don’t know what went down none of them have said anything we’ll find out after March 5th, I don’t think he should have hit her but I believe they were fighting and she’s hit him before sometimes people snap and hit back if a woman does it it’s you go girl if a man hits back he’s wrong, double standards people

  7. Anonymous February 19, 2009

    I don’t know exactly if it has anything to do with that incident…

    Or it is because of the St.Valentine’s day thing. Cuz Mariah’s “E=MC²” album has +40% sales this week too so…

    -Bobby from Bulgaria-

  8. Anonymous February 19, 2009

    1:46 get a life honey cos damn you love her for what? How has she inspired you? or are you just following the hype if it’s because of this you wasted your money cos she’ll be back with Chris before you can blink and hell I ain’t throwing away no CD that I paid good money for and Chris’ CD was the s***, Kiss Kiss, Take You Down, Superhuman are my jams and the list goes on, Rihanna I feel sorry for her but that can’t make me buy her CD

  9. Anonymous February 19, 2009

    @2:23 Sam has to remove that Janet Live banner and leave Chris Brown maybe he should take Kanye off cos he’s getting on my last nerve

  10. tristian February 19, 2009

    i will support chris brown all the way although i agree rihanna didnt deserve what she got but i will alawys love chris breezy i dnt really care for rihanna!!!

  11. Anonymous February 19, 2009

    @ 2:28 I totally agree.. I didn’t buy his cd, but if I did I certainly wouldn’t have thrown it away. I just wouldn’t play it anymore.

    Besides, how is Rihanna an inspiration for all women when she hasn’t said s*** yet?

  12. Anonymous February 19, 2009

    2:30 you’re right ! Sam you need a new look ! At least remove the Janet banner it’s sooo over ! You need a new damn fresh look !

  13. Anonymous February 19, 2009






  14. Anonymous February 19, 2009

    i don’t want chris brown’s career to be over because of this im sure he’s sorry for what he’s done and everyone deserves a second chance..no need for talent to go waste coz i truly believe he in our generation is a great all round superstar. rihanna i like some of her songs (though she didnt write any) however for what ever reason why it went down like it did i hope she doesnt use it to her advantage, which she already has.chris shouldnt of done what he did, but maybe she hit him first..anyway i for one won’t be buying her album-can’t take listening to the same old songs..listen people there are people who suffer everyday and because shes known to the world that makes her an inspiration?? NO! get real people!!!

  15. Anonymous February 19, 2009

    I think we’re loosing sight of what’s important here. Chris Brown may be an artist. He may be talented. He may be world renowned;but he did a VERY BAD thing and he deserves to suffer the consequences,whatever they may be. The fact is people have lost respect for him and rightfully so. I don’t understand how anyone could defend his actions. I only hope that he gets the help he needs for his misplaced anger and rage. If the allegations are true;and it’s possible that some details were fabricated,but if what’s being reported is true,Chris Brown could have killed Rihanna. What would those of you who feel the need to insult her be saying if she were dead. Is that what it would take for you ignoramus’s to realize that domestic violence of any kind is WRONG? I don’t care what was said or done by Rihanna,nothing,and I mean NOTHING warrants the pain she suffered at the hands of a man who was supposed to at least care for her. The only way Chris Brown can move past this is if he takes ownership and makes every effort to change. I pray Rihanna does not go back to him. I pray no woman does. He needs to be by himself for a while. He and the Lord need to spend some quality time together because God is the only one who understands exactly why he did what he did and what wounds he’s suffered (internally) that need to be healed. We can’t help Chris Brown by insulting Rihanna. We can’t help him by trying to justify his assault on Rihanna. We can’t help him(or her)by buying either one of their albums. The only way we can help is by praying for the both of them. It’s really not about who you’re a fan of and feel the need to be loyal to. This is so much bigger than that. these kids need more than money can give them right now.

  16. Sam Is A… February 19, 2009

    ^ Hush.

    Rihanna’s own damn family has came out and said her injuries were no where near as bad as all these blogs have reported. Everything you read is a lie! Realize that. Her own damn dad said there was “some bruising.” C’mon, he didn’t beat her to a pulp, she had no horrific injuries and they are probably together right now.

    -____- @ chick at the top saying she is an ispiration to women. Hush. HAve people thought maybe she doesn’t WANT to be the victim? 😮 Quiet down and you get a slap for throwing away a 15 dollar CD. Sell that s*** on eBay if anything, this is a resseions.

    Anyway, I got both of their CDS (Reload and Forever) and they still getting played.

  17. Anonymous February 19, 2009

    LMAO @ the Crusty stanss….. yall will keep on his d*** even afta he assults YOU…sooo sadd!

  18. Anonymous February 19, 2009


    it’s recession*

  19. Anonymous February 19, 2009

    i agree hush chris aint kill her. calm down this whole thing is dumb and the media has blown it out of prorportion.wen it cums down to it its about the music riri cant write songs hersef chris is very passionate about his albums. hes written almost all the songs on his album.I like sum of her songs but wen it cums down to the music industry is wack. RIRI cant sing all that well without the help of machines and fixed microphones and like i said it comes down to the music i support both but especially chris because hes a real singer who writes his own songs and can sing with out those dumb machines..its like riri is all smoke and mirrors. its not right to buy her album out of sympathy

  20. Anonymous February 19, 2009

    I didn’t buy her CD, I downloaded it. LOL

  21. Sam Is A… February 19, 2009

    @ :36 Sure is. I was just too lazy to go back at edit it, had a lot on my mind.

    @ :34 Why don’t you go back to Rihanna Daily? We don’t need you here.

    I can’t wait to see how you Rihanna stans react when and if it comes out Rihanna is NOT a victim and JUST as guilty as Chris, or maybe she lied about the whole thing.

    Let’s see if you stay on her c*** then.

    That doesn’t even matter, though.

    Fact is, it’s STUPID that you would go out and buy an album because that artist was “assaulted” as the blogs falsely claim. I guess MAYBE I could understood if that artist died, but to buy an album because of an event that may or may not have happened, especially when you know NONE of the facts is stupid. Especially when you didn’t even like the artists in the first place.

    Sit down!

    Like I said, I support both, I have their CDs, but… Chris (while he swag jacks for Usher and Michael more the Bey(once) jacks from er’ body and they mom) is a talent that we (the industry) cannot afford to lose.

  22. Anonymous February 19, 2009

    origdjeh1 on utube
    djeh on itunes and tradebit.com

  23. Anonymous February 19, 2009


  24. Anonymous February 19, 2009

    @4:41 PM

    “chris aint kill her”

    YOU NEED HELP, B****

  25. Anonymous February 19, 2009

    Wat de f***? de still mother fuckers who r justifying wat chris did! ur lossers just like him….and GGGB has always been a good album it was still selling well without any chris situation and still will sell.,. and please if u gonna comment use ur brains not ur ass-es

  26. 5ive6ix7even8ight February 19, 2009

    Sam Is A, you can just forget about all of that. Judging by what we've now all seen, she IS the victim, and Chris Brown's ass is indeed a woman beater, period! The proof is in the pictures.

    As far as CB being a "talent we can't afford to lose" – LMAO, yeah right! Chris Brown is nothing more than Usher and Michael Jackson's love child, hell USHER is just another Michael Jackson himself when you really think about it, let alone Chris Brown! You nailed it on the head when you said he swag jacks Usher and MJ, which obviously leads to the fact that CB has no originality whatsoever. He's not this "iconic figure" in the industry that people respect, straight up he's just another R&B singer out there who currently happens to be on top (well, he WAS on top.)

    Dude has only been in the game for 4 and a half years, which is not long at all, industry standard-wise. He's only released 2 albums, and his fan base predominantly consists of females in the 12 – 18 age range. He is not respected and critically acclaimed as an artist, and he's nowhere near God's gift to the industry and has not contributed enough to the industry within his short-lived career to be considered somebody of great importance, he's just not on that level yet (and never will be, after all of this.)

    The fact that he f***** up the way he did THIS EARLY in his career, when everything was really taking off and the stars were aligning for him in his favor, means he took everything for granted over a girl, and decided to end it all when he beat that girl. The industry is not going to want to work with him now, after what we've seen him do. Artists in the industry are not going to want to associate their names with somebody who physically abused another hugely successful artist in the industry, period. His career is finished before it barely began, so you and every other CB supporter out there better start looking for somebody else to idolize because he's done.

  27. Anonymous February 20, 2009

    I still can’t stand that little ms. fenty. still will not b uy any of her music. still will not ever support this untalented girl.
    though this was wrong to attack a girl.

  28. Anonymous February 20, 2009

    this ish is stupid, she started the fight and got her b*** whopped.how can she stand up for women all over whatever!

  29. 5ive6ix7even8ight February 20, 2009

    ^^^ Shut the hell up, you don’t know who started the fight and even if it was her that started it, he didn’t have to finish it by busting her face. No excuse whatsoever…

  30. Anonymous February 22, 2009

    To 1:12am and 7:36am STFU!! yeah you may not like rihanna but noone cares because if you look above its about rihanna in a state after chris beat her, not if you like her not, d***. and to 7:36am: i hope someone whoops your f***** ass see how you like it, condoning violence, hope someone gets you see how it feels, some people in this goddam world F****ers

  31. Anonymous February 22, 2009

    no matter what u stupid guys say, I’ll still get her CD…words of support mean nothing lol…i hope u r not tht stupid to know that ‘words not deeds’ lol..
    GET REAL””” this is a world of fantasy!!!

  32. Anonymous February 24, 2009

    In no way do I promote domestic violence, but, I feel like Chris is really catching a bad rap. No one was in that car with them the night it happened, so I really feel like people shouldn’t judge the situation without facts.
    I know what it’s like to be in a relationship at a young age, you feel like your grown and you can handle all the ups and downs that come with your relationship. But, the truth is you can’t. I don’t think this is the first time he has hit her, and I do believe that she probably started it. I don’t think that it was right for him to do that to her but, I think they were already going through something and they probably shouldn’t have went to that party together. I don’t think he should have reacted that way, he should have just walked away.
    At the end of the day, I hope they both get counseling and I really do hope that they can move on from here. I hope Chris’ career doesn’t suffer but, I honestly don’t see how he’s going to get over this hurdle in his career.
    I love Rhianna, I’m a huge fan to both her and Chris and if this was my child I wouldn’t want her or him to go through this.

  33. Anonymous March 10, 2009

    Chris Brown is immature and needs to atone for his actions. RiRi–YOU GO GIRL!! LOVE YOU FOREVER!!

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