Are The-Dream And Jermaine Dupri Beefing?


In a rather unexpected turn of events, hit-makers The-Dream and Jermaine Dupri seem to have become involved in a public feud. Last evening, the studio titans, who are both probably best known for their work with diva Mariah Carey, took to Twitter to vent their frustrations surrounding the success (or lack their of) of Carey’s ‘Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel’ LP. Seemingly instigated by some of the songbird’s infamous ‘lambs’, the argument began on Dupri’s official Twitter page with the following post:


The-Dream, who was engaged in a heated argument with a group of Carey’s fans,  then released the following statements about the situation via his own Twitter account:


Well blow me down! This has to be one of the most random arguments of the year. Although there have been rumblings of dissent amongst the critics and Carey fans alike about her decision to let The-Dream and Tricky Stewart handle her entire project, I don’t believe anyone expected Dupri to get involved, especially in a fan-lead dispute. In fact, many may wonder if this situation is merely a glimpse into the unseen tensions that exist within the industry politics.  Is it that Dupri is upset that his material was not included on the ‘Memoirs…’? Or is this just a clash of the egos of two of music’s biggest hit-makers? Who knows.  Either way, it would be interesting to see how events unfold.

Sidebar: Is anyone else itching to hear Carey’s thoughts on the matter?


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  1. Imyourstar702 December 21, 2009

    The lambs are such trouble makers smh..

  2. Bobby from Bulgaria December 21, 2009

    No, I don’t care about this…
    I care for Mariah only… Who did what, who didn’t, I don’t care…

    The album’s still a great one, Mariah’s still the best…
    And I know her 2 remix albums are gonna be great too…
    That’s all I care about… And Mariah being happy with what she does and what she wants to do… So we’re happy too… 🙂

  3. Kenney December 21, 2009

    they’re all at fault! All their work sounds the same and about the same damn thing! Mariah needs to step outside her box and explore with different producers. it’s like she’s spending all her time on trying to recreate Emancipation. Move on from it Mariah, do something different. Your songs sound the same!

  4. Erica December 21, 2009


    AND the dream seems like a big baby!!! wahhh wahhh wahhh…all the darn time..just whining!…lol.

  5. Yours Truely December 21, 2009

    I really don’t thing JDupre is beefing w/Dream, Sam/Trent your making that retweet bigger than what it is, there must not be anything else to blog about today aye?

  6. candy bling December 21, 2009

    The beef is mostly between The-Dream and the fans.

  7. candy bling December 21, 2009

    Kenny you need to clean out your ears MOAIA isn’t remotely like TEOM.

  8. December 21, 2009

    her work with JD was getting very stale, so i’m glad she went in a different direction for Memoirs. they’ve created some studio magic, but they also created some of her worst tracks, so it was time for a break.

    however, i do think the dream is such a whiner — he seems like a miserable person, crying about how his lame solo album didn’t get grammy noms and how people don’t think he should work with mariah again…if you’re that sensitive, get out of the music industry..

    i personally LOVE Memoirs and think its one of the best records of the year, though

  9. QueenMiMiFan December 21, 2009

    Everybody knows tht the lambs love Mariah. But this time lambs took it too far. I’m a HARDCORE lamb but the way they came at Dream was wrong. When MOAIA first released alllll the lambs were blowing up Mariah’s twitter page about how good it is and how its her best album. Even when it leaked and they weren’t suppose to be tweeting her about tht they were saying how amazing it is….and then it released and didn’t sell as many copies as everyone was hyped up or expexted to sell and then suddenly according to what the lambs r saying now, the album sucked, and now everyone wants to jump on the “blame dream” bandwagon.

    Weren’t yall the same lambs who thought it was great??? Mariah WOULD NOT approve of lambs antagonizing arguments with ppl tht she works with and r friends with. I wouldn’t blame her if she never tweets again. As far as the “fake fan” comment….I think everyone knows tht it wasntttt directed towards everyone. Just the lambs who came at him. But everybody wanted to be included n put their 2cents in nd take it to mean tht it was intended 4 all lambs wen it wasn’t. Put urself in his shoes, how would u fee if u had a bunch of fans comin at u sayin ur inexperience is the reason for the “unsuccess” of Mariahs album??? How does tht make yall look wen ur the one who was on the “memoirs is amazing” bandwagon wen it released 4months ago ! Makes u look two-faced.

  10. T December 21, 2009

    I swear one of Dream’s tweets ended with “…like JD” but when I went to read it again, I couldn’t find it. Did nobody else see it? Weird. Hey Queen! It’s Tbone 😉

  11. Candy December 21, 2009

    That stuff is hilarious. Hell even the Village Voice said Dream was preoccupied and let Mimi Down and Ri Ri as well. Dream aint ready to do an entire MC project. Mariah made the most of what they came up with though. Dream and Tricky are good for two to three songs per CD, but they are not ready for substance or depth. Sit yo ass down Terius! Tryna grow your brand off Mimi. Stick to the Ri Ri’s and C Milians and just write one or two massive hits for the Mariah’s of the world.

  12. Boricua December 21, 2009

    Sorry, where’s the beef?
    JD retweeted something which painted him in a positive light. End of.
    Y’all f*** are soo messy sometimes – always trying to create drama where there is none.
    Be gone!

  13. MariahFan4eva December 21, 2009

    For the Record NOT all Lambs are Trouble Makers! SO dnt Shake Your Damn Head! Its a Select few.

    But regardless QUEENMIMIFAN I agree %100!!

  14. glittergirl2009 December 21, 2009

    this is a bad look for mariah fans. this was dead a** wrong on so many levels . if you all had a problem with how the album was handled why didn’t ya’ll take this to mariah’s page instead the dream ? he may have produced the album , but it was mariah’s choice to work with him.

  15. jeffrey December 21, 2009

    Im a lamb but damn it im ashamed
    some of these fans take things wayy to personally and really should back off and hop of mariahs d***.

  16. FiercerMC December 21, 2009

    I would say this over & over again… Memoirs is MC 2nd best album after TEOM!!!
    The Dream gave MC a full forced urban flavored album which was kinda great IMO
    I’m not giving away my hopes for this album!!!
    I’m sure it will redeem itself on the release of the Memoirs Rmx!!!

  17. 207Shawdy December 22, 2009

    This era has been such a mess. Anyone who thinks the “remix” (Read: The version that should have come out in the first place) album is going to do anything outside of mixtapes are just reaching. I’m hoping with the next album Mariah goes back to giving her full potential like she did with TEOM and stops trying to get away with silly popcorn gimmicks.

  18. insidelookingout December 22, 2009

    This may also have alot to do with Dream being a new Executive at island Def Jam and J.D being asked to resign from the same position.

    Fact DREAM is extremely talented, supernova talent! I do however feel that Mariah should mix up producers more. neptunes , swizz , dream , jd , rod J …sounds like a hit already dont it

    taking nothing from dream but JD knows what works for Mariah he did do alot of work on The Emancipation album as well, which saw her return to the top!

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