New Song: Beyonce – ‘Ice Cream Truck’

Published: Friday 10th Jul 2009 by Sam

A new Beyonce cut in the form of ‘Ice Cream Truck’ surfaced today via the latest Tapemaster’s Inc mixtape. Though little is known as to when the jingly, nursery-rhyme inspired track was recorded, I’ll make an educated guess and say for the ‘Dangerously In Love’ recording sessions. I say this as the song sounds like it would fit well on the ‘Survivor’ album (the least impressive collective set of songs from the girls IMO, yet the most successful – say ‘hello’ to the industry of today LOL), which preceded Bey’s solo debut by little under a year. Vocals aren’t representative of what Bouncy can do today; while lyrically and production-wise I couldn’t imagine her singing something like this today either. Not an atrocity, yet far from great.

While I’ve always enjoyed the ‘Sasha’ side of Bey’s ‘I Am…’ LP, a few of the cuts from the slowed-down first disc are becoming favourites too (see: ‘Smash Into You’, ‘Broken Hearted Girl’).

Hit or Miss?

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