Randomness: Shopping While Black

Published: Friday 18th Sep 2009 by Sam

A good friend passed this onto me; while I won’t spoil it for you, I must say this one a real interesting watch. Sad, but real insightful. {Thanks Sean!}
Your thoughts?

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  1. artisia September 18, 2009

    thank u so much for putting this up here! i have to write a paper about racail profiling and now i have a good example of what to do! thank u so much! im going to show this in my presentation!

  2. ThatMangoJuice September 18, 2009

    ohhhh no that is not right man, that's awful the girl was acting and i felt so sorry for her.


  3. Anonymous September 18, 2009

    Uggh, it's so sad that this is still needed…

  4. MG September 18, 2009

    deep beyond belief!

  5. Anonymous September 18, 2009

    racism still exists.. there's no doubt about that

    but at least we are stepping forward in the right direction.. 60 million ppl (black, white, green, blue, pink, red, whatever else) voted for BARACK OBAMA… we are moving in the right direction!!

    pls. stand up against those jerks who still discriminate based on skin color


  6. king September 18, 2009

    sad! Thanks for the video

  7. diamond September 19, 2009

    Good Video!

    That last English woman wasn't having a bar or it and the black man looked like he wanna buss sum1's head proper!!

  8. Rosalind September 19, 2009

    oh my god…i had a good day until i saw this clip..i'm full of sadness and anger…it still excists..i recognise this because everytime i go into a store i feel watched…there are so much pple like the uh-oh dude…there were somany ppl who didnt feel like to defend her,cause the dont no her…that s*** is deep

  9. Natanya September 19, 2009

    Wow, tears are streaming down my face, because I to have been "shopping while black". Its a sad but true fact they we as black people are not viewed as equal. I'm so tired of saying " Hey people its 2009, get over it"! Why do I have to constantly be made to feel like my race is worthless, why do we have to over achieve just to get the same recognition as "white" people. Times have not changed, and I'm tired of the world thinking that is has. Truth be told….they still think we are slaves!

  10. Soulstar September 19, 2009

    Thank you for this video. As a black man who has experienced this on more than one occasion (although not as blatant and harsh), it bothers me that this still exists. I could have on a tuxedo and still be watched around a store, truth be told.

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