JLS – ‘Everybody In Love’ Video

Published: Saturday 19th Sep 2009 by Sam

The video for ‘Everybody In Love’, the follow-up to JLS’ #1 ‘Beat Again’, premiered today. I’d be lying if I said I never thought the group were atrocious from the get-go (hence why you next-to-never see anything about them around this neck of the woods). Despite having pretty decent (albeit 2002 sounding) production courtesy of J.R Rotem on this one, the lyrics are a melted-cheese-fest. As is the choreography. As is the overall everything about these guys!
While some complain about the group being singled out for “not-forming to the black male artist stereotype” or appearing a little…erm…yeah (LOL), my gripe is a hell of a lot simpler…they’re just crap. Point-Black-Period. In an industry that tries these days to pride itself on (pretend)authenticity, JLS really are the poster-children for the puppets-on-a-string formula that was all the rage about 10 years ago. The worse thing is, I’ve actually met the guys and they all seem genuinely nice and are having a blast ‘living their dream’. Yet when the dream seems pre-set to only last 15 minutes, and a good 9 of those minutes feel spent already, then there’s a problem. Gone are the days where Pop(ular) music automatically meant ‘cheesy and formulaic’, something which makes watching the irreparably dated and cringe worthy way the group are being presented all the more worse for their long-term prospects.
Did I actually write all that much on JLS? Boredom is a b*tch!
What do you think of the song / video?

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  1. Anonymous September 19, 2009

    dude y r u hatin man cmon, there a decent group if not pretty good. if they wer as rubbish as u say then how wud they av come second in the biggest singing competition in our country and had a number 1 single. i know u praise alexandra a lot, and sure vocally shes miles better then them, but clearly there doing something which she aint.

  2. Craver September 19, 2009

    This…I don't know. I want to give them a chance just because there are so few groups out right now, let alone male ones, doing their thing, but…just no. The production does sound pretty dated and within the first 30 seconds I'd had enough. I can tell the young couples are going to eat this one up, and maybe that was the point, but I don't think this is for everyone else. I do give them credit for not being the typical male group i.e Pretty Ricky clones, but this is just kind of…second tier.

  3. ThatMangoJuice September 19, 2009

    Video, cheesy a la day 26 'got me going' and backstreetboys, i.e. grab yourself a girl and sing. Choreography looks like it was done so that little girls can dance along. The song? Don't get me started..


  4. Anonymous September 19, 2009

    this song is a mess, the are so far off track

    i personall thought Beat Again was FIRE

    but to follow it up with this, WTF went wrong..

    c'mon im routing on them though,i like them
    hopefully they rush release a better single asap.lol

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