JoJo Sues Her Record Label

Published: Friday 21st Aug 2009 by Sam
JoJo Sues Her Record Label
With JoJo having already vented her frustration with her label’s handling of her ‘All I Want Is Everything’ album publicly, the singer has now taken to the courts in her battle for a release from her deal. Check out the report via TMZ:
That JoJo singer chick is finally old enough to file a lawsuit — 18 — and guess what?! She’s already picking a legal war with her record company!
In a lawsuit just filed in NYC courts, JoJo claims her record company shoved her into a musical “limbo” because they wont let her out of her contract — and they won’t let her record a new album either!
JoJo, real name Joanna Levesque, now wants a judge to force Da Family Entertainment to cut her loose — plus she wants at least $500,000 for her troubles.
More power to her! Here’s hoping she wins, gets the release and is snapped up by another major label ASAP. There is too much talent in this 18 year old for her to be left by the wayside by this sometimes shady industry.
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