Drama! Jay-Z & Beyonce Run Into Trouble In Croatia; Charges Brought

Published: Wednesday 19th Aug 2009 by Sam

The above video of Beyonce, Jay-Z and their bodyguard’s altercation with the Croatian paparrazi has been making the rounds on the net all day and intially went over my head. Check out the vid above and a more detailed description of what exactly went down below:
Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z have been working overtime lately, so the couple decided to take a vacation in Croatia. The singer took a hired yacht into the ocean and had a blast riding the water waves!
Unfortunately their vacation turned out to be not so fun when one of Beyonce’s bodyguards was hit in the back by a paparazzi with a camera stand! {Source}
According to TMZ, the bodyguard has now been charged with ‘destroying personal property’ and assault. Unfortunate, as I can’t say the stupid paparazzi guy didn’t deserve it.
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