‘Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel’: Your Thoughts?

Published: Monday 28th Sep 2009 by Sam
Mariah's Memoirs

Tomorrow marks the US release of Mariah Carey’s ‘Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel’ LP – although it’s pretty much common knowledge that it “surfaced” online two weeks ahead of release.

As regards my take on the album, it’s like I’m between a rock and a hard place, hence the lack of review at present. On the one hand the album delivers in that it isn’t as sickeningly commercial and fast-food music in the vein of ‘E=MC2’; yet, save for a few standout tracks (see: ‘More Than Friends, ‘Angels Cry’, ‘Up Out My Face’ and ‘I Want To Know What Love Is’), the rest of the album is a slow-snooze-fest. In as much as I seem to go in on Mariah, I actually kinda feel sorry for her. Critiqued for being too commercial, she re-engaged with a more mature sound, yet the output of that is largely monotonous and boring – some would argue it’s as if poor Mimi can’t win either way. How true that is, I don’t know. What I do know is that it’s becoming increasingly apparent that the Mariah of yesteryear, who was able to deliver both timeless contemporary ballads as well as quality club smashes, which managed to effortlessly sit beside each other on one album (see: ‘Butterfly’ and ‘Emancipation of Mimi’) seems to have much difficulty duplicating the same winning formula today. It’s as if today she can only do one well at any given time/album, with even that proving one hell of a rarity these days. Oh Mimi…

Anyway, more so than anything, we’re eager to hear what you think of ‘Memoirs’. Hit or Miss? Does it live up to your expectations? Favourite tracks? Least Favourite track? First week sales predictions?…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Pinkpop September 28, 2009

    You’re so right Sam.
    There are some good songs on the album, but just a few. It starts off with something I can’t judge till now because it brings nothing to me.
    Most of the songs are too boring and too much midtempo with too less instruments, production, beats etc. They sound like interludes (and I’m not talking bout teh actual interludes)
    I’m lking the fact she trys to go back to older days Mariah but I gutess it didn’t work.

  2. Deseani September 28, 2009

    The album sucks..its a total snooze fest..boring as ever..

  3. TheFink September 28, 2009

    It’s definitely a hit, much better then E=MC2. This album is truly a mixture of all the Mariahs we like, except less of the hip/hop oriented Mariah. I have a feeling that this will be one of the best selling albums of ’09/’10. Sweet ballads and memorable tunes. My personal favorite song is “Candy Bling” just because it’s reminiscent of her “Butterfly” work; genius lyrics too. “Up Out My Face” definitely one of the soon to be hits of the album, very “Shake It Off”. “H.A.T.E.U” an incredible ballad that might just be her next number one, very emotional “Don’t Forget About Us” meets “Bliss”, I also love the idea of the song; How a lover would want to breakdown the other half to make it easier to forget. In “It’s a Wrap” Mariah delivers her best vocal performance since “Fly Like A Bird”, very deep song, ballsy lyrics too. “Ribbon” also a future hit record; interesting symbolism in which is the Ribbon. All the other songs are really good too but I’m about to bounce so I might finish up later. First week sales prediction : 500k +

  4. snyper September 28, 2009

    sorry for her?sam you never cease to amaze me…..this record is a masterpiece and you know it…..it is truly hypocritical to refer to ”i look to you” as a ”winner” at the same tym feeling sorry for mariah….what is wrong with you?and the most stupid thing is that after realizing that she is so much better than all the other female singers,you start comparing her to herself…

  5. Julius September 28, 2009

    Hey Sam, any luck with finding people for the site yet?

  6. Julius September 28, 2009

    The album tricks you. On first listen your like “OK MAriah is see you” half way thru the album it really begins to lag. On second listen it just screams DREAM. I think the problem with this album is that we have a great vocalist who has lost her integrity by sounding like the DREAM. The lyrics scream DREAM, the delivery screams DREAM. I like Mariah and I enjoy about 65-75% of the album but I cannot listen to it without thinking about the DREAM because that is what I hear. Sorry STans, and I really like MC.

  7. mannish September 28, 2009

    It’s boring and monotonous and I totally agree with you.

    No doubt it’s gonna have great opening week numbers, problem is it won’t have sustained album sales. Every song sounds the same.

  8. B September 28, 2009

    It’s better than E=MC2, Charmbracelet, Glitter and Rainbow and I’ll leave it at that.

  9. Anonymous September 28, 2009

    I find it soo funny that Ms Kelly was called “Amazing” on this website but Memoirs a “snooze fest”. It’s a shame that nowadays peoples attention span for good music is soo short. Unless its got an 808 and sum tired 80’s synth yall dont want it. This album is pure quality. Not one for the clubs that is tru. But does every album have to be for the clubs??? You dont listen to a lady gaga album n go “ohh this is crap where are the ballads”? Shes doin what she does best and shes doin it better than your favourite flops ever could.

    Mimi’s #1 Lamb

  10. Anonymous September 28, 2009

    i love this album..I think its better than E=MC2 and Emancipation..I figured white america wouldnt accept it because it is very r&b influenced. But thats her fortay, she gave us Obsessed as a startout track and left the rest of her album as just MUSIC..not singles.

  11. iDrizz September 28, 2009

    the fink got it right! She’s just going to really have to promote the hell out of this album to make sure it doesn’t slip through the cracks.

  12. ASDsad September 28, 2009

    I don’t like Mariah’s music very much… she hasn’t find her path after two decades in music industry and many number ones. She has a good voice, but she doesn’t has the good taste to sing good songs… The producers don’t take the best out from her. She has recorded so many songs but there is no real classic hit.

    She should work with people like Raphael Saadiq, for example, who stil has the respect for truth felt soul music.

    Maybe in next album… as always…

  13. MIke September 28, 2009

    I can’t disagree more….What I do think is that mariah put too many tracks on the album…it should have been a showcase of 10 to 12 solid tracks……however, outside of that I think this is a great R&B album. Standouts for me are “Obsessed”, “Ribbons”, “Standing O”, More Than Just Friends” & “I Wanna Know What Love Is”

  14. TheFink September 28, 2009

    Thank you iDrizz , She really needs to promote the hell out of this album, Not like E=MC2 where she released the least commercial songs and gave up halfway. She really needs to go global, I heard that she’s doing a worldwide tour, which is the ultimate promotion, I think the tour would do great because she hasn’t done a worldwide tour for more then 8 years, But it’s gonna be classy & festive & HUGE!. But that’s gotta be after she releases 6 more singles, 2 at a time the same way she did with “Shake it Off/Get Your number”. Her next singles should be; “H.A.T.E.U”/ “Up Out My Face”, “Angels Cry”/ “Ribbon”, “Standing O”

  15. Chris September 28, 2009

    i love the whole album but my stand out tracks are Standing O, Angels Cry, Betcha Gon Know, Up out My Face, and Inseperable

  16. Enrico September 28, 2009

    I’ll say this: Mariah is trying a bit too hard. I felt like this album was rushed and some of the songs sounded too much alike. Its an okay effort, but to be honest, Whitney definitely has Mimi beat. That’s real.

  17. Mikey September 28, 2009


    Exactly how many hits on your bong did you take before you “reviewed” the album? Or did you put a lil too much vodka in that tea of yours?

    I mean I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion but you just never miss a chance to slap Mariah down OR try to paint some alternate reality where she’s seemingly “flopping” or her music isn’t doing well. Uhmmmm, WAKE UP CALL….”Obsessed” is still one of the biggest songs on American radio right now, “I Want To Know What Love Is” has started off at radio with a BANG, and early projections for her album are in the excess of over 400,000! Sooooooo, why exactly are we “feeling bad” for Mariah????? Yeah, she definitely needs us to feel bad for her right about now…..smh!

    As for the album, with the exception of “Inseperable” and “More Than Just Friends”, I feel like this is one of Ms. Mimi’s most consistent efforts! I looooove the throwback vibe of “Candy Bling”, the emotion of “H.A.T.E.U.” is amazingly real, and “It’s a Wrap” shows that Mariah can not only handle Pop/R&B but she can also KILL a jazzy/blues record! All-in-all, I can see this being one of those records that play on for years if marketed right. So far they’re handling everything really well, I just hope it’s a much more promoted album than “E=MC2” (which could have been a MONSTER album if it was worked right).

  18. LuvHer September 28, 2009

    you’re right Enrico. Whitney definitely has MC beat…….as far as bong hits go. GTFOH with that b*******.

    “i don’t really know how to review this album….so i haven’t”. lol. okay, luv.

    if you’re looking for an album to get crunk to…this ain’t the one. it’s so funny how people are always calling for her to “grow up”…to “act/look/sound her age”. then when she gives them exactly what they asked for….they call it boring.

    yet these are the same people that want her to go back to her BIG BALLAD days. an album full of HEROs and VISION OF LOVEs. ooooooh, let’s get the DJ to spin those tracks in the club. *rolling my eyes*

    Mariah can’t (and won’t) please everyone….all of the time. that’s obvious. but despite your “sympathy”….she looks like she got it right this time.

  19. Anonymous September 28, 2009

    This album is much BETTER than Whitney’s album.

  20. Jr September 28, 2009

    This album is really great! I think it’s up there with Butterfly and Emancipation (not quite as good as those, but most definitely her third best). The album has an incredible flow and cohesion, Mariah’s voice sounds incredible, and the lyrics and beats are poignant and meaningful. I haven’t stopped listening to it for the past week.

  21. lool September 28, 2009

    What the f*** are you saying LOOOOOOOL, feel sorry for Mariah? are you f****** kidding me? right is here the proof that you are an alcoholic, first you say that Whitney album was cool when it was pure s*** now you say that this masterpiece sux and you have the courage to say ‘poor Mariah?’ what’s your planet man? try not to drink 2 much alcohol before comming to your blog posting because I feel sorry for you for saying this ahahah

  22. itlblck September 28, 2009

    the album is smooth and i think its a mood cd but good non the less. mariah doesnt need bangers sam. you must be under 25. im sure when mariah first came out you were a baby. i say that cause if you knew mariahs music you would of found this albums sound is like classic mariah just updated.lyrics are different for mariah but the feel/mood is so her. i like it and everyone here in the states that have heard it, enjoy it.
    i noticed that you are a whitney fan and that there is this battle as to who sings the best. if you want to keep it real neither one of them are what they used to be. whitney’s album to me was bad song choice for the most part but i still liked some of the songs. I’m a fan of music and mariah just so happens to be my fav. Now her album is not a scream fest like mimi (which is the only album mariah has in her career that she screams like that much)but it does put me in daydream/ butterfly mode just an 09′ update. snooze fest just sounds bitter.
    does know one know that mariah and whitney are cool with each other and support one another. why do we create this fued against them when honestly both of their music is DIFFERENT! we only compare them because of the ballads they do.

  23. CVT September 28, 2009

    I like it I think it is great… It’s just another album from Mariah!!!! love it this.. is great driving music

  24. over u sam September 28, 2009


  25. Mike September 28, 2009

    I actually am IN LOVE with this album. Sam, Im not sure how u can praise Kelly Rowland and not Mariah. Kelly comes from one of the biggest girl groups of all time, has been in the business for well over a decade, toured the world multiple times, and still hasn’t found her way. but Mariah is to be felt sorry for? Im sure to you, that makes sense…but not over here.

    Anyhoo, the album is good enough for me to purchase even after I have had the leaked version for a week now.

  26. Khalil September 28, 2009

    The album is ok! Thats is it! She has too many damn interludes and reprises! My favorite tracks are Its a Wrap, Up out My Face. Standing O, and Angels Cry! I cannot listen to the whole album. I get bored with it. So I agree with you Sam. And guess what I have always been a Mariah fan.

  27. korey September 28, 2009

    Sam is sippin’ on that hater-ade again!! Crazy fool! This is mimi at her best! This is waaaay better than e=mc2. Inseparable is a smash waiting to happen. Put that song on and tell me u can’t hear it bumpin on the radio??!! Exactly!! Go mariah! U did the damn thang girrrrl! Angels cry should be put out as a single too…PREACH LAMBS!!

  28. yesyes September 28, 2009

    This will not do well.

    My biggest gripe with this is her direction seems to be so reliant on what people say. & as we all know critics (especially you sam) are always harsh and take a long time to warm up to things. She releases ‘obsessed’….which was a slow burner and ultimately a ‘hit’……so the result of that is people expected an album in a similar vein (well produced slick pop songs with an rnb element).

    BUT due to the initial poor reception, shes decided to fill the album with what she hopes will be ‘classic’ slow songs. The result is a snooze fest. I expected some banging beats and catchy songs, and was almost put into a coma. You cant fill an album with tracks like this!! You need some variety…Amazing classic ballads arent easy to come by, and it seems mariah isnt being given the best tracks available (why I dont know!).

    Alternatively I wouldnt be complaining so much if she had started this era on a ‘slow tip’ and I wouldnt have been expecting something else. I was really looking forward to this album….but i think she missed a trick missing all the pop/dream orientated tracks off the album.

  29. Charles September 28, 2009

    I couldn’t disagree with you more Sam…. Upon first hearing obsessed I was a bit worried about what Mariah would offer up. However, Im pleased that she went with an album that showcases her voices in a variety of mid-tempo R&B songs that listeners of any age can groove to. This might not be a Butterfly-type standout album but to me it is on par with The Emancipation of Mimi, especially vocally….E=MC^2 proved to be a losing formula so Im glad that she found a balance between the old Mariah and the New Mariah. If Mariah likes it, then I love it. I’ll be picking up my copy tomorrow…like always!

  30. Anonymous September 28, 2009

    Who carez?

  31. Bobby from Bulgaria September 28, 2009

    As I’ve said it many times before:

    Some people in this world are really so badly confused with their lives and minds that they simply don’t know what they want exactly… Well, sadly – there’s no real help for them…

    As for Mariah – she’s here to stay… 🙂

    -Bobby from Bulgaria-

  32. blaqwidow September 28, 2009

    ooooooooooooohhhh sam u just angered all the mariah carey fans!!! its an opinion ppl! it is not fact, just an opinion which i completely agree with.

  33. DANNY BARCELO September 28, 2009

    OK .. Now .. I’m Probably Mariah Carey’s #1 Fan .. & Honestly Most People on here are 100% Right About This Album .. If One Actually LISTENS Too The Whole Album .. Which Took me A Few Times To Listen to it .. It’s Not Bad .. It’s Just NOT MARIAH CAREY , As We Know Her to be .. NOW .. As I’m Hearing this Album OVER & OVER .. I Don’t think She Wrote Most of The Lyrics, Because I Don’t Hear Her USUAL “Big Words” .. Hmmm .. But Honestly VOCALLY I Love it , But Not Her BEST .. She Needs To Work with People on her “LEVEL” .. Not “The DREAM” .. That Needs To “DREAM” Away From Mariah Carey .. Which I Think He Doesn’t know Who he was Working With .. It’s The Truth .. LOVE YOU Mariah!

  34. Pretty Ricky September 28, 2009

    LMAO, because she didn’t use her normally :big words” she didn’t write the album… Just simply stupid!!!! This album is better than I could ever hoped for!! Mariah you did your thang girl!!! Sam as I always say, Leave the American Artist for us to Judge her in America, You are in the UK and have know idea about how Americans look at music!!! We are a very diverse group of people and our music is a reflection of that!! See here in America Artist such as Mr. kelly, ciara, etc are not what we call talented!!! In other words they are flops along with the majority of other so called singers which you support!! I lov whitney I really do but her album lacks so much. One being a voice, lyrics, beats, sounds like its still in the 80s. You know why you didn’t get that? Because you don’t understand our culture!!! Its A wrap For you Sam!!! Get a hobby that you are good at!!!!!

  35. rnbboy September 28, 2009

    Well I like the album – it took a couple of listens but its ok….however its not a patch on TEOM…Its definately better than EMC2…

    What people who come on here slagging Sam off seeem to forget – this is his site!!!!! He can say what he likes if you dont like it dont come here!

    Whitneys album beats Mariah hands down!

  36. Josh September 28, 2009

    This album is so good, anytime an album is done where it has to do with emotion or feelings…it’s catorized under “crap” yet a slutty video accompanied by of course a “bend me over, had a few shots of patron, I’ma steal your man”…blah blah blah lyrics seems to have more of a “checkmate” winning streak. Let’s not forget these opinions being posted on this blog are from kelly rowland and shugababe fans… WTF? WHO ARE SUGABABES???? Music is supposed to be music, a beautiful voice with a nice beat…yet now adays, computer voices are in apparantly. It’s obvious no matter how much of a gift you have, talented, and down right blessed one is…a hater is lurking in the myst, waiting to do what they do best….HATE. This is a great album and I hope no matter how many ridiculous, lame darts are thrown at Mariah, she continues to rise above any other female artist and keep doing albums for the people who can relate and appreciate REAL music!

  37. Drizzy September 28, 2009

    @ Danny – she does use ‘big’ words in this album if you actually listen to the lyrics you can hear it in a lot of her songs. she’s keeping it real and if you know mariah’s music and songwriting abilities her lyrics on memoirs are totally mariah. she just keeps it fun with the dream and shes found a good groove with their partnership. i doubt they’ll make an entire studio album again. but this sound is fresh for her and she takes it back to the old MC yet keeps it Mimi at the same time. the mariah sound is still there like in all her previous albums only she can keep it consistent for 20 years in the business. this is what you call a true talent, living legend and icon. this album is this decades best r&b offering. a masterpiece and future classic. i’d call it butterfly 2009.

  38. nyomi September 28, 2009

    WOW. first off just let me say Mariah did a great job and its obvious by her twiter posts SHE loved the outcome and knew her lambs would as well. What really upsets me with the new blog age is how great artist can be drug through the dirt simply because someone who cant let go of the past and continue to hold ARTISTS (key word ARTIST) to their own expectations of what THEY want to hear and what they consider to be a hit. The fact of the matter is Mariah can sing the abc’s if she feels like it. Thats what art is SELF EXPRESSION. its not meant to please all. Yes i understand she is a huge icon, but that dosent mean WE own her or her sound and have the right to slam good QUALITY music simply becuz its not what you want to hear from her. How can you be mad or deam something a failure purely because its not what you want to hear from them? If she wanted to please you and you alone Sam she would have asked for your input. And we all know she didn’t. I love your sight and usually your opinions but like you said in your post she can never win and thats mos def the case with you on all fronts. no shade but maybe you should just stop posting on her ART because its sad how much you drag her through the dirt!
    my favs off the album
    more than just friends, H.A.T.E.U., impossible, ribbion, and the list goes on and on. I love the album as im sure the whole Country will!!!

  39. Brian September 28, 2009

    This album is a hit..the album is proves to be a proper quality team production from Mariah, Tricky and The Dream, Mariah and Dreams writing credits are all over and clever word play is ingenious on some songs. Unlike “Obsessed” the album is full of soul infused r&b ballads with Mariah sounding vocally exceptional on every track. “It’s A Wrap”, album favorite, was written solely by Mariah and proves the voice and soul is still in her. This album does’nt try and cater to to the crap we hear on the radio today(Thank God), However, the only problem with the album is why the label would release “I Want To Know What Love Is”, as the second single, when tracks like “H.A.T.E. U” or any other ballad driven song could have done better. Don’t let the critics of Obsessed fool ya, this album is hot. In comparison of Whitney and Mariah, two different albums Mariah=love and heartache, whitney=overcoming odds and grown folk music, both are good, but Mariah wins

  40. Lovelarah September 28, 2009

    Love it, have it in heavy rotation on the pod for the last week.


    Sam…U suck.

  41. Alex September 28, 2009

    This album is a step up from E=MC2 but its still not great, mediocre at best.

    Standout Tracks:
    1. Betcha Gon Know (took a few listens to open up to it)
    2. Standing O
    3. Up Out My Face (love the ending)
    4. Angels Cry
    5. Languishing
    6. I Want to Know What Love Is.

    The rest are superrrrr boring or just wack. Mariah needs to drop The-Dream and work with some other producers.

  42. Malibongwe September 28, 2009

    Sam just stated his OPINION. He is as entitled to it as I am to mine and you to yours… Anyways, I’ve been a huge Mariah fan since TEOM, and actually went back and got her older albums. I actually like Butterfly the best on the older albums, and I think this one has a similar flow. I must admit that the first time I listened to it I was a bit taken aback as I thought some songs sound the same. But now I don’t think they do, it’s more of a continuum of sorts. LOL, someone mentioned the opening song and said something funny. I think Betcha Gon’ Know is a perfect opening number for this set. I don’t know if it’s wrong (in the Lambs’ eyes AND Sam) but I actually do like Whitney’s album as well. I like what the other person pointed that as much as though the release of both albums was surrounded by a major fanfare as the ‘showdown’ of the original divas, the albums delivered… and are quite different. But Im a Mariah fan so u know where I lean, lol. Anyways, this album rocks my socks and yes, it is better than E=MC2 (which I love, too, and I still it think received way too much negativity)

  43. Dom September 28, 2009

    FFS!!! It is nt sams fault that mariah delivered a hot plate of a** crap! Deal with the facts, mariah didnt deliver at all.. Nt even one really real stand outs… Angels cry is one of the best songs, but it is still weak.

    She needs to work with:
    B.c** for them ballads,
    Fec, even i can offer sum gd suggestions!

    I wanna know wat lov is, is gna b snother commercial flop like bye bye was. I dnt c any real hit singles at all…
    E=mc2 shuda been- migrate, for the record, stay in love and cruise control…

    This era will equal a totally disaster. Only angel cryin gne b mariah…

    This commin from s mariah fan

  44. Anonymous September 28, 2009

    this is a great album. jus cause its not poppy dont make it bad. its cool for me.

  45. Anonymous September 28, 2009

    ¬_¬ Album is fantastic! snooze-fest my ass! anything you “like” always flops, so this is a good thing. Mariah > Whitney.

  46. Adrian September 28, 2009

    This is Mimi’s BEST album yet! I LOVE every song on it! Im buying it the first chance i get tomorrow, even if i have to ditch school 🙂

  47. Adam September 28, 2009

    I just think The Impossible, and the two preludes should be taken out. I love the rest of the album.
    Languishing is amazing, and funnily enough the only Dream/tricky free song lol.

  48. Zhenya September 28, 2009

    У данной публикации четко выраженный информативный стиль, большое спасибо Вам!

  49. Anonymous September 28, 2009

    i think this album was better than the last four albums… i’d actually like all the tracks, usually i’ll skip through the album, but i like every single track on the album

  50. Anonymous September 28, 2009

    i called this album “Butterfly” part II

  51. Anonymous September 28, 2009

    Although in this album we actually hear more of Mariah’s actual voice, I must say I like the productions of E=MC2 better. This new album, the songs are just a bit too slow for me (with a few exceptions), making it boring for me.

  52. Marlon September 28, 2009

    ALl the songs you like are the ones that make the album terrible lol you have the worst f****** taste in music ever you couldnt hear a hit if it smacked you in the face LMAO but um yea the CD is terrible her last two were wey better & i mean wey better its like three songs out of like 21 no1 , its a wrap and impossible i think its called

  53. Drizzy September 28, 2009

    so Mario’s DNA leaked and its pretty good probably the best male R&B album out this year and obviously Mariah’s is the best R&b album out this year. I put the two albums together and they work as a soundtrack to a couple’s love life. It starts with Mariah reminiscing about her past love and goes in to the memory of the meet up to the break up of the couple. Here’s the track listing of the story:

    1. Candy Bling
    2. Thinkin About You (Mario)
    3. More Than Just Friends
    4. I Choose You (Mario)
    5. Ribbon
    6. Ooh Baby (Mario)
    7. Impossible Reprise
    8. Break Up (Mario feat Gucci Maine & S.Garett)
    9. Up Out My Face
    10. Emergency Room (Mario feat Rihanna)(shes Pissed he hasnt broken up with Mariah)
    11. Inseparable
    12. Don’t Walk Away (Mario)
    13. H.A.T.E.U
    14. Soundtrack To My Broken Heart (Mario)
    15. Betcha Gon’ Know
    16. Get Out (Mario feat Ludacris)
    17. Standing O
    18. I Miss My Friend (Mario)
    19. Angels Cry
    20. The Hardest Moment (Mario)
    21. Languishing

    The tracks flow really well and show a story from both perspectives (basically mario cheating on mariah lol). When you guys download both albums try this playlist its very cohesive and takes you into this cool story in r&b format which is pretty cool. Enjoy!

  54. Andrew September 28, 2009

    The track that I put on repeat was ‘Candy Bling’. I don’t think it’s single material, but I’m hella liking it.
    The Dream’s version of ‘H.A.T.E.U.’ was a lot better. =/ But that might be because I’m a guy. Haha

    She tried, just didn’t really hit the mark. Sorry Mariah, still waiting for Emancipation Part 2

  55. Anonymous September 28, 2009

    I like the albun. i still think she can come better. but i like it. I haven’t heard anyone say anything about Inseparable. That track it tight.

  56. dom September 28, 2009

    omg, i just listened to TEOM, and omg, any of the 1st 8 tracks (apart from say somethin) are already better than any track on the new album…

    TEOM is one hell of an album. come on MiMi, get it right, TEOM part 2!

  57. Mike Evers September 28, 2009

    Well I kinda agree that this album was for fans who enjoy that old school flow. Hearing that kind of music vs, growing up to it in the country and areas that are talked about will give you 2 different perspectives. So I personally love every song, of course some more than others. I adore it actually!!! Great work M.C. And I won’t judge Sam cause it’s his sight and he can post whatever. I don’t agree but I’ll still give him respect.

  58. danny September 28, 2009

    if y’all done like what sam says, GTFO, lol

  59. danny September 28, 2009


  60. Perfection September 28, 2009

    Im no Mariah stan. I’ve actually been very dissapointed with her in the past few years and wasn’t feeling E=MC2. Her playboy pin up image is a whole other topic I wont get into.

    However, Memoirs is an excellent CD. Its pure R&B. I was pleasantly surprised and very impressed. The songs are very addictive and catchy. It’s almost like ear candy. Her and Dream have an amazing chemistry together and feed off of eachother. I love it! Her punch lines are so cute.

    Her vocals are really good, not sure if she can pull some of these songs off live, but I dont care about performances I can just listen her music in my iPOD.

    My faves in order of best to second best are:
    Betcha Gon Know
    It’s A Wrap
    More than Just Friends
    Standing O

    Good Job Mi!

  61. Steven September 28, 2009

    Sam, seriously, just take Mariah out of your site banner and replace her with Whitney already.

  62. BINKIE September 28, 2009

    SAM, SORRY DIS CD IS hotttt, i dont think u no real musik, what exactly do u wanna hear on the radio, Mariah knows bwhat shes doin…

  63. Anonymous September 29, 2009

    it’s a great album. love lyrics, good sound, potencial voice and very ver personal. it’s a mix of “Butterfly”, “daydream”,”rainbow” and “TEOM” it is true they should have included “100%” and the collaboration with Timbaland. i wish get a version of the album deluxe. I love songs “Betcha gon’ know”, “Obsessed”, “HATEU”,”Candy Bling”, “Inseparable”, “It’s a wrap”, “Angels cry” & “I want to know what love is” in this song it’s the true mariah, the voice!!!!! it’ll be best selling of the year. Mariah good work!!!!!

  64. Anonymous September 29, 2009

    I’m a huge Mariah Fan but I agree this album is not great 80% of the songs all sound the same and boring.

  65. calipimp2009 September 29, 2009

    aw s*** yall need to stop hatin on the woman, its always folks dat aint got da chance to be a singer or rapper that HATES on the next person! the album is actually nice no granted she cant sing all so much the same as before but she belts out some nice ass notes and thats wat matters. the funny thing is still to this day cant no female sing like her i tell u that much hence “up out my face” kno somethin before tryin critique someone especially if its comin off of this website.. that grape juice.net? just as ghetto as craigslist go sit down

  66. jay September 29, 2009

    This album is most probaply her best since 1997’s Butterfly.
    Sam….You are such a big fat hater, you are just like Perez, Mariah’s the one shitting out the hits, and everyone is just jealous!

  67. manifestdestiny September 29, 2009

    As one who purchased both Mariah and Whitney first day out, AND is a self-professed BEYONCE STAN……The album is real R&B. While you hear the-dreams’s influence, NO ONE but Mariah could sing the song’s the way she has. It’s a gem. A Classic. Leaps and bounds pass E=MC2. ANYONE who has had a raggedy relationship where you were on the losing end, and gave your all is going to LOVE this album. People slept on Charmbracelet and it was classic too. Listen to the lyrics people. I can’t say anymore. To floored by the bad reviews of this amazing album.

  68. keith September 29, 2009

    Ok…been in a “raggedy” relationship; loved Charmbracelet but I still don’t like this record. If TEOM and Charmbracelet are the “sound” of Mariah, then this CD is a collection of demos written by the DREAM. This CD has too much of his heavy hand and lacks the slyness and maturity of earlier records. I don’t think this record will have staying power but I don’t get paid to make that prediction, LOL….

  69. NICK September 30, 2009

    SORRY people- THIS CD IS FIRE! I HAVE PLAYED IT BEGINNING to END (5 times), I LOVE EVERY SONG! I am NOT a huge huge Mariah fan, BUT I DO LIKE HER! & THIS CD IS THE JAM!!! today, my song is CANY BLING-yesterday was ITS A WRAP, I REALLY LIKE IT ALL A LOT!! GO GIRL-her sales wotn be that great. because people not expecting it to be good, since EMC2 didnt do that good…

  70. Anonymous September 30, 2009

    Mariah Mariah Maraih!!!!!! This album is so great thank you for your music!!! These songe express every thang that I have done trough in relationships… Its a Standing O to you girl!!

  71. Phillip September 30, 2009

    I received my album yesterday at my front door steps and let me say…I truly think its her best work since Daydream (my favorite album of hers). The songs flow effortlessly together and I have not stop listening to it since I opened it, imported it onto my itunes/ipod, and ripped it onto my work computer. My favorite tracks on the album are HATEU, It’s a wrap, and Standing O. I didn’t think the Up out of my face reprise was unnecessary, and the Impossible and its reprise should have been replaced with 100%. But overall…the album was HOTT! Yo Mariah…you on FIRE!!

  72. Sam October 1, 2009

    I’m a huge fan of Mariah Carey’s, but honestly, this album tanks. It’s better than E=MC2, but lacks the quality that makes Mariah relatable as in her previous albums before Rainbow. Opting for quirky, immature, irrelevant lyrics doesn’t enthuse me anymore. This album was more a Dream-released album than anything Mariah Carey. If The Dream isn’t able to produce a hit album on his own terms, why have him produce your entire album?! He’s retiring because his music is outdated and he’s not able to produce new songs that doesn’t sound similar. It tanks and sounds very Dream-ish. Very annoying. (I still bought it though…..)

  73. Nick October 1, 2009

    oh Mariah like why are you so obsessed with yourself ?

  74. jolyman October 1, 2009

    I think the album is…SWEEEEET!!! Hold up though it does have its shortcomings mainly just missing the old MC if you will, but it is definitly a winner. Love how she starts with the interludish song that kind of gets you in a mellow mood in order to get you out of your seat with “Obsessed”. Now I must admit I wasn’t a big fan of the song and it still sort of irks me when I hear it(though it does have some serious lyrical delivery)it serves its purpose as an upbeat club banger for the album. The ballads on here for the most part are a remnnant of what she used to be, “queen of all ballads” but are still blowing most other music these days out of the water. As far as vocal delivery goes its good to hear the whistle again and she really delivers for the most part. While some songs are good for lyrics others are good for sound. Overall it is without question better than E=MC2(which should have been better giving its catchy name dontcha think) and some of the songs on here could have been used for abetter album that came out a year or two from now which would give her time to rest her vocals, really get into the real world of the back in the day Mariah Carey, and just allowing us time to forgive her for her last effort. Memoirs had potential for outstanding sales but I think she got just a little too comfortable with her standings as a powerhouse, forgetting that she sort of just got back and the feeble industry of today can kick you out with no warning signs. BTW some of my favs are “Impossible”, “Up Out My Face”, “It’s A Wrap”, “Languishing”, “Candy Bling”, and of course “I Want To Know What Love Is”

  75. jolyman October 1, 2009

    ^^^^^^^^^”Standing O” as well^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  76. Ace October 1, 2009

    OKAY SO IM NEW HERE, but that doesnt mean Im holding my tongue. American music must have really gone down the crapper because this album is far from ‘STELLAR’ ‘AMAZING’ ‘GREAT’ ‘WONDERFUL’ its mediocre at best. There are some good songs on thsi album, just like the last, but just like the last something is missing, and its Mariah Carey. Maybe some of you ‘LAMBS’ are satisfied with her whispering and cooing on the entire album and not singing like she should but this LAMB is definately not. Glitter the movie may have flopped but the soundtrack was the business, TEOM was great- that gives her 2 for 5 FOR THE DECADE. This to me is a repeat of CHARMBRACELET where she ‘raps’ the entire album in her whisper. I cant get past it. Like I said I do like some songs, but over all this album is trash, coaster, dust pan material. Now what I did was merge the songs from E=MC2 and Memoirs that I actually like, and added WHEN I FEEL IT- and I’ll be damned I actually have an album worth listening to all the way through!?!?!? Which means what you ask? She not taking her time and selecting good music. Mariah used to give me a feeling when I listen to her music; chills, tears, just emotions. Now I dont feel anything. AND WHOEVER THINKS this album is ADULT in anyway can’t be older than 19-21. I’m 24 and I feel like Im listening to Hannah Montana

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