Britney Makes History; ‘3’ Debuts At #1 + Video Set Pics

Published: Thursday 15th Oct 2009 by Sam

Things continue to get better for the once-troubled Pop superstar Britney Spears. This week sees ‘3’ the lead single from her forthcoming greatest hits LP ‘The Singles Collection’ debut atop of the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Check out the report below, as well as set pics from the Diane Martel (‘Love, Sex, Magic’) directed video, which is set to premiere October 19th:

Britney Spears will become the first artist in over three years to debut at the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 tomorrow.

The singer’s new single ‘3’, which is taken from her upcoming singles collection, has shifted over 255,000 downloads in its first week of release, according to Billboard.

The track is also expected to reach pole position on the Digital Songs countdown and debut at number 49 on the Radio Songs/Hot 100 Airplay, which is based on airplay audience on all radio formats.

The last song to debut at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 was Taylor Hicks’s American Idol winners song ‘Do I Make You Proud’ in July 2006.

Britney’s first single ‘…Baby One More Time’ spent two weeks at the top spot in 1999 and ‘Womanizer’ enjoyed one week at number one last October. {Source}


I  guess this is pretty much a testament to Britney’s staying power in today’s industry; I say this as I still feel the song is generic as hell and a far cry from some of her more career defining material. That said, I can’t hate on her game…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Thatmangojuice October 15, 2009

    ” i can’t hate on her game” ghetto much

    But yeah i like the song it’s really catchy, and mmmyeah good for her im glad she’s doing well (on the charts)

  2. superCiCi October 15, 2009

    I agree with you Sam .. the song is really catchy, but it’s soo generic .. plus, she has had muuuch better singles out that possibly deserved the #1 spot, and hasn’t even been near [Toxic #9, Outrageous #79]
    Everybody loves Britney now, and now it’s her moment .. again

  3. Anonymous October 15, 2009

    Credit were credit is due ….Britney may not be the greatest singer in the industry, but no other artist seems to deliver constantly like she can , what Britney has is the ability to get a track and make it her own she is like the muse of the best producers Max Martin, Blood Shy & Avant , Danja and the Neptunes … they have all delivered there best song with her …this is an artist that the world wrote off two years ago and came back and not only reclaimed her crown she stomped on any other chick in the industry and showed them this is how its done …. Without a Jay-Z on her arm or having to wear stupid costumes everywhere she goes she the girl manages to stay on top of the game … In the Zone makes Good Girl Gone Bad sound dated even though it came out 3 years before Rihanna’s so called triumph … credit were credit is due ….

  4. Anonymous October 15, 2009

    ^^ITA w/ everything you said!!

  5. lyric lee October 15, 2009

    brtiney 4 life – true princess of pop with 83 millions aold and she only 27 or something. haters fall back!!!!!!!!!

  6. parisian girl October 15, 2009

    YESSSS britney!!!!!i’m so happy for her!

  7. Anonymous October 15, 2009

    see sam a couple of weeks ago when u posted the premiere of her song u said u did not like it and u was hating on her!! and i posted a comment and i told u the more u hate on a artist the more sussesful they become AND NOW she is number 1 !! SO KEEP ON HATING AND SHE WILL KEEP ON BEING THE BEST!!

  8. Christian October 15, 2009

    Congrats to Britney!!! I like how she is letting her music speak for itself this times around. Even though I LOVE me some Britney Spears and agree with some that the song is generic but I believe a song like “3” fits well for a “Singles Collection” instead of another new album. I also believe some singles she released in the past should have been #1’s but the music industry is always changing and Britney always seem to adapt to change and kudos to her. I’m glad that she’s laying low and not being too much into the spotlight like Beyonce, Rihanna and Lady Gaga. I love Beyonce, Gaga and Rihanna aswelll but I just know when Britney releases her next studio album she will be a FORCE to reckoned with.

  9. KingOfCups October 15, 2009

    Hmmm I gotta b truthfull, as a britney fan her ‘circus’ videos, tour & tv performances REALLY let me down. Her fire & passion looked completely lost to me. Cannot fault the music, 3 is growing on me big time & I will b downloading it. I am anticipating the vid as those pics look hot, I will always support her as long as the music is quality but I really wanna see her get back ON IT properly

  10. Peyton…… Alicia Keys “The Element of Freedom” out in stores December 1!!!!! October 15, 2009

    Congrats to Brit Brit, love her and this song is super catchy and cool.

  11. britney queen October 15, 2009

    brit is the shi%. hands down shasha who lady who. its no shade britney is legend and thats all to it.

  12. Mike October 15, 2009

    lol @ Sam being bitter…”I guess this is pretty much etc..”


  13. number1k9 October 15, 2009

    I have to give it up for Britney too. Because I have always liked her music, on a minor level but recently I really do like it. I think ever since her 2006-2007 period for some reason really made me support her even more! I do also think that Britney has had better songs than “3” one being “Radar.” I personally would have liked to see “Radar” hit number 1 too, but didn’t happen; I mean I was bumping that song since 2007! Anywho, Britney does deserve it, especially after an annoying old song like “Down” knocked the Pea’s outta number 1, ….somehow….Shady. I am hoping that Britney stays at number 1 for some weeks, and then The Black Eyed Peas take over number 1 again with “Meet Me Halfway,” to finish out the year!!!


  14. sean2009 October 15, 2009

    “cant hate on her game much” how is that comment ghetto? excatly just hush.

  15. Rion October 15, 2009

    I like Britney and all but 3 is sooo boring and dated 🙁

  16. Thatmangojuice October 16, 2009

    ” “cant hate on her game much” how is that comment ghetto? excatly just hush.”

    – It is, if you don’t see it, you’re a hoodrat … deal with it.

  17. Anonymous October 16, 2009

    Britney is not a legend. She only a few hit songs which were bubble gum pop records.

  18. NYC1 October 16, 2009

    ^A few hit records? She’s had 8 #1 Worldwide hits, the most by ANY artist tied with Madonna. She’s had a string of classic hits, & iconic videos and performances. She became the 8th best selling female artist in history, all before the age of 21. She is the highest selling female artist of the decade and has broken a ton of records. She is deemed a legend b/c she is. She’s made a huge pop culture impact and will always be remembered. She’s the princess of pop, an icon and yes, a legend.

  19. LILY October 17, 2009


  20. lilkunta October 18, 2009

    I think this got #1 bc of downloads. It seems any1 can get a #1 as all they need it 100k ppl to d/l their song.

    The song doesnt make no sense. Peter Paul Mary were a trio not a menage a trois.
    @ NYC1 on 16 Oct 2009 at 9:40 pm :
    Yes Brit has had hits, but no she sint iconic. Name something that she has done in her vids that is iconic? NOTHING. Even beyawnce’s Ring On It was popular, but not iconic, it is ‘s choreography.

    PLEASE stop throwing the word iconic around all willy nilly.

    Again, this song hit #1 bc od downloads. Lets see if it has staying power like “one sweet day” or “always love you” or “umbrella” or “gotta feeling”. I dont think it will bc the song is stupid.

  21. lilkunta October 18, 2009

    in my above comment I mean this :

    Even beyawnce’s Ring On It was popular, but not iconic, it is just a remake/update of Bob Fossee’s choreography to Gwn Verdon’s Mexican Breakfast.

  22. Randall October 18, 2009

    lilkunta; You’ve obviously never immersed yourself in anything related to any Britney video! She’s had many iconic videos- namely ‘Baby One More Time’, her outfit from there is STILL being used at a ‘signature Britney’ outfit, its always been a huge deal how she was too young to be s*** in that video- and its one of the videos most people this generation will remember. Similarly, her ‘Oops’ video was iconic, as was ‘S****’ and ‘Toxic’!

  23. Allan October 18, 2009

    To all the haters – She is an icon. Like one of the commentators said, she built her empire and clawed her way back to the top without the help of Timbaland, Jay-Z or anyone else. Half the songs that are offered to her, she rejects and is given to second-rate artists like Rihanna (*Umbrella was first offered to Brits) and Ciara (“Work” was offered to Brits too). People still would kill to have Britney on their roster and so many of her videos and performances are considered legend. Her ICONIC schoolgirl outfit, red catsuit, her Toxic video song with the barely there jewel encrusted body suit – They will ALL BE REMEMBERED!

    Who can remember what Beyonce or Gaga or Rihanna performed at the VMA’s when Britney’s performance of “S****”, her kiss with Madonna, and even her “Gimme More” performance was THE talk of the year! Gimme More stole the MVA’s that year, no matter how disastrous. Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” wouldn’t have even become a phenom if it wasn’t for Shane Mercado broadcasting his oh-so fab dance on youtube. Britney didn’t need that!

    She may not have started some stupid internet phenomenon that NEEDS TO DIE but after 10 years ON HER OWN, with barely any help from other artists to hype her single up (I don’t count her song with Madonna cuz M was barely in the song and even then, that’s the only one to my recollection), she is still relevant in that there is always hype regarding a new single coming out and a new album coming out. Unlike Beyonce, who’s last single I don’t even know or have heard anything.

    Britney still comes out on top every year, even if it’s bad news. You know what they say, All News Is Good News!

  24. Allan October 18, 2009

    Oh yeah – and her outfit in “S****” with her thong being on the outside, was THE faux pas of that year that Everyone loved!

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