Se7en – ‘Girls (ft. Lil’ Kim)’ Video

Published: Wednesday 11th Mar 2009 by Sam

Some of you may remember our post on Se7en last year. Well the video for Korean singer’s US debut, the Darkchild produced and Lil’ Kim assisted ‘Girls’, premiered a few moments ago. 
Put simply I’m liking this one. The overt attempts to appeal the US market aside (the flashing of the jewelry to the “holla at your boy” etc), the video, visually, has a bit more pizaaz than the ones todays recession-hit industry is churning out. In simpler terms, the vid has a cool ‘gloss’ to it. 
Also, say what you want about her, but Lil’ Kim was looking great in the clip getting her Catwoman on lol. 
Randomness: Was that Lisa Raye trying to look young and hip next to Kim, despite being cut out of most of the vid? LOL. Lisa is ‘that’ chick (carries on my endless search to find a UK copy of ‘The Players Club’).
What do you think of the song / video?

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