Cassie Joins Diddy At Interscope

Published: Saturday 12th Dec 2009 by Sam

In news that comes as little surprise, it has been confirmed that Cassie has signed with Diddy‘s label venture over at Interscope. The model is the latest high profile  act (relatively speaking) to leave the Bad Boy imprint (since Diddy’s departure), the first being Day26 who have side-stepped to Atlantic Records (who still distribute Bad Boy). {Source}

Though somewhat expected, surely this must eliminate all element of doubt regarding something bogus going on behind the scenes (take from that what you will). As at writing, Cassie stands a *very* pretty, yet totally talentless ‘artist’. Hence, how she’s managed to keep her deal – with only one hit and one (flop) album to her name – is anyone’s guess – particularly when artists with more talent in their pinky finger have been dropped long ago. I mean it’s almost 4 years since ‘Me & U’ came out, how and why is she still here (I’m not being a cow, I’m legitimately baffled). I’d imagine some folk will cite the fact she’s a stunner as to why she still has a deal; yet in this economic climate and with a much more quality-demanding consumer base, being ‘pretty’ simply isn’t enough to survive.  SMH…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Yan December 12, 2009

    She isn’t a talentless artist.

  2. Yan December 12, 2009

    She has a beautiful voice, she is absolutely gorgeous, she can dance (see Official Girl video), and she has the gift to make great and exotic tracks (She Can’t Love You, Thirsty, etc).

    Cassie isn’t a talentless artist.
    I can’t wait for “Electro love”

  3. dont take shyt December 12, 2009

    I cant think of 1 song that she has put out
    besides “official girl” which even Lil Wayne couldn’t save
    because the song was garbage

    Although that doesn’t mean that she is talentless
    just means that her music is not known to ME

  4. Carl December 12, 2009

    ^ Are u kidding me? Your joking… right…? Please laugh….

  5. Me.Me. December 12, 2009

    I love Cassie. I agree her vocal ability is limited but I still love her music and I can’t wait for Electro Love!!! GO CASSIE

  6. AWOLLUVA December 12, 2009

    Cassie is a class example of what happens when you give a ho a record deal.


  7. wtf December 12, 2009

    i actually heard some of cassies leaked stuff and its not bad..she actually can do more than other talentless singers..he music sounded bad diddy took forever to release it and it had to leak…its nice though!! i like it..

  8. 12345 December 12, 2009

    i liked her album, i like her limited vocals, she can dance, she is not an artist but neither the other girls are (the ones that are on tops right now ), so if they can, she can 2

  9. Jark December 12, 2009

    Sam is just bitter. Not everybody needs to have the same artistry as Mariah or Shakira. Sometimes people just sing pop songs.

  10. K4kenzo December 12, 2009

    the thing is with Cassie , its either you love her or you hate her . i love her .. shes obviously pretty , her voice isnt diva and out there but what i like about her is the fact that the tracks she does suit her voice . picture Rihanna singing Official Girl or Me n U / bzz , exactly . im looking forward to Electro Love especially that Sell It track

  11. December 12, 2009

    she’s gorgeous, no doubt, but everything about her bores me to tears.
    even her voice is boring as hell.

  12. Reina December 12, 2009

    ^Cassie was a fad with “me and you” in 2006.nothing more. I dont see the talent…no dancing…no artistry…

  13. Sweetie December 12, 2009

    I agree…but the only reason she has a record deal is because she is f***ing Diddy. Everyone knows they are dating. No one has even seen her perform since me & u came out. If she has so much talent why isn’t she trying to prove it or showcase it. I have nothing against her. I just would like to see more talented artists get a shot.

  14. WATEVA December 13, 2009

    Oooh…. she must give really good head or something… she’s probably really *TIGHT* you know those fellas along with DIddy like them *TIGHT and FIRM * lolz!

  15. SWAGGEDUPSTUD December 13, 2009


  16. dillpickle December 13, 2009

    Well, i’m not suprised! Of course, she’s gonna keep her record deal as long she keep screwing blowfish.

  17. Raychel December 13, 2009

    You commenters serious? Have you seen cassie live?
    She may be a pretty face but her vocals arent cutting it sorry, still listen to me an u. for once sam is right

  18. Dila December 13, 2009

    I dunno. Cassie kind of fly’s over my head as far as vocal talent, I think that she should stick to modeling, because she’s gorgeous. Singing isn’t her biggest strength though. As far as Diddy goes, if she okay with being with a man that doesn’t claim her publicly, I would never do it , but that’s her prerogative! Get yo money Cassie.

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