Janet: “I Am Single” / Confirms Jermaine Dupri Split

Published: Tuesday 17th Nov 2009 by Sam
Singer Janet Jackson (L) and music mogul Jermaine Dupri attend J

Pop icon Janet Jackson is currently doing the promotional rounds for her greatest hits compilation ‘Number Ones’.

Today she phoned in to Charlotte’s Power 98 to talk about a number of things, the most interesting of which was her confirmation that she is indeed single and that she and producer Jermaine Dupri are no longer an item, yet best friends – this after a 7 year  relationship. Jackson, 43, asserted that she ‘adores’ him.

Other highlights from the interview, which you can listen to in its entirety below, include her liking Rihanna’s music (eye-roll) and loving Alicia Keys’, praying for the latter to be successful when she broke into the industry. She also talked spoke on being a vegan, her career and much more. A great listen.

No matter what spin Ms. Jackson (if you’re nasty) puts on it, it’s really unfortunate they called it quits after so long 🙁

Your thoughts?

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  1. wtf November 17, 2009

    well wont listen to the interview but i liked them together kinda…anyways on the artists she mentioned, “like” and “love” are the key words for me….yep, roll eyes for sure!!!

  2. Jmoore November 17, 2009

    Yeah, I agree…iam a Janet and JD fan…i loved them together. Yall get that new janet CD today…the pics inside are classic!

  3. wanda November 17, 2009

    Sam, Toni Braxton gave an interview today in which she confirmed the spitl from her husband of 8 yrs, Keri Lewis. She also talk about having somebody pay her some money.

    I feel bad for her because she’s been working so long and have financial and marriage p;roblems. She needs to get her career on track so she can do some shows and get paid because a cd won’t make her any money and she has 2 kids.

    WTH does her husband do anyway!

  4. d November 17, 2009

    if he liked it then he shoulda put a ring on it! Janet is better without JD, there better friends JD don’t want to grow up. He got a tatto of her face on his stomach, that seemed a bit desperate of him after 7 years. where is the ring? Dummy

  5. mary November 17, 2009

    I love Rihanna’s new Cd as well.

  6. Michelle November 17, 2009

    Janet has good taste–I love me some new RIRI as well. And you can roll your eyes all ya want but the girl is going her own thing!!!

  7. Michelle November 17, 2009

    I listened and um, no that interview doesn’t mention anything about Alicia or Rihanna. It must be a different part of the interview.

  8. koko November 18, 2009

    Yeah I was waiting for the Alicia/Rihananna part also didn’t hear it.

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