Cheryl Cole – ‘Fight For This Love’ Video

Published: Sunday 20th Sep 2009 by Sam

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  1. Anonymous September 20, 2009

    wow, if these singles are dropped at the same time

    i think Cheryl might win this battle, her videos hotter imo
    and the track pulls you in way more, but alexandra's does sound like a MEGA grower, thats gonna be massive but i dont know

    hopefully Leona drops happy ASAP to end all this confusion, as she'll win hands down.

  2. Anonymous September 20, 2009

    catchy song, I'm going to love it ^^

  3. Anonymous September 20, 2009

    I absolutely love this song and video. Both are hot hot hot!!!

  4. Anonymous September 20, 2009

    how much autotune can u use in one tune man. But the song is catchy as hell. i prefer alex's tho but i dnt think it will do aswell as cheryls. simply because its cheryl

  5. Anonymous September 20, 2009

    ok Alex's video and song are WAYYYYYY better! Cheryl copies Lady GaGa and Beyonce! te red hodie scene reminds me eof Just Dance and Beautiful Dirty Rich by Lady GaGa and the dance scene is very Beyonce…..NEXT!

  6. MG September 20, 2009

    I actually prefer this song to Bad Boys but I still think the track is weak. The video was OK though. Her fans will lap it up! (waiting for Nadine to drop something now…..)

  7. Anonymous September 20, 2009

    I like the video and cheryls moves but her voice is just awful, shame :/

  8. Anonymous September 20, 2009

    not sure about the funny hand movements/ waving gestures?? at the end of the video!! lol

  9. Anonymous September 20, 2009

    I dont like this cuz it seems too much like Amerie's Why R U video

  10. daz September 20, 2009

    bui who u is dog

  11. Anonymous September 20, 2009

    WTF? What's with the leopard print pajamas, the crap hand movements, and the God awful choreography? It just makes the song/video even the more worse…if that's possible. …And I actually like Cheryl and GA. Alexandra's song/video are WAY better, IMO. She'll outdo Cheryl in every concept.

  12. Anonymous September 21, 2009

    alexandras dancing was stiff..and she has no facial expressions

    cheryls vid on the other hand, im loving it!! didnt expect it, dancing was ON POINT! shes got a swaggerrrr lol

    and she looks stupidly beautiful

  13. Anonymous September 24, 2009

    she kinda looks like shania twain in some parts

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