Rihanna Shakes Things Up For ‘Hard’ Video


Covergirl model Rihanna has decided to experiment with a new director for next music video. Just Jared reports that the clip, which will support her new single ‘Hard’, will be directed by Melina Matsoukas (Beyonce, Whitney Houston, Ciara) instead of Rihanna’s long time collaborator, Anthony Mandler. The latter has managed 12 of her  other projects, including the video for ‘Russian Roulette’ and ‘Wait Your Turn’. ‘Hard’, which features rapper Young Jeezy, has thus far peaked at #80 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #17 on the Hip-Hop/R&B charts.

I must admit that this is a respectable artistic decision. It is always a good idea for artists to experiment with an array of directors in the same format that they work with writers and producers. Yes acts form bonds with particular collaborators, especially when they have worked with them for a very long time, but there comes a time when a certain level of redundancy emerges and the productions no longer seem ‘fresh’. Furthermore, although rather I enjoyed Mandler’s work on ‘Russian Roulette’, I was completely unimpressed by his work on ‘Wait Your Turn’. I hope that Melina is able to bring out the best in Rihanna, in ways that her vocal coach clearly could not.


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  1. LOL December 1, 2009

    You had a very intelligent and unbiased post until that last line, y’all need to go back to how you made so many fans here at that grapejuice giving us intelligent info without unneeded negativity…. y’all just trying to generate comments by constantly slamming this girl be it as it may one little line, you just had to put in lol

  2. Dwaynefighter December 1, 2009

    While the last thing I expect from a blog, especially one of thatgrapejuice’s ilk, is fairness, can’t I expect a little less criticism and a little more objectivity on the subject of Rihanna? you are reporting on news of a video, and yet you manage to bash her vocals? Could you at least TRY to hide your hatred for her in future posts? Thanks

  3. Dwaynefighter December 1, 2009

    I completely agree with LOL. the person(s) who write(s) for this pitiful, cheap, biased and unfounded excuse for a “site” obviously has an agenda out for Rihanna. call me a stan if you wish, but as a pop-culture writer/freelance journalist, one has to find an unbiased way of reporting, regardless of your personal feelings on what/who you are reporting on. obviously, the creators of this site hasn’t clue that which i speak of!

  4. Nat December 1, 2009

    The guy is having fun! c’mon. I enjoy it! Please keep those remarks coming Trent and Sam. These are things that need to be said!

  5. Slim December 1, 2009

    It’s not Sam and Trent’s fault that RiRi sounds like a goat being strangled. If your tired of reading their biased posts why are you still visiting this blog?

  6. Deedee December 1, 2009

    I’ll start off by saying I’m not a fan of Rihanna and have never owned her music. However, it seems that the majority of articles about her seem to incite so much hate. Like so many say if anyone doesn’t like Sam/Trents blogs don’t come on the site. I think for once I’ll take heed and try to find a more professional site for music reviews and updates.

    A word of advice to the Rihanna fans. Don’t continue to dignify their hate with responses because all that will be left are the hateful reviews and hateful comments and people will really see what thatgrapejuice.net is all about: hate

  7. Yan December 1, 2009

    I agree that Rihanna can’t sing and deliver bad performances, but, theres too much negativity in this site.

  8. leah December 1, 2009

    Come on, Trent was just pushing you all buttons and you fell for it all the time. Melina did a good job with Whitney’s ‘Million dollar Bill’ so hopefully, she will do as good a job for Rihanna. U should be assured of multiple glamour shots/wardrobe changes etc. She likes those.

    Will be interesting to see the next few weeks album sales.

  9. AWOLLUVA December 1, 2009

    Lol @ “Covergirl model Rihanna”. I actually JUST saw one of her commercials about 5 minutes ago. I highly doubt any type of mascara or shadow can actually “brighten the look of your eyes”, as is portrayed in the commercial. Fraudulent artist advertising fraudulent s***, if you ask me.

    And that picture is not cute at all, s***.

  10. JAY DA BOSS December 1, 2009


  11. whystillinbusiness December 1, 2009

    You had me at Hello, but that good bye was funny! Mandler went in the direction Rihanna wanted him to go he could not predict the end result. HARD will be a hard one to sale also as the others before it. I guess HARD is suppose to bring her back in the good grace of her stans? The only problem with that is her already live performances of that song which was a HARD one to take live!!

    @DEEDEE it’s the same everywhere you go unless you are on her fan site. Rihanna has seem to run out of luck this go round. She got away with it on GGGB but if truth be told, vocally she is the same and has not grown it was just the songs. She just had a different look that people took to..

    @Dwaynefighter are you serious? You must agree with something that is being said cause how many times do you visit this site? It must be a lot to know they speak many truths about Rihanna, some are harsh but in reality she needs constructive insights on her lack of talent. Too many so called stans, friends, and label mates have led her astray by telling her she is all that in which she proves them wrong, yes she sold but not because of her many talents, it was the songs that reached many but now! only a few because she got the big head in went in a direction of her own and the sad part she knew she was unable to pull off such songs. You may not agree with what they are saying but you know it’s true, she SUCKS! and they are letting her know…

  12. God December 1, 2009

    Every Beyonce fan is gay, the ones that go to her concerts are f******, the ones that get so happy by her saying their name will join a travestite beauty pageant.

    Trent – Oh master, I love you so
    Sam – I love you too my slave, but I need you to do something
    Trent – What is it master?
    Sam – I’ll need you to post a thread insulting Rihanna
    Trent – But oh, master, I love her so, I just bought the high heels she wore in the party the other night!
    Sam – FANTASTIC, I’LL BORROW THEM LATER!!! Now back to the conversation, you will only keep posting in my blog if you give me a blowjob
    Trent – Oh master, it is a pleasure, you don’t even need to ask! But I will only post a negative thing about Rihanna if you c** in my mouth

  13. hihihihihi December 1, 2009

    ^^hahahahahahahhahah thats true


    “to bring out the best in Rihanna, in ways that her vocal coach clearly could not.”


  14. Travis December 1, 2009

    ^ OMG LMFAOROTF!!!!!!!

    I really dont care for Rihanna that much so it doesnt matter to me if th blog throws shade her way or whatever. It’s Sam’s blog so he can do whatever he wants with it.

    Plus, there are PLENTY of other blogs who say bad things about other artist too so Sam and Trent arent the only one

  15. Christian December 1, 2009

    I agree with the 1st poster. That “LAST LINE” had me laughing. Sam you crack me up sometimes. LMFAO!!!!

  16. Curtis December 1, 2009

    I’m glad people are starting to see how s***** this site is getting, I keep coming because I thoroughly enjoyed this place for a long while, but s*** is just getting dismally worse by day and more people are cluing in.

  17. Danibee December 1, 2009

    Yayy Melina!! ok will u guys plz visit my blog fabnfamous.wordpress.com

  18. thestar December 1, 2009

    rihanna might as well go in p*** industry judging by that pic…seriously all you rihanna b*** lickers make me laugh to even suggest she has talent NO NO NOOOO.

  19. thestar December 1, 2009

    oh and if you don’t like the comments that sam or trent make then how about some common sense….DON’T GO ON THIS SITE!!

  20. Maceo December 1, 2009

    The first post said it best…..”y’all need to go back to how you made so many fans here at that grapejuice giving us intelligent info without unneeded negativity”

    Fans of your site know how you feel about Rihanna’s vocal abilities. Therefore, it baffles the mind to comprehend why you feel it necessary to degrade her talents repeatedly/continuoulsy/relentlessly. I thoroughly enjoy her vocals on the new album. She sounds great.

    No comment on bashing her then offering free tickets to her concert when a BENEFICIAL promotional opportunity presents itself. I have no problem with anyone exprressing themselves and being honest. It’s NOT always positive…..so I get it. But this incessant need to bash Rihanna’s talent and undermine her success seems misplaced. I urge you to stay above the fray. Truly, it’s the reason many of us have taken this journey with you to begin with……..

  21. K4kenzo December 1, 2009

    this Hard post was on Rap Up earlier . but anywho , at least RiRi aint gonna be shooting any more dark / symbolic videos with that weird Anthony Mandler dude . song and album are still crap though

  22. Jweezy December 1, 2009

    I’m so tired of these RIHANNA stans complaining about Sam’s post. He may be wrong, but he’s not going to change so if you have a problem then find another site…SMH

  23. Anonymous December 1, 2009



  24. Um…who cares?! December 1, 2009

    So let me get this straight, people are mad at Sam for speaking the truth? The girl can’t singfor ish! Deal with! Why ya’ll so mad! You should honeslty be used to it by now! It obvious he takes shots at her to get ya’ll all fired up so ya’ll can argue with back and forth with each others wihich garners more hits and this site more money! Ya’ll seem to fall for it everytime!
    I listened to this album the songs aren’t bad. There are some really good ones, but her vocals haven’t improved at all! The time she spent walking the streets half naked looking like a high class hooker,she should have spent getting some vocal lessons! They would have only helped her more! Plus she really needs to step her performance game up cause she sucks live as well! If she wants to be accepted as a true artist she needs to work on her craft! Can’t rely on looks forever, cause they obviously didn’t help her sell records!

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