New Song: Cassie – ‘Must Be Love (ft. Diddy)’

Published: Friday 13th Mar 2009 by Sam

As reported yesterday, Cassie new Diddy-assisted single ‘Must Be Love’ was set to premiere very soon. Well soon is today, as the track (which Diddy has gone on record to call a ‘classic’) has surfaced in it’s entirety. 
While the song has a nice lil’ groove to it, it doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s run of the mill at best. What’s more, I’m still here scratching my head as to why Cassie is able to talk her way over a beat (no vocal improvement since her last time out) and yet the track is supposedly a ‘classic’. For all his past accomplishments (emphasis on the word ‘past’) on the music side of things, I really think Diddy is trying to play everyone by shoving this vocally-challenged stunner (as she is a stunner) down our throats. More than anything, though, Mr Combs is playing himself. Bad Boy, once the home of some of R&B’s greats such as 112 and Total is now reduced to artists (a term I used lightly) like Cassie. No shade on Cassie herself, but I think everything from her having a deal to releasing music, is a slap in the face to every legitimately talented artist out there on their grind trying to make it big. SMH…
Your thoughts?

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