New Song: Usher – ‘Papers’ (New Single)

Usher’s eagerly awaited new single ‘Papers’ premiered literally moments ago…literally. If you were thinking the Sean Garrett penned cut was going to detail the drama his relationship with ex Tameka Foster, then boy were you right. The piano driven track is largely engaging due to its lyrical content; with a chorus which sings ‘Damn near lost my mother, done been through so much drama, turned into the man I never thought I’d be, I’m ready to sign them papers’.

While I’m sure the song, which is pretty decent, will get tongues wagging because of its lyrical content, I’m a little on the fence as to my take on Usher airing out private life on record. On the one hand, it’s an open door into what was apparently his reality over the last year or so…a very, very vivid account. However, having gone the same route and pimping out his relationship with TLC’s Chilli during his ‘Confessions’ project, I’m wondering whether it’s been done in good taste. Who am I fooling, though, this really does make for an interesting listen and sure does make Usher that much more noteworthy this go round!

‘Papers’ is lifted from Usher’s forthcoming LP ‘Raymond vs Raymond’ (formerly ‘Monster’), which hits stores in December.

Hit or Miss?

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  1. GeeMan October 5, 2009

    Good song but personally for me Usher is becoming corny using these wack ass gimmicks to sale an album. Just a year ago he was beefing with his mom and the media in defense of Tameka. Now he claimshe almost lost his mom and other things because of Tameka give me a break he wants the public support and will do anything to get it. Sad when you tuck your tale between your legs and in the process blame everyone else for your mistakes.

  2. so October 5, 2009

    this song is really good! Usher is back.
    I love it!!!!

    The best song in a while, Usher makes good music, real rnb/soul.

  3. Zebady October 5, 2009


  4. Mikey October 5, 2009

    This song as a lead single is kind of a bad choice in my opinion. I mean I’m sure radio will play it, but it’s definitely not up-to-par with “Yeah” or “Love in this Club” at ALL! This would be a good album track or possibly a single later on in the life of the album, but DEFINITELY not the lead single.

    As for the song, I feel like it’s decent. I like the lyrics and it’s definitely a personal track for him obviously, but it’s kinda blahhhh to me I guess.

  5. csc October 5, 2009

    usher is wack for pimping out his failed relationships to sell records.

  6. MG October 5, 2009

    not sure about this one…

  7. coldhearted October 5, 2009

    I like it…even though yeah he’s going for the cheap drama-sales but it’s still a good listen. Better than most of Here I Stand IMO.

  8. nate October 5, 2009

    I agree with Geeman 100%.. just a year ago, he was acting up on shows defending his love for her, and now he’s blaming her for almost losing his momma and being in drama?? REALLY?? I mean Confessions was like lightening in a bottle, and he’ll soon find that lightening is long gone. It probably would have been more intresting had it just been an album track, but Lead single?? he trying hard to get publicity..

  9. amar October 5, 2009

    usher had another single out recently

    Usher Ft. Pharell-Wifey

    is that part of the album/not first single?

  10. coldhearted October 5, 2009

    wifey is a really old track

  11. Anonymous October 5, 2009

    I firmly believe this is not the first single. Naw… I’m going with my instincts by saying this single is only a leak. Usher gotta come harder than this. I really don’t care for Usher’s marriage to Tameka all that much. So I hope and pray this is not the first single. Not feeling it.

  12. del October 6, 2009

    usher has madddddd issues he should kept his a** with chilli stead of hooking up with that dragon tamakika that lady was dammmm ugly!!!!!

  13. mississippi girl October 6, 2009

    Love the song. He do need other single better then this one. I will buy the cd. Usher is back!!!!!!!

  14. timothy October 6, 2009

    i think this single is to create a buzz around the new album, it will get people talking then BAMM!! Usher drops the ‘Yeah!’ single!

    well i hope so

  15. Anonymous October 7, 2009

    I love this song

  16. Anonymous October 7, 2009

    This is a nice song and if he had of listen to mama, he would not be making this kind of song. the only thing is, he has not signed those papersssss.

  17. Me October 7, 2009

    You go Usher. Sign it.

  18. k-boogie October 7, 2009

    Hot S*** Usher. We all learn til we die, thanx for sharing your learning experiences with us. Now get back with Chili and leave the cougars alone. See u a the studio.

  19. celeste greene October 7, 2009

    i love this song i dont care what everyone else thinks, life happens and it doesnt matter what he did befofore people have, change of hearts sometime, also love can make you do crazy s*** i lve this song and usher always had good music

  20. Turn October 8, 2009

    It does sound like he’s personally blaming Tameka for their failed relationship. Funny how the woman that HE(grown man capable of making his own decisions) thought Tameka was worth not only marrying, but bearing TWO of his children is now the bad guy. Anyway, the song is not bad and life does happen. Hope his next single is more exciting.

  21. esh October 8, 2009

    i like the song nd so what his talking about his experience with his marriage….he’s an artist nd thats wut artists do express themselves threw music im sure their will be alot of ppl relating to this song…good job usher i loveeeee it

  22. Anonymous October 8, 2009

    The truth is that the song is on point.

  23. beautiful88 October 11, 2009

    i disagree with geeman sometimes a male/female can have you so blind by them and it will cost you to loose everything until you realize or find out who the real them are…you dont know what the situation was only thing we can go by is what the media tell us but behind close doors we will never know…so you cant judge him thats not your place you dnt know just like i dont know…but anyway this is a nice song and i am pretty sure everybody everywhere can relate to this song…usher you did your thing on this one

  24. crystal October 15, 2009

    tell her to kick rocks she should have been everything u neeeedeed

  25. crystal October 15, 2009

    yeah what happen to u and the tlc girl she was hooot

  26. chelle October 17, 2009

    I love this song cause usher is not the only one that going through problem like this. hell a lot of man and females should play this song for their mates that having the same problems with.

  27. ashley miller November 5, 2009

    I like the song. if he wants to sing about his personal life thats up to him. I personally wouldnt out of respect for his ex, but i like the song. but i agree his hit single shouldnt be something so whinny, but fast and up beat! 🙂

  28. LADAISHA November 24, 2009


  29. patricia January 16, 2010

    papers is my song and u r my man usher, wat is ur last name so i can see if it sounds right wit mi name amy way llke i wuz sayin papers is tha song i needed i jus broke up wit mi boy friend and i have been through soooooooooo much drama u jus dnt kno thanks 4 writin dis song 4 me dis is jus wat i needed. urs truly, patricia

  30. Charlene February 3, 2010

    This is my favorite song and i love it this song describes everything a divorce means to me usher is my favorite male artist and i love all of his songs . usher is my favorite person n al lhis songs have a wonderful meaning

  31. 0neruru February 18, 2010

    one of usher best!

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