Diddy & Dirty Money On 106 & Park

Published: Wednesday 14th Oct 2009 by Sam

Diddy and Dirty Money stopped by BET’s 106 & Park to promote their new ‘Last Train To Paris’ project. As well as that, Diddy addresses his move from Atlantic over to Interscope, as well as the future of his acts over at Bad Boy/Atlantic.

I don’t know if it was just me, but even after Diddy’s ‘explanation’ as to what’s happening with his artists, I was still very confused by what exactly he was trying to say. To be honest, I don’t even think he know’s where he was going with that one. I mean all previous reports indicated that he was starting a new label over at Interscope, with Bad Boy remaining at Atlantic; yet now (correct me if wrong) he seems to be saying his launching Bad Boy over at Interscope with some, but not all of the previous roster. Ugh…confused.com.

Kinda going a tad off-topic, I can’t help but feel Diddy even still having a rap career is nothing more than an ego-stroke. When everyone and their mother thinks you suck as an artist (and have forever), and you struggle to sell despite throwing MILLIONS at your last project (see: ‘Press Play’), why is he bothering? It sounds a bit harsh, but for a multi-million dollar mogul, you’d think he’d be a bit more business savvy than that. When has anyone ever rated Puffy as an artist? It’s 2009, it’s pretty much a joke thinking that in the world of Kanye’s and Jay-Z’s, that a Diddy rap record is gonna excite folks (see: the chart performance of ‘Last Train”s lead single ‘Angels’).

Your thoughts?

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  1. TC October 14, 2009

    Diddy is mad lame. I wonder y he didnt mention cassie?

  2. Katrina October 14, 2009

    Diddy is the bigget opportunist in the world
    He benefited from BIGS death to start up his own rap career.

    He then got with JLO, to expand his profile outside of Hip Hop, (Hollywood and Fashion) considering Jlos a A lister and was once a Loreal girl

    Then he pimped out thier realtionshiop ( I need a girl) to get sympathy and sales

    Then he started up Making the Band to stay relevent and use and abuse upcoming talent
    ( The Band, Day 26, Danity Kane)

    Then, theres Work for Diddy, the Cassie relationship that no one cares about

    Now Star maker

    The only thing going for him is Sean John

    And that the truth

    Cant stand him

  3. vizionwarp October 14, 2009


    Dawn looks like a broke, skinny, chocolate Rihanna.
    Kaleena looks like Estelle but trying tooo Hard.
    Diddy should just STOP!

  4. Thatmangojuice October 14, 2009

    I hate diddy, go away already. I want him to fail so hard and realise that he should have worked on danity kane.

  5. Peter October 14, 2009

    Diddy and Bobby need to go out and get another woman pregnant. That’s what their masters at doing. Kim, you keep hanging in there. Once Diddy start showing signs of brokage, he’ll marry you then. Keep hanging Kim, Diddy is on his way.

  6. EffDiddy October 14, 2009

    Last train to NOWHERE!

  7. Oh Please October 14, 2009

    I don’t think that Diddy is making this album because he thinks it will result in big sales and big revenue. I think he’s making this album because he wants to. For some,that may not be a good enough reason but it’s Diddy’s reason. All I know is “Angels” makes me vibe and “Love Come Down” makes me jam so I will be buying the album.

  8. Anonymous October 14, 2009

    People should stop trying to hate on the people…people should just care for the music ya know…if his music turns out to be good then people should just buy it and not wanna buy it just cause they dont like some decitions he have made

  9. Makeba October 14, 2009

    People need to stop hatin and realize that this
    man has a brain. That is why this man is so successful. He is a hard working man in business.
    Like it or not Angels and Love Come Down are great
    songs.I have been waiting for something different and fresh for a long time. I love what DIRTYMONEY
    have to offer and I will be a fan of theirs for
    as long as they are around. I think Diddy made
    a smart decision with DIRTYMONEY.

  10. iDrizz October 14, 2009

    I’m not even gonna DL that s*** for free. I’m not wasting my hdd space on this fool.

  11. Peter October 15, 2009

    I don’t respect men or women who have multiple babies by different parents. It may be judgmental but birth control is way too available today.

  12. tia October 20, 2009

    i actually like angels…..and Love come down…i like the group…call me crazy but i do….moreso for the chocolate sistas who are equally talented trying to make a splash in this business. Angels is a dope song…..its just that he has burned so many people that they don’t care…the problem is too many people worry about whats going on in a persons personal life then the music itself…they want to know too much about the artist….back in the day it took a Movie being made for you to know ANY of the drama going on in a artist personal life…nowadays all you need is a blog.

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