Video: Beyonce Performs At F1 Rocks Asia

Published: Tuesday 29th Sep 2009 by Sam

Check out this video of Beyonce performing career-definer ‘Crazy In Love’ at At F1 Rocks Singapore Asia in Singapore last night.

Say what you want about ol’ Bouncy, but she’s snatching wigs of them other chicks left, right and centre! Once again, she’s showing why she is the best out there. Awesome performance!

Randomness: While typing the above about ‘Crazy In Love’ being Beyonce’s career-definer, I was wondering if the majority agree? Suggest say ‘Single Ladies’ instead?…

What do you think of the performance?

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  1. Dom September 29, 2009

    Crazy in love will always b her defining song…. 6 years down the line and still performing the hell out of it.

  2. Anonymous September 29, 2009

    Love her so much that was great!!!

  3. Pinkpop September 29, 2009

    Simply amazing. I LOVE her. Can’t wait for the Tour DVD. Any idea where to donwload this clip?
    And for sure Crazy is her “definer”. If one would say Single Ladies, it would be like she had no success before. Crazy still is one of my all time favs. Ladies was just another huge masterpiece in her career. 😉

  4. Nikki Thomas September 29, 2009

    I definately agree that “Crazy in Love” is definately Beyonce’s career definer. It’s the song she will always be remembered by.

  5. D September 29, 2009

    why you can’t compliment beyonce w/o trying to down another chick. so lame. the only wigs she snatched is kelly rowland and michelle williams

  6. manel September 29, 2009

    i don’t think crazy in love is her defining song, i mean, she has at least 3 defining songs

    Crazy in Love
    Single Ladies

    and when you hear about beyonce these days, the first song that comes to your mind is single ladies, not crazy in love

  7. Laura September 29, 2009

    Yeah, and 6 years that she shows us EXACTLY the same vocal effects and almost the same choreography.
    Beyonce has talent, no one can deny that. But for me, she will always be a very apt and attentive pupil … definitly not a genius or someone who reinvented music and show us something different.
    Eversince her career began with destiny’s child, she basically took everything that was working at that time and put it into her songs. And it worked, it definitly worked.

    What bother me the most is that once you have seen one of her performance, there is no reinvention. Everything about her stage performances is rehearsed and calculated. No spontaneity there. Yes, she’s confident but maybe not confident enough to try something new on the moment and take a risk.
    Where are artists like michael jackson or even Whitney houston 15 years ago who never show us the same performance twice ???

    That said, Beyonce is probably the only artist in the buisness right now who can dance and sing at the same time and still be able to control her voice. And I certainly give her that. But for the rest, plz don’t compare her to MJ

  8. Michelle September 29, 2009

    I Agree, Crazy In Love made her the star she is now.

    When is the new layout coming?

  9. Travis September 29, 2009

    I love how people say that Beyonce is not the best, which is true because no one is.

    But really who is better than her right now?…………think about it, no one. There are so many people who talked about how boring her new vids are but never mention how she KILLS it on the stag

    She’s here to stay.

  10. danny September 29, 2009

    her definitive song is def crazy in love, and the reason i think the chreograhy doesnt change, is because the DANCE is what makes the song as ICON as it is…

  11. Anonymous September 29, 2009

    That was Amazing! I think its between this song and “Single Ladies” P.S. Shut up LAMBS go back to the farm.

  12. Anonymous September 29, 2009

    i mean, crazy in love is the song that launched her, but since then she has had a more successful single, irreplaceable, and now everyone knows her for single ladies.

    for every worldwide smashing single she has brought something new.

    and the stans better shut up.
    what’s that about her doing the same at every concert? she doesn’t, I mean, somethings are rehearsed, of course. but she has moments where she frees herself.
    Madonna does her tour exactly the same in every city, and no one complains. michael also did, and he was a music genius

  13. Jay September 29, 2009

    Her energy is amazing. I do not know any one in the business that has been able to take her spot. Vocals and dance moves on point. She is the best in the game. No one will take MJ’s place and no one has taken Beyonce’s spot. So both of them are the best performers in the world. The other artist that can dance and still sing well is Amerie. Although she has not been given the chance to shine. If she performs more and puts out amazing songs. Then she would be flawless.

  14. diva September 29, 2009

    I don’t know who but Sasha, Beyonce one or both is terribly is missing some husband jay-z, did you see how high she kick that leg uJ. You go Sasha,Beyonce wink wink go get you some Jay-z.

  15. diva September 29, 2009

    Oh yes definitely crazy in love,Irreplaceable, dangerously in love and now single ladies have made a mark onher career.

  16. diva September 29, 2009

    Oh yes definitely crazy in love,Irreplaceable, dangerously in love and now single ladies have made a mark on her career. By the way yes she is one of the best that have ever done it no doubt about it.

  17. Nelson September 29, 2009

    Is it just me or has Beyonce’s voice gotten deeper? Her voice seems to be changing a lot.

    Other than that, great performance! 😀
    I love Beyonce!

  18. Tonio September 29, 2009

    aight listen to dis…i know everyone seen many interviews of beyonce talking about the type of music she would rather do. she definitely put those songs on her album “halo” “if i were a boy” “smash into you” and honestly she put out “single ladies” for the fans, obviously she knew it was a banger but she was really pushing for “if i were a boy” more. its not fair that people don’t get that this lady want to and have done new things, but it’s hard to have her fans want something else so bad and not give it to them also, that’s when u get ‘i am…sasha fierce’. please if u don’t like her or think she is not original, stop wasting your time talking about her because the more you do the more popular you are making her and it’s definitely not hurting her or me! it’s only making you more angry and hateful….that’s why most of the artists yall listen to now a days can’t do their own songs justice on stage because they are more focused on what “hot”! if she was not talented she would not be able to bring to life every song she perform, kill, milk, murder, etc. #Stoptheviolence!!!

  19. lviz119 September 30, 2009

    wow! she and other two dancers at the beggining uh? now who would expect that? lol

  20. ::SquareBizz2020:: September 30, 2009

    Wow all I can say i s that Ms. Foerce is at it aagain!! I think is soo funny how ppl on here go out of their way to try and take away from who she is as an artist . Especially the ppl on here who called her unoriginal. Hahahahaha! Yall are ridiculous beyonce changed the game up so much its not even funny and in doing so has set the bar for being a female artist in the industry, for being an artist period maybe these people should pay more attention because she is always reinventing and it shows in her status! Frankly she is the best! Nobody is out singing her nobody is out dancing her and aint nobody putting on a better show than hers! So get it together just accept it she aint coming down from the top no time soon llove it or hate it. And alson please stop with all the MJ comparrisons we know he was the best guy to ever do it but the fact that even he was a HUGE beyonce fan should tell you something! I’m just saying if anyone was gonna ever fill his shoes…it would be her!

  21. ::SquareBizz2020:: September 30, 2009

    *lmao @ myself…my bad for all the spelling errors I’m tying on a small phone keypad lol…but yall understand it so don’t front

  22. mis. September 30, 2009

    Why is this tagged under Rihanna?! That famewhore will never ever be able to perform like this!

  23. Dee September 30, 2009

    No one can deny her talent. It doesn’t matter how many female artists are out there, Beyonce has set the standard so high that it will be hard for others to reach even if they’re just as talented and when they get close to her performances it will no longer be original because Beyonce’s done it already.

  24. HJNJ September 30, 2009

    Beyonce is a beast when it comes to that damn stage. That girl is head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to a live performance. For those of you who have NEVER SEEN HER LIVE it’s even better than watching it on a screen. Beyonce will get front row tickets out of me anyday. I will not say the same for other female artists in the game. Queen Bey is the Queen of the Stage.

  25. tonya September 30, 2009

    i believe her performances should envolve some more singing. we know she one of the best vocalists out there…still, all of the chorus, bridges and hooks are lip sync. she’s worrying more in showing off than actually singing. she’s first of all a singer… not a dancer.

    as for the originality, i think she only had those issues in this era(which i hate). love B’ Day! And the difference beetween her and madonna(every tour has to be coreographed and done the same in every stop) is that madonna isn’t using the same concepts on stage and on videos.

    Single Ladies – bey and two dancers
    Diva – bey and two dancers
    Ego – bey and two dancers1
    Sweet Dreams – bey and two dancers
    Stage performances – bey and two dancers

    I mean, c’mmon!

  26. rightround September 30, 2009

    yeah i was wondering the same thing. why is this tagged under rihanna? did u make a mistake

  27. mady September 30, 2009

    bee is simply da best. she sings she dances and she is beutifull girl. she has every thing for her. i love this girl and i think there isn’t other artist better than her

  28. i_love_the_queen_beyonce September 30, 2009


  29. dont take shyt September 30, 2009

    Beyonce sucks (IMO)

  30. KrispyKreme October 1, 2009

    She is the Baddest B*tch in the game

  31. Dane October 1, 2009

    Single Ladies – bey and two dancers
    Diva – bey and two dancers
    Ego – bey and two dancers1
    Sweet Dreams – bey and two dancers
    Stage performances – bey and two dancers

    So i guess you have to have 5 to 7 dancers behind you….i guess when beyonce have numerous of dancers behind her in her past videos i didnt hear anyone say she have the same thing going on in the videos…or yeah…i did…she can entertain without so many back up dancers…give me a f****** break..we get to concentrate on her talent more, because its more presented when we can she the performer…..get over it….this era for Beyonce has been amazing…and you bitchest are just jealous…

  32. tonya October 1, 2009

    it isn’t about the number dumb a**! it’s about doing it in every single ocasion.

    i miss videos like ‘deja vu’, ‘naughty girl’ and ‘crazy in love’.

  33. nyla October 2, 2009

    Laura honey you took the words right out of my mouth. People kill me getting so defensive when someone critiques one of Bee’s performances. No one is denying this chicks talent because she kills but no way in hell does she come close to filling Mj’s shoes. Understand that Beyonce is a good singer with decent dance moves however, Mj was a rare unusual talent that was never seen before. Yeah Beyonce set the bar high for today’s female entertainers but Mj set the bar high for entertainers period! He invented a whole new way to entertain that people have tried to gimmick for over 30 years. He is the most successful and the most creative artist period. He surpassed those that came before and after him. Beyonce is no more than an updated version of Tina Turner, although she has talent and she works hard she does the same as every other female entertainer but her confidence level is crazy high and on top of all that she can sing her b*** off. Because of her hard work i think she definitely deserves major recognition for her work but she wont be any bigger than whitney and mariah carey back in the 90’s. Music with substance and artist with real talent is not valued like it was back in the day. Everything today is about good looks a decent body and knowing how to shake you ass. To even compare Bee to what is out today is a huge joke! of course she is going to outshine look what she is up against??? Now put her and whitney head to head back in the 90’s thats real competition. Over all I adore Beyonce but I do think it is so easy to give her the legendary status because of the direction the entertainment business has went

  34. Turn October 2, 2009

    I’m not a fan and have been bored with her recent videos. However, I do not deny her talent and can not think of a female in the pop and r&b genres who can perform as well as she does live.

  35. Davide October 3, 2009

    needed here

  36. J.R3 October 8, 2009

    Single Ladies – bey and two dancers
    Diva – bey and two dancers
    Ego – bey and two dancers1
    Sweet Dreams – bey and two dancers
    Stage performances – bey and two dancers

    Yeah, Bey and two dancers…it was the format they used in this era of her career surrounding “I Am..Sasha Fierce.” Check out her pictures from that album…notice her hairstyles? Her hair is pulled back? Its a branding/imaging concept. She is a artist, singer, and a Brand!

    And yes, no one touches her right now, even on a bad day

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