Mase Crashes Diddy Interview; Forces Him To Sign Release Papers! (Drama!)

Published: Monday 19th Oct 2009 by Sam

Peep this recent interview which Diddy and Dirty Money did with Atalnta radio host Ryan Cameron. During the interview, former Bad Boy star Mase (who has become quite controversial over the years) ‘gate-crashed’ the interview with his Bad Boy release papers in hand, with the intent for Diddy to sign them. You can watch what went down above.

Hilarious! It was oh-so-evident that there isn’t the best of vibes between Diddy and Mase, and it really seemed like a last ditch effort on Mase’s part (or so it seemed) after being ignored for so long (???). Either way, next in queue should be Day26, Cherri Dennis and the rest of the Danity Kane chicks (’cause you best believe Diddy must have them under some restricting contract/settlement still).

Your thoughts?

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  1. iDrizz October 20, 2009

    diddy, puff daddy, sean combs.. Whatever it is, same s*** different toilet. Maybe with this move to interscope along with this dwindling economy he can finally fall out of the music scene. The audience is a much wiser crowd and for that reason other chumps & assholes trying to follow in diddy’s exact footsteps (i.e. 50cent) aren’t making it anywhere close to that diddy has become. Hopefully this move will kick him off of that “untouchable pedestal” and he can just stick to Sean John. I don’t think anything understands how much I dislike diddy’s involvement in the music industry…

  2. Pucci October 20, 2009

    iDrizz, i have to say that i agree with you whole heartedly… Diddy’s label hasnt offered us good music since Biggie Smalls & when he does IMO (i.e Danity Kane), he demolishes the acts & keeps putting out garbage. And what makes it worse is that he’s not even promoting his artist right. Whether you like their music or not a musical act can always use good promo, in which Diddy does not do & hasnt done for any of his artist. Faith Evans let that cat outta the bag when she wrote her book.

  3. iDrizz October 20, 2009

    THANK YOU! I’ve seen some of my favorite artists whither away at the hand of Diddy; Total, 112, Faith Evans, Danity Kane, MASE… The list goes on & on! He’s garbage and he deserves everything he did to them in return, sorry for the hatred but it’s true. Danity Kane was the last straw for me. Nothing/No One with Diddy’s name on it get’s anymore support from me after taking such a talented group of girls and doing what he did to them all in the name of his own fame.

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