Whitney Performs ‘I Didn’t Know My Own Strength’ On Oprah

Published: Tuesday 15th Sep 2009 by Sam

The second episode of Whitney Houston’s much hyped Oprah interview aired moments ago in the US. While we’ll have the full interview up shortly, check out Whitney’s spine-tingling performance of ‘I Didn’t Know My Own Strength’ above.
Wow! Whitney nailed this! Undeniably the best live vocal showing I’ve heard from Nippy in the longest of times. To think this was shot a few days after Good Morning America makes this all the more awesome (vocal rest really does work). Here’s hoping Whitney continues to deliver such great, emotive performances. Awesome.
What do you think of the performance?

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  1. ThatMangoJuice September 15, 2009

    I have nothing more to say, what needed to be said you did say on twitter during the showings and this topped it off. Whitney, as we say in dutch, petje af. (taking my hat off for you)


  2. Anonymous September 15, 2009

    im sorry but this performance was a disappointment. she barely sang. she lost all the emotion in the song b.c she sang like it was a lackluster broadway song. like annie's tomorrow or something. idk… but even her vocals were lackluster.

    but on a good note. she looked really good and that last note was everything.

  3. Anonymous September 15, 2009

    All I can say is Wow!

    Love u Whitney*

  4. Anonymous September 15, 2009

    WHitney gets cut too much slack, I'm sorry. Leona Beyonce hell even Jordin sparks could do a much better vocal and I cnt stand them

  5. Anonymous September 15, 2009

    Last note was great, other than that, she was able to pull this off because she only had to sing low and even then she slurred around a bit. Not for her lack of trying, but the crack killed the voice. Period.

  6. Anonymous September 15, 2009

    Honestly one of her best performances in years. Even though some of the vocals were off she looked great too.

  7. Anonymous September 15, 2009

    wtf @ the "wow's"
    this wasnt a very good performance, sam proppa built it up and i was expecting to see whitney kill it

    but noooooo
    what a dissappointment

    if this is the best she can do
    then im guessing we've got the mariah story all over again

    she might aswell pre-record some powerhouse studio tweeked vocalls and lipsync
    cause this is sad to listen to.

  8. Anonymous September 15, 2009

    good, not great.

  9. Anonymous September 15, 2009

    Emotionally she's was "WoW", even if vocally it wasn't her best performance. You can feel what she sings. She still has the power to touch people with her songs. That's why she still has success.

  10. Anonymous September 15, 2009

    she really doesnt still have success…her album debuted to good numbers, though it fell very hard this week. her singles are tanking, and her voice sucks. she is an icon for what she was…not what she is.

  11. Anonymous September 16, 2009

    It was good. The ending was a emotional. But her vocal are not good.

  12. ThatMangoJuice September 16, 2009

    Why are you all expecting old Whitney, this is indeed Mariah all over again. We all know what happend and you shouldn't expect the old voice back… but for what she went through with all the drugs, relatively, her voice sounds good!

    Of course Leona, Jordin and Beyonce still sound good, they haven't been in the game for as long and they are probably taking care of their gift (unlike ol' W)

  13. Anonymous September 16, 2009

    The final parts were touching, when she reached out to her fans.

    However, the vocal delivery was pretty weak and ordinary. She speaks words instead of singing them, making it hard to kind of feel the song or let it soar. It lacks flow and clearly, her voice is not up to par to sing live.

    They said this performance took the roof off, well, from a vocal standpoint definately not. Perhaps people let their emotions get the better of them, can't blame them – Whitney hasn't performed in ages.

    But it's nice to have her back and still realising music. Go Whitney.

  14. Rashad September 16, 2009

    actually this performance was BEFORE good morning america. and this actually was a good performance for alot of reasons

    1)the condition of her SPEAKING voice
    2)years AND YEARS of drug abuse
    3)this is just the beginning..she is getting back into the swing of things

    4) and there were so many reflections of OLD whitney. you couldn't help but love it.

    overall, if she keeps at it. takes proper care of THE VOICE…she'll get even better and better with time.

  15. Anonymous September 16, 2009

    I loved it and I'm not a huge Whitney fan!!! The only haters on here are the Mariah fans. They can't stand to hear that Whitney or any other artist does a good job. Whitney's voice may not be what it was, but she worked what's left to its best potential. No backing lead vocal track fading in or out to compensate for the notes that could only be hit in the studio. Proud of Whit!!! And she didn't push her album back, she pushed it UP, without a video or a performance and came out SWINGIN!!!!

  16. bdavisthedacer September 16, 2009

    I loved it! For all that she has been through there is no need t compare her to the stars of today. She is totally in another league. Yes she has lost a lot of her voice but there is more to Whitney than just her voice. This performance shows that she can excite the emotion of the audience. That is what a performer is supposed to do. She had Oprah in tears. Who's the last person that did that?

  17. Jon September 16, 2009

    She was great! The voice is still there…keep on sangin Whitney!

  18. Anonymous September 16, 2009

    She pushed the album up in order to be considered for grammy nods for 2010 as did Trey Songz.

  19. Anonymous September 17, 2009

    She still has it.

  20. Anonymous September 17, 2009

    her voice is shot. why does she insist on clipping all the lyrics. she is basically talking, then later she can't sustain the notes and just shouts. I'm really sad to say it but her voice is over. She should not have returned cos now people's memories of her will be marred by these bad vocal showings

  21. Anonymous September 17, 2009

    Some people are so stupid.. No once Whitney was the greatest vocalist ever, now she is not.. It use to be really hard for me to listen to a live performance from her in its entirety but this performance was amazing.. I love the new arrangement, I loved the background singers, and I loved how she broke it down with "Mama said I was not built to break." And that last note was clear, powerful and it really was a spin tingling performance.. Even though she doesn't have that great voice anymore, she still has a voice, and she still has the ability to make u feel..and thats a REAL singer, not what notes you can hit..

  22. Chicago Shaun September 17, 2009

    This is a celebration of a woman. Judging by the standards of what she has had to go through to get to this point and her ability to PERFORM, Whitney did a magnificent job! Welcome back! May God bless you!!!

  23. Anonymous September 19, 2009

    It was good better then GMA but wasn't amazing we shouldn't expect that after all those years of drug use.

  24. shoedivadr September 20, 2009

    GIVE ME A BREAK PEOPLE!!!! Listen, this was a GREAT performance considering ALL she's experienced. Given time, rest, healthy lifestyle and clean living, her voice will continue to get stronger, you folks are WICKED!!!!! I hope none of you EVER need redemption!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOVE YOU NIPPY!!!!!!!!!!!

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