Exclusive: Whitney To Perform On Dancing With The Stars / No New Single This Year

Published: Friday 30th Oct 2009 by Sam
Whitney Houston

That Grape Juice can EXCLUSIVELY reveal that Whitney Houston will be taking the stage this season on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars.

The legendary diva, whose comeback LP ‘I Look You’ topped the charts last month, will be performing ‘Million Dollar Bill’ on an episode of the show to air in the next few weeks.

Speaking of ‘Milliom Dollar Bill’, due to Urban radio now showing the single more love, we can EXCLUSIVELY reveal that there will no be no new singles to be released from the album until next year. Confirmed. {I guess I’ll to keep my fingers crossed a little longer for a ‘For The Lovers’ and ‘Calling You Tonight’ dual release}

Keep it locked on That Grape Juice for more exclusive Whitney Houston news.

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  1. Ashton October 30, 2009

    So happy for her!!!
    I really want calling you tonight & for the lovers to be the next singles!
    PLease Arista hop on it for next year..
    Her album derserves that much.
    i want both those singles plus videos. lol

  2. GeeMan October 30, 2009

    This is great for continued exposure but at this point people have seen the performance of the same song over and over she has proven she can handle this song now its time for new material even though this is not my favorite Whitney project to be honest I don”t really like it all. But Call you Tonight is a nice track that should be released some time soon just as they did with JHud they are doing to Whitney promote one or two single than wait ages to release another track. But I guess with state of the industry record companies are not trying to take many risks. Also maybe Arista feels that MDB has a lot of fight left.

  3. Myname October 30, 2009

    I think she should release new single earlier… Million Dollar Bill is great track, but she needs new singles ASAP. Im thiking Calling You Tonight or I didnt know my own strengt and Nothing But Love or For The Lovers……

  4. KNUCK October 30, 2009

    I feel the next singles should be “call you tonight” or “salute”.. “worth it” would also do well at Urban..

  5. Stoney-Brie October 30, 2009

    I’m soo excited!! good stuff!
    I’m hoping next year we get a release of “A song for you”
    her rendition of that song is ill!!
    along with nothin but love, for the lovers, call you tonight!!
    the album is a HIT!!

  6. Roabsalom October 30, 2009

    I agree this is a smart marketing ploy as to put the album into coasting as far as sales are concerned.

    Single Picks – Salute
    Call You Tonight

    Either way I’m glad we are finally discussing her professional life and projects versus her past mistakes. Thumbs up Whitney:)

  7. Nicky October 30, 2009




  8. Stefan Rainier October 30, 2009

    Good News! I am excited to see miss Houston on this show.

  9. George October 30, 2009

    I agree with you. The next single should be a dual realease:For the lovers and Calling you tonight!
    I just bought this album and I honesty think that Whitney is still awesome and incredible. I hope that she’ll perform Million Dollar Bill on Dancing with the Stars. By the way,I never watched that show…..

  10. Sarah October 30, 2009

    Some of you guys parse Whitney to no end!! I’m glad she’s back and performing. I’m satisfied with anything.

  11. Imyourstar701 October 30, 2009

    To be honest i dont mind what the next single is, anything with good promotion will do well. Although my favs are Worth it, I got you, Call you tonight and For the lovers

  12. lena October 30, 2009

    I love Million dollar bill, ‘make u go left, right, up, down, got u spinning all around,oh oh, oh oh’

    luv it! Can’t wait to see Whitney!

  13. Ash J October 30, 2009

    Next singles should be:

    “I did’nt know my own strength”
    “For the Lovers”

    then followed by

    “Call You Tonight”
    “Nothing but Love”

    and finishing with
    “Like I Never Left”

    Two things are dead clear though
    1) “Worth It” and “I Got You” should NOT be singles.
    2) There will almost definately be a tour/platinum edition of the album to coincide with the world tour.

  14. vicmusic October 30, 2009

    Whitney is the truth! She rocked Million Dollar Bill in Europe sounding so great1 I love Whitney Houston ver much, her voice always does something great to my soul!

  15. Kaz October 30, 2009

    Can’t wait to see Whit Whit on DWTS! And MDB is my JAM!!

  16. Imyourstar701 October 31, 2009

    @ Ash J

    Your crazy those two songs are two of the best songs on the album. They both need to be singles at some point.

  17. gina October 31, 2009

    @ash J: Sorry but ‘Worth It’ has to be the next single, I Love that song, I also love For the Lovers!

  18. Great Comeback November 1, 2009

    I Look To You…. is so much better than Mariah’s insipid Memoirs of An Old Angel..

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