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Published: Tuesday 14th Jul 2009 by Sam

Mariah Carey’s video for brand new single ‘Obsessed’ made it’s debut a day earlier than supposed to on Yahoo Music today. Directed by longtime Carey collaborator and Rush Hour director Brett Ratner, the hilarious clip sees the 39 year old diva (40 according to some lol) being followed and obsessed-over by an Eminem-like figure. While some parts of the vid were a little tiresome i.e. Mimi touching EVERY inch of her body during the photoshoot scene (which was too long IMO), it’s hard to deny this one is a winner. At times laugh out loud funny (see: run-over scene), Mariah also looked the best she has in a long minute. My girl looked h-o-t.
Unfortunately it’s a shame the song isn’t. Once a an-almost guaranteed (predicted) contenderfor the #1 spot, the song’s fluctuating performance on iTunes means the chances of it becoming her #19 #1 are unlikely. At the risk of becoming ‘Lamb Stew’ (inevitable lol), I can’t say this isn’t deserved – the song is trash. I just wish Mariah would stop trying to compete with the young’uns (something her stans will no doubt label, ‘adapting’ to the market), dumbing down her music in the process. And yes, success without selling out is possible; one only need look at the ‘Emancipation’ album (her most successful in recent times), which is best summed up as quality/contemporary. I need someone to name me one average R&B chick who could have churned out that album, because I’m struggling on that one. Yet I can tell you 5 who could have recorded ‘Obsessed’…and done a better job. Sigh.
What do you think of the video?

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