Hot Shots: Lady GaGa’s ‘Monster’ Set Loose At ‘Best Buy’

Published: Tuesday 24th Nov 2009 by Trent

Lady GaGa appeared at a ‘Best Buy’ retail outlet in Los Angeles yesterday to celebrate the release of her new album, ‘The Fame Monster‘. Now THOSE are what I call shoulder pads!


Hip-Hop Icon Dr. Dre also stopped by to show support.


Ever saw that movie ‘Single White Female’…?


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  1. Shiek Zaraphiek November 24, 2009

    She’s not well

  2. MikeNMiami November 24, 2009

    Lol she is soo strange!!! That looks like a pillow” lol 

  3. lakvir November 24, 2009

    Dr Dre looks old!

  4. wtf November 24, 2009

    ha ha love gaga…she never fails to bring it…she is so sweet though..she bought pizza’s for all those waiting for her at best buy unlike some talentless diva who arrived 3 hours late for her signing and stayed for 30 mins..she even brought a sick child out for the cameras..smh..lmaoooo at these 3 little monsters..cute….

  5. MikeNMiami November 24, 2009

    HitsDailyDouble says Rihanna is projected to sale 1 million in her first week!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!

  6. Me.Me. November 24, 2009

    I love this b****!

  7. stacey November 25, 2009

    dude she is the coolest! it was so worth the 40 bucks i spent on that costume..she told security if we get kicked out shes going to stop signing and leave so security chased us down and we got a pic and a signature she is definately the coolest kid on the block!

  8. Tawny November 25, 2009

    This Tanwy T1Yodervillan from Twitter. HAHA. She was so cool!!! And really loves her fans! She made security keep us or she would leave. We are the girls on the bottom picture and we love that she is all about the fans. WWOOOOPPP WOOP

  9. celebrity fashion June 18, 2010

    Those headphones are bad-ass. Not cheap. Who would have ever come out with headphones and have them named after an artist. Dr. Dre is a genius. Im going to get a pair but it will be dre’s. no offense i dont think gaga’s are for men

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