Video: Beyonce Awarded Billboard Woman Of The Year

Billboard named Beyonce its Woman of the Year at a lavish luncheon this past Friday (October 2nd) at New York’s Pierre Hotel. The baddest chick in the game sat down with Oprah’s pal Gayle King for an interview, in which she discussed her career, her unconditional love for her family, and the run-away success of ‘Single Ladies’. Ms. Knowles-Carter also addressed the now-infamous Kanye West outburst during the MTV Video Music Awards last month.

Perhaps, focussing on the least important part of whole clip, I do find it genuinely quite hilarious how Beyonce can come across so wholesome and sweet and then turn on ‘Sasha’ at the drop of a coin! As much as it pains some to swallow, Bouncy really is the business; an artist whose talent justifies the hype.

Your thoughts?

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  1. BeyonceLover October 5, 2009

    “No No No No No”

    ‘yo better get my earrings”

    Girl Bey, i love u but u can be a Hot ass Mess sometimes, Great interview

  2. Anonymous October 5, 2009

    I LOVE Beyonce but I find it very funny just how biased you are Sam lol. But hey it is your site so what can we do. Had this been another female you would have been like her talent doesn’t justify her winning. O each his own I guess (can’t wait for Rihanna to win this one next year 🙂 lol…..then what will you say Sam?)

  3. Travis October 5, 2009

    Beyonce is awesome. I love love love her.

    And to the person above. I doubt that Rihanna will have a year better than she did with the GGGB album.

  4. anonymouss October 5, 2009

    bee really needa take some public speaking classes, cuz she kinda sux :/

  5. dont take shyt October 5, 2009

    damn she sounded a mess
    I cant for her to put out some quality music

    guess she feels like quanity is better than quality

  6. dont take shyt October 5, 2009


  7. Anonymous October 5, 2009

    so happy for her

  8. fransleeca October 5, 2009


  9. Sam October 5, 2009

    dude i jus wanted to say like why do you keep saying things like “As much as it pains some to swallow,” i mean as far i know everyone has nothing but pleasant thoughts of beyonce so lyk whos these people who are hatin on her…..

  10. G.LaSalle October 6, 2009

    This is by far my favorite blog. Sam knows how to keep it real. If its something he doesn’t like about Beyonce then he’ll say it, but he’s actually speaking the truth.

    Anyways, I really enjoyed the Q&A. It was really funny.

  11. antertain October 6, 2009

    Not being funny but Rihanna won’t win this kind of Award because the vocals just don’t quite make it and she dont write her stuff..

    Maybe someone like Lady Gaga be next or Leona maybe.

    Bey is the ultimate entertainer out there year in year out.

    Worldwide Woman http://WWW..

  12. Oh Please October 6, 2009

    Wether or not Beyonce’s talent justifies her hype is a matter of opinion. Just because you say it Sam doesn’t make it gospel. There are always going to be people who like Beyonce and think she is a class act(that is their preferance ). There are always going to be people who think that she is an over-exposed,over rated gimmick(that is their perogative). Their are plenty of ARTISTS in this industry who put Beyonce to shame but they don’t get half the publicity,media attention or preferential treatment;partly because they make REAL music with a REAL message or they have authentic talent or they lack what some would call “marketability” because they sell their art instead of their image or sexuality;but they are original,innovative and they don’t have to force or fake an artistic evolution.In my opinion,Beyonce is not an artist,she is a pop star. She may have talent but it’s manufactured talent. She’s a trend. She may be the hottest trend in the game but she’s a trend none the less. Compared to Rihanna,Ciarra,Christina Millian,Keri Hilson and a few others that fall into the urban pop category,Beyonce is the hottest chick in the game. Compared to her peers who have pipes:Kelly Rowland,Alicia Keys,Christina Aguillera,Jennifer Hudson,Chrisette Michelle etc. she’s middle of the road. Compared to REAL singer/songwriters: Angie Stone,Jill Scott,India Arie,Pink,Christina Aguilera,Alicia Keys,Chrisette Michelle,Adelle,Me and countless others Beyonce is an absolute disgrace. She’s not a pioneer by any means so in my opinion her talent does not justify her hype.

  13. lyric lee October 6, 2009

    thanks for showing love for ms kelly who is criminally underated but its cool (“oh please”) she will def get her shing – with over 6 millions album and singles combined and only 2 albums ms kelly will be ok.

  14. Marquis October 6, 2009

    GOOD JOB BEYONCE…..BUT…….. CIARA WAS THE WOMAN OF THE YEAR LAST YEAR ALREADY WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Me October 6, 2009

    I’m not inspired or “empowered” by any of Beyonce’s songs or her image. I find her to be full of contradiction and compromise. I really want her to stop claiming to be shy and timid.She’s asserted herself in more ways than one so the “shy” act is getting old. She claims she created Sasha to “protect Beyonce”. Protect Beyonce from what? Accountability,responsibility,criticism,what? That is something you would expect to hear from someone with a personality disorder. Sasha Fierce was created to take the heat for any unGodly behavior that the wholesome,well raised,christian that is Beyonce(insert GAG here) may exhibit in a video or on stage. I’m baffled by the people who buy into this womans crap. I believe she buys into her own crap. She really wants us to believe that Sasha Fierce does things that “Beyonce would never do”…BUT BEYONCE IS DOING IT! There is no Sasha Fierce it is Beyonce choosing to flaunt,brag,boast and sexually exploit herself. However,Beyonce also wants us to believe that she is indeed humble,wholesome and unassuming. Not all of us are that gullible. Beyonce seems to be the epitome of a double-minded person. God’s word tells us what He thinks of such(Matthew 6:24,Matthew 23:28,Revelation 3:14-20 just to name a few). We as an audience put way too much stock into entertainers. They are human beings and not to be idolized. Beyonce’s music is not empowering. It’s self indulgent.

    To those of you who I know will disagree with me. I’m not mad at you in the least bit. You can’t exactly stand for what you don’t know,but you don’t have to take my word for it. If you have a relationship with the one true God you pray and ask God to reveal His truth to you about His expectations for your life and the lives of those who call themselves His children. Pray about the music you listen to. Pray about the artists you are partial to. Pray about/for Beyonce. She is just as decieved and dillusional as some of her fans/stans are. It’s not a good look. And,if you don’t have a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ I’ll be praying for you.

  16. Jay2009 October 6, 2009

    Don’t deny it, Beyonce has Talent, she has a great voice and perfect moves, but I give it to U the fact that her music is not THAT creative, I think that her management, label and maybe herself are afraid to step up and be original, they don’t wanna flop so they release “manufactured” sound. But I really hope that for the next album she comes out with something really different than Sasha Fierce, maybe electro, dance music, something out there that she hasn’t done yet. So let’s be real, Beyonce today is the Queen, but she better get back in 1/2 years with some creative and amazing stuff

    Still love her, anyway and she seems really really shy, U can feel it in her voice during the acceptance speech, cute though

  17. diva October 6, 2009

    Beyonce congrats on your award and I hope that you take some time off as you stated maybe 2to3 years and have some kids so your next album will be of great and emotions like your first album dangerously in love. You are a great entertainer and i know your creativity is awesome but it wouldn’t hurt if you take some time off now and do the family thing you and your husband so deserves and create some powerful music that could be put out. You have songs right now like poison, slow love, if,kick him out,creole and so many good ones. You are the best and can’t no one take that from you it’s god’s gift

  18. Dawon October 6, 2009

    It’s funny how you people are saying how Beyonce’s music is not creative. Let me see if you can do what she does on a daily basis and still be the person that she is. Just because you don’t think that her music isn’t creative doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a message to it and doesn’t inspire or touch other people.

    Beyonce definitely deserved this award, she is the TOP lady at the moment and everyone looks up to her. Obviously she’s doing something right to continue to sell records and break them as well. CONGRATS BEYONCE!

  19. Anonymous October 6, 2009

    For the peson that wrote the second comment…It’s not that Sam’s bias…Its just that beyonce’s amazing and truly talented..if Rihanna was as talented then he would give her props too. It’s not as if Sam is saying that someone rubbish is amazing (riri)..then it would be biased.

  20. PLUG October 6, 2009

    Talented. Yes. Amazing? Hell to the no. There are certain words that people just aren’t worthy of;amazing is one of them.

  21. PLUG October 6, 2009

    Diva,It’s no coincidence that when you typed “it’s god’s gift.” you used a lowercase “g”. That is correct,because Beyonce’s career in no way,shape or form honors God the Father.

  22. Joan October 6, 2009

    Good Evening:
    tell me why do you put that beyonce on a peticle the reason that she is number one right now is because there is no one out there right now with her. so until someone come out there and do there thing like they need too.
    but do not put beyonce in the same sentence with God. no matter what you say or do.
    she is not perfect. she is human like anyone else.
    now she say she knew that Kanja was going to do that and she let him do that. now what does that tell you about beyonce. it time for her to just rest and be a wife to her husband. what was the purpose in her getting marry if she not being a wife.
    well everyone have a great evening and nite.

  23. Joan October 6, 2009

    oh one more thing Kelly in my book is number one. can beyonce do what kelly is doing and someone tell me why doesn’t beyonce like Kelly. that is not Godly like any shape or form.

  24. Tea Leaf October 6, 2009

    What the hell does she mean Kanye was defending art? Does she really think that stealing songs,jacking stage concepts and ripping off choreography via youtube is art. Since when does shaking your booty in blinged out leotards translate to art? Was she implying that what she does is art and what Taylor Swift does is not? Beyonce is the opposite of humble. She’s so full of herself it’s sickening. But the fact that she tries to pass herself off as humble and innocent is what really upsets me. The only thing Beyonce is queen of is sticking her foot in her mouth. From the way she called Letoya tone deaf after she was dismissed from DC to what she said about Jennifer Hudson when it came out that she was sour about Jen’s oscar nod to this slick way that she just big-up’d her self and insulted Taylor Swift. Kanye is a Moron but at least he says what he feels and does not hide behind some fake facade. I can’t say that for Beyonce. When she pulled Taylor Swift on stage at the VMA’s to finish her acceptance speech I think she did that more for herself than for Taylor. I’m sorry but I don’t think she’s a genuine person at all. That is how I feel.

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  26. Anon October 6, 2009

    Beyonce doesn’t like giving accetance speeches because she knows that she is a bad public speaker. It has nothing to do with her being shy,it has to do with her being illiterate.

  27. =( October 6, 2009

    People say what they think as a fact, that’s what i call a huge ego. They prefer hate a person that sucessuful, than correct their own mistakes. Sad, just sad.

  28. HJNJ October 6, 2009

    Congrats to the Queen!! She is beautiful, talented, and she can back it up just like she said!! Sam, Love the site and keep doing what you are doing! beyonce is the s.hit so haters get over it. People could only dream of a career like the year Beyonce just had.

  29. Illilsfah October 6, 2009

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  30. Mr.Starr October 6, 2009

    Beyonce is s***


  31. Erornereams October 6, 2009


  32. DOLL October 6, 2009


  33. haila October 7, 2009

    Thank you 4:55!!!! Co sign 100%.

  34. pdill October 7, 2009

    Agree with tealeaf….didn’t think that popping your c****** is ART. This girl is delusional.

  35. Nikki Thomas October 7, 2009

    Since nobody making comments on this page really knows Beyonce, I don’t think anybody should be making judgements about whether or not she’s humble.

  36. haila October 7, 2009

    No one knows any of these celebrites posted on blogs. They just give opinions. Some say she is evil full of herself and some think she is sweet and humble. Whatever. No one should take comments to hearts. They are not about you.

  37. PLUG October 7, 2009

    You people obviously don’t know what it means to judge someone. Calling a spade a spade(for those of you who aren’t to bright,identifying something as you see it or by the characteristics it exhibits) and expressing your honest opinion(even better,an educated opinion)is not judgement. No one is sentencing Beyonce or condemning her to hell. People are simply expressing less than worshipful opinions about what she does and/or how she presents herself. If someone doesn’t think she’s humble or if they think she’s overrated and they are able to give LEGITIMATE reasons for why they think what they think,her Stans should not have a problem with it. I find it funny how the posters who Stan for Beyonce are not able to give any SUBSTANTIAL reasons for why they think she can do no wrong. They just type in all caps that SHE DA QUEEN,BEYONCE DA QUEEN CAN’T NOBODY TOUCH HER!! Illiterate as they wanna be. I find it rather amusing.

  38. Kelly4eva October 7, 2009

    To Doll,

    It’s funny to me that you are accusing people who think Beyonce is WACK of hating on her when you are hating on Kelly. Why can’t you just admit that Kelly has an amazing voice and although she may not gyrate,pulsate,and c****** pop all over the stage her stage presence is just as fierce as Beyonce’s ,just in a different way. Beyonce prefers choreographed routines while Kelly loves spontanaity and simply enjoys herself on stage as opposed to going into some trance like state and turning into a different person. Kelly doesn’t need an alter ego,she’s already fierce. Her vocals are ridiculous.Anyone who thinks this girl can’t sing is retarded. You may prefer Beyonce’s voice over hers just like I prefer Kelly’s voice over Beyonce’s but I would never say that Beyonce can’t sing or that she’s wack;that would be ludicrous. So Doll,choose your words a little more wisely next time because calling Kelly wack is so juvenile. Even Beyonce praises Kelly’s voice and if she were to read your comment she would heartily DISAGREE with you. You may call yourself a Beyonce fan but you are not doing her any favors by insulting someone she respects and loves as both an artist and a woman.

  39. AATrowlistSlirl October 8, 2009

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  40. lyric lee October 8, 2009

    kelly4eva i knew it was nobody but u – i coudlnt have said it better myself!!! ms kelly is so fierce in her own light and doesnt need to transform into another person to kill it – i love ms some kelly lol and i like beyonce as well – ive just seen enough of her already and her public speaking hasnt gotten any better lol she still my gurl but kelly is wheremy heart is – with over 6 million in album and single sales with only 2 albums and some collabs ms kelly is on her way and i know this third album will cement her as a viable solo artist of her own right who doesnt need the backing of dc3 to stand alone

  41. spestoksSom January 2, 2010

    Keeley is probably the ultimate fantasy babe. What would be your favourite fantasy about her? I think running into her unexpectedly, or romancing her off her feet. I guess most guys (and I am sure some gals) will have a fav fantasy about her. What’s yours …!Hi everyone,
    keeley is sooo beautiful I mean not only her body, look at her perfect angel-face!!
    Is her descent english or irish or…..

  42. QueenB January 4, 2010

    BEYONCE! , BEYONCE!, BEYONCE! I’m sick and tired of hearing about this overrated , nonarticulate, wanna-be Tina Turner singer! I would admire her more if she were original, intellegent, gracious, and genuine. Beyonce trys to come across as sweet, humble, and down to earth; however, there have been many incidents where I’ve heard and seen how she acted differently. Personally, I don’t believe that she is humble at all, for her to feel the need to create an alter-ego named “Sasha Fierce” ; just to sell records I believe it ‘s stupidpity, I mean really why can’t you just be who God created you to be? For an example, Jasmine Sullivan is “Jasmin Sullivan”, Chrisette Michele is who she is “Chrisette Michele”, etc. You don’t see these real ladies talking about they have an alter ego!!!! THEY ARE THEMSELVES, THEY ARE TRULY AUTHENTIC AND BETTER SINGERS ANYWAY!!!!!! LOL 🙂

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