New Video: Toni Braxton Ft. Trey Songz – ‘Yesterday (Remix)’

Published: Friday 20th Nov 2009 by Trent

Chocolate contralto Toni Braxton released the music video for the remix of the first single off her upcoming album, ‘Yesterday‘. The clip was directed by Billie Woodruff and features Braxton’s collaborator on the track, Trey Songz. To date, ‘Yesterday’ has climbed to #49 on the Hip-Hop/R&B charts. Braxton’s new album, ‘Pulse’, hits stores in February 2010.

This video is the typical ‘recession special’ that has come to define the caliber of music videos given the current economy. Either way, there is no denying that Toni is possibly the beautiful woman in the music industry today – beautiful face, body, skin and voice. I am surprised that there wasn’t any more chemistry between her and Trey in the video though, especially given their recent passionate performance at the Soul Train Music Awards. I was really hoping to see more intimacy between the two, rather than having them in completely different shots without any interaction what so ever.

Sidebar: Toni’s wig collection sure got some air time in this video huh?


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  1. Yo November 20, 2009

    Why do you always think a simple video has to be “recession special”? Maybe they wanted to keep it simple. A song like this doesn’t need anything too flashy to show how expensive it is.

  2. nate November 20, 2009

    I actually don’t think this was a recession video.. i think it was really well executed.. made me like the song a lot more.. Some of Toni’s wigs though could have stayed at Sallys tho..

  3. leah November 20, 2009

    nice video but why is she trying to go the s** sells route- comeon toni, u’re 43—less is more , we get that u’re s***- nice song. I hate that short black wig- screams obvious

  4. BiiNkDADoll November 20, 2009

    i thought it was cute!! she just got outta a marraige and letting it be known she still hot and is a fish in the sea….lol.

  5. KNUCK November 20, 2009

    the video looked like it had a nice budget… it served it’s purpose..

    now the recession WIGS are the kii

  6. pol November 20, 2009

    The video was nice. It wasn’t I Can Transform Ya amazing, but it was nice. The fact that Toni used Ron Artest and Shannon Brown as her love interests from the LA Lakers made me laugh though

  7. nerd November 20, 2009

    i agree, this doesn’t not look like a recession video. I thought it was great, very nice and simple.

  8. SOOS November 21, 2009

    I don’t think that this is a recession video. Beyoncé’s Diva, Ego (OMG such a s*** cheap video), Halo, Single Ladies were all awfully cheap videos. JUst If I Were A Boy was a big budget video, and it was one of the BEST videos of the previous years.

    And this videos is far better than Bey’s recession videos!

  9. Ultra_Soniks November 21, 2009

    kool vid, trey should have come harder though!! he’s a beast with the vocals, but it is toni braxton we’re talkin about here one of the best female vocalists of the last 20 years! video didnt look cheap at all but the Ron and Shanon were pretty funny.

  10. Ronita November 21, 2009

    I love Toni Braxton she is the greatest ……………..goood job ……love this video……want to see her in Las Vegas the shows where not on U know I would have been there

  11. reena November 21, 2009

    The solo toni version was better. It did not need Trey on this.

  12. jeff November 21, 2009

    Me likely. BTW Trent, I had to look up what contralto meant… LOL. I love that description of her! But at first I was all like “is he calling her some type of candy?” LOL

  13. LABRON…. November 21, 2009


  14. Dwayne November 22, 2009

    I really love the feel of this song. It’s so 90’s but still relevant to the present….I really like it. Honestly I haven’t heard a whole lot a Trey’s work but I really liked his locals on here. Great song IMO.

  15. Kevin November 22, 2009

    That blond girl, looks like brooke hogan!!

  16. Fredrick November 24, 2009

    She looks Great in the Video, and it doesn’t look cheap at all, Toni Braxton is the business, welcome back Queen..

  17. xman January 21, 2010

    i love this song!!! it should get airplay…Toni’s back…it’s a great song!!!
    the words say it all it good good good….my girl toni looks wow in the video
    she is one hot, beautiful mami!!!

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