Hot Shots: Mariah Carey On Set Of ‘H.A.T.E U’ Video

Published: Thursday 5th Nov 2009 by Sam
mariah b

Peep Mariah Carey on the set of her new video, the Brett Ratner directed ‘H.A.T.E U’, which was shot and wrapped yesterday in Malibu. In staying true to our stance of not downing celebs on how they look, I’ll just say ol’ Mimi has had better days. Much better days….

mariah a
mariah brett

What do you think of the pics?

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  1. HealthyBoy November 5, 2009

    omg…she look much more chubby flabby…
    she need to do more workout. but, beside that…she looks pretty…

    i hope its gonna be a great video like we belong together…its a very nice song anyway. i love memoirs’ album so much…

  2. B November 5, 2009

    OMG…why is she always frolicking around on a beach with no clothes on….JESUS! Can we get a new idea????? Mariah, put the food down or cover up!!!!

  3. Darrell H-Town November 5, 2009

    Mariah i love u but u r not cutting it s** sells but not yours…………………….u tooooooooo old for that………………………….

  4. lool November 5, 2009

    I’m a die hard fan and I love the Memoirs album but this isnt the way to go Mariah, if the video will be another slutty video, it doesnt fit neither the song, neither the album, you dont have the body to do that in the videos and even if you had, it just doesnt fit and you dont need that because everyone knows your talented. I’m in shock with these photos, not because of the body, but I thought she dropped this image, I wanted her to look more mature..
    Well, still cant wait to see it

  5. wanda November 5, 2009

    Sam, u were nice to try to be diplomatic for the Lambs sake but someone on the net will soon go in on her. Mariah, what were you thinking? No, just no mam! Sit yo tired a** down and cover up.

    You so do not need to do this. I swear she has some mental or esteem issues about her body. People willnot love you or this song more for you exposing your body!

    First of all, you are not tuned, you look flabby and chubby to be it nicely. Why, just why!

    p.s poor Nick!!!

  6. 207shawdy November 5, 2009

    Clowning lambs with hater complexes will disagree, but her body isn’t flattering or accentuating these outfits anymore. She looks like one of those soccer moms trying to spice up their dull s** life here.

  7. Wassup? November 5, 2009

    Mariah I love u and I love HATEU but please stop dressing like a s***! dress your age!

  8. Thatmangojuice November 5, 2009

    Sigh im a big fan and love the album, but she doesn’t have to lower herself to this come on now.. jezus christ

  9. lucky November 5, 2009


  10. Lovinman November 5, 2009

    I guess the pregnancy is starting to show. She should make wisher choices when it comes to her attire, being that she’s pregnant and all. Nontheless, she looks pretty.

    Go Mariah, and great single choice.

  11. fiercerMC November 5, 2009

    i don’t really know how to tell if a woman is pregnant but with Mariah i can bet my life that she’s preggers!!!
    There is an obvious roundness on her stomach area…

  12. D.F. November 5, 2009

    I dont mind that she is fat, but its really not nice to wear that shorts with sucha fat legs I mean… come on, she should dress up nicer and less sluty , because she is overweight…

  13. cutie November 5, 2009

    Mariah is not pregnant not with all that wine or champagne she has been seen drinking lately, she is just getting fat, which is fine for her age.

    But for heaven sakes cover up and stop looking like a dissy stripper in your videos, it hasn’t been cute since “Heartbreaker”, try something new like a storyline.

    Mariah please do not reuin HATEU for me with a stupid video.

  14. Craver November 5, 2009

    -THIS- is one of the main reasons her material isn’t selling like it could. She’s considered an innovator and a living legend yet she makes videos and releases songs you’d expect from kids half her age with a fraction of the experience. SMFH. It’s not cute.

  15. BC November 5, 2009

    Did the video people even listen to the song before they planned out the concept? Really? Cause it doesn’t look that way. Sorry but who is all running around on the beach half-naked when they are going through what the song is about?

    Dear Mariah:
    Please ask Janet how trying to be a 40 year old s** symbol worked for her past 2 albums.



  16. parisian girl November 5, 2009

    ooohhhh mariah!!why?
    this song is my favorite with “betcha gon know”,you can’t destroy this masterpiece with another cheap ass video!!
    no mariah please!!!i don’t wanna be mean but she needs to hit the gym asap because some people are already making fun of her with them pictures…
    oh mariah,you’re just tew much…

  17. JACOB FLORES November 5, 2009

    I disagree. Those first two look smoking. I LOVE her curves! Show em off girl! She is so fine, no matter what age (12). Love the song, and it wouldn’t be Mimi without minimal clothes.

    Work it, gorgeous!

  18. csc November 5, 2009

    she doesn’t look THAT bad, imo. but she needs to come up with better videos; the whole “frolicking around at the beach” concept is tired as hell.

  19. AWOLLUVA November 5, 2009

    @ Jacob Flores, who’s 12?? Mimi or you? Either way, those are not curves dear, those are pudding pouches. Know the difference.

    I just honest to god don’t know what she was thinking here. I mean, is she not seeing what we’re seeing??? Even her biggest lambs can’t deny this hot ass mess of a situation. I don’t care who you are, if you’re clearly out of shape, you should not be flaunting yourself like this.

  20. joe November 5, 2009

    where are the mimi video pics? all i saw was brett ratner shooting a vid for the world wildlife fund on beached whales…

    is mariah really serious? can this woman not do something more exciting with her videos? does every ballad have to follow the my all video… water… long hair…nakedness… sand… boobs… its BORING NOW… shes done this for the last 60 years of her “getting stale now” career..

    why cant she do something slightly artistic? and her recent collabs with bret ratner are utter s***…. touch my bod… obsessed..

    shake things up woman! maybe the reason why they werent happy with the hype williams vid for i wanna knw wat love is was becuz there was not titty, ass and leg shots…

    did anyone see what this w**** wore on ellen????

    btw.. im embarrassed to say that i am a lamb… but come on… this is getting old fast..

  21. trucie November 5, 2009


  22. MiMi November 5, 2009

    OMG Mariah, you look progo
    if you ask me boo.
    I hope you ant progo..
    but if you are, much luv to ya.
    i know you would make a great mother..
    Oh and i would like to say dat i know u didnt get MC
    tatoo as a tranp stamp on your back! it stands for
    MARIAH CAREY, nick if ur readin dis, dats wat it stands for!! and your dumb
    if you don’t believe it! HA i love you mariah

  23. MiMi November 5, 2009

    oh and another thing gurl,
    these haters are right, your to old to be puttin yourself
    out like dat! for real, you have fan as little kids and your dressin like
    dat. IDK im still a fan always will be but thier just comin a point in your life where you gotta grow up and instead of act your age, dress your age ma. No judge meant but
    i jus wana see you happy. Not ne1 makin fun of my gurl, all i wana c is nothing but good pic and videos and dat gurl is right, if your dressin like dat in the pic it doesnt go with you or your videos ma. bye

  24. Anna November 5, 2009

    she look pregnant!if she is,I am happy for her&Nick

  25. P*** Star Mariah Carey November 6, 2009

    She looks like a S***!

    OMG, did you guys see the other pics (not shown on Thatgeapejuice)?

    I kinda pity her production team because they probably have to work overtime to photoshop those PORK from her body.

    Mariah looks cheap and slutty. Maybe she thinks that makes her fans like her more? No. It actually alienates her older fans – that was exactly why the album is flopping. She pandered to the younger generation who won’t buy albums no matter how great the songs are (even though frankly Memoirs was TRASH). But her older fans hate those songs – because they just suck

    And now she;s coming back as a stripper on another music video? WTF. Wikipedia should have just listed her occupation as “singer-songwriter, actress and p*** star”

    Show some self respect, Mariah!!!!

  26. daznielle November 6, 2009


  27. bobs November 6, 2009

    I love Mariah and defend her often here. Age is not the issue at all (see Demi Moore!) but I will say if she’s gonna work those extra pounds, she might consider not doing a beach video. I think she’s depressed because album sales were so low. She’s been eating away the pain and praying for an Oscar.

  28. royal sugar November 6, 2009


  29. Prince November 6, 2009

    Looooooooooool haha ehh wooow she soo fat jhhhhez com eon IF YOU A FAT ONE PUT YOUR CLOSE BACK ON when is she ever gonna dont always need s** to sell eis the voice not the image let rihanna and beyonce do all that lool she is a icon she dont need to be doing all this

  30. Michael Chapman-Johns November 23, 2009

    If she is smiling and likes the video thats all that matters, honey and heartbreak remix are my fave videos… guess I like the raunchy look… get a life… stop hating, and least she doesnt try to be stick thin and un-natural

  31. Josh November 25, 2009

    Nothing but H.A.T.E.R.S!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet she still looks way better then ANY of you sitting on your asses in front of the computer talkin smack eating dorito’s drinkin a coke…….Bottom line, she’s married, and has TONS of money so do you think calling her fat will make you any thinner? Get lives….everybody!

    OH P.S……Before you post a comment talking junk, re-read what you wrote! Non educated Non spelling Lame Ignorant People!

  32. Fat Cow February 19, 2010

    Water Retention much. 🙁

  33. kyle May 19, 2010

    this is very sad…but yet very hot her boobs r growing so keep getting fatter!!! and its funny cuz she needs help to get up

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