Kelly Rowland Performs At NRJ Awards 2010

Published: Saturday 23rd Jan 2010 by Sam

International star Kelly Rowland took to the stage at the 2010 NRJ Awards in France a few hours ago; the ‘Like This’ singer performed her chart-topping smash ‘When Love Takes Over’ with David Guetta.

Ms. Kelly served up the goodness with this performance; great vocals, off-the-charts confidence, and a stunning look, Kelly did the damn thing. Great performance!

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  1. kingnoah3000 January 23, 2010

    Loveddddd it vocals flawless

  2. Trevor January 23, 2010


  3. Erica24 January 23, 2010

    Great Crowd!! You can tell this isn’t america, cuz there are no spectators, just participators! Great Job Kelly!



  4. sidy January 23, 2010

    Im am french and im a big fan of kelly i have posted this video and im happy you choose it
    she was amazing last night
    love her and what a strong voice and confidence

  5. Quick January 23, 2010

    She did her thing! I loved the new choreography she added into the set. Can’t wait for her new album…i think she’ll excel

  6. chelsie January 23, 2010

    No i didn’t like it. What happened to Kelly’s clear airy voice? She sounded deep all the way through apart from the odd higher airy bits trying to ‘escape’.. IMO she shouted the whole thing.. and what was she doing on the floor?

    All she seemed to be doing was screaming, spinning, shouting and stamping.

    She looked gorgeous tho.

  7. GEMELLI January 23, 2010

    LOVE IT!!!!

  8. January 23, 2010

    i don’t know, i don’t think she sounded all that great. good, but not as good as she can do IMO. a little shout-y to me, especially on the hook.

    she looked nice, though.
    the crowd was crazy. i wish american awards shows got into it like that.

  9. rian January 23, 2010

    I thought she did amazing you can’t please everyone,she said she was hoarse but I like her hoarse she sounded great and looked beautiful people will always have 2cents to throw in about something or somebody opinions are opinions and mines is she did wonderful

  10. TRUTH January 23, 2010


  11. aj January 23, 2010

    LMFAO!!! THAT SONG is one of the hardest songs to sing live. You sing all the way through live unlike some performers. Lol! some ppl know absolutely nothing about singing.. SMH!! KELLY was fierce and subtle at the same time. Her getting on the floor was hot she did what she wanted. WE CAN DO IT!! TEAM KELLY BISHES CHECK THE CALENDERS cause this is the year of KELLY…

  12. chelsie January 23, 2010

    eh? She has v good range? And I disagree that she isn’t a great singer. You dont need to be wailing and screaching at the top of your lungs to be a great singer. Her voice is crystal clear, pure, crisp and strong.

    In ‘Love Again’ amongst others, she is really beleivable and can convey the emotion of the song really really well and there is no screaming, or growling.

    The only thing that lets her down is her inconsistent live vocals. When she is good, she is very very good.

    I hope the spinning, stamping and laying on the floor isn’t part of her new stage direction.

  13. marjie marj January 23, 2010

    can she please stop singing this song every damn minute she is on TV over seas? its a good song, but seriously enough is enough. get some new f***** material. s*** is played out and old.

  14. Anne January 23, 2010

    I just don’t like the tone of her voice, it’s too raspy for me. I guess that’s the tone her voice has matured into. If she was hoarse then she must always be hoarse. But this performance was better than the other recent posts. I would say ‘better’ or ‘good job’ but to call it ‘amazing’ or ‘great’ is an exaggeration in my opinion.

  15. October beauty January 23, 2010

    I for one do not prefer to listen to Kelly
    because she sounds tooooo much like Beyonce
    to me
    and LORD knows I have had enough of her

    But much success to you Kelly

  16. Ben January 23, 2010

    I think she did great. Considering the fact that this song has a lot of high notes in it, she did pretty well. I really hope she wins her Grammy, 10times more than I am rooting for Beyonce.

  17. meechy05 January 23, 2010

    Alright kellz!

  18. Dave January 23, 2010

    I agree w/ Chelsia. Kelly betta punch thou. We ain’t got time for the haters this year.

  19. Me January 23, 2010

    There is nothing raspy about Kelly’s voice. Kelly’s voice is clear as crystal and her tone is one of the best in the industry. This performance was cool. Not great but not bad either. Kelly did sound awesome to have been hoarse;a far cry from how she sounded when she performed in the Bahamas,but supposedly she was sick during that performance and when singing a song as demanding as this,whether or not you’re feeling your best makes all the difference in the world. Kelly seemed to be enjoying herself on that stage but she lacked energy(just a little) and seemed a bit detached from the song. Maybe she is tired of performing it. I mean it has been nearly a year of promo and performances for “When Love Takes Over” alone. I think she’s just as ready for something new as her fans are. She’s still in the studio putting it down. We’re sure to get new music,new promo and new performances soon. I for one can’t wait.

  20. lyric_lee January 23, 2010

    ms wifey killed it – i loved the performance and ms kelly showed off like i knew she could and the swag was off the chain – i love the energy the attitude the look and i cant wait for her new album

  21. jas January 23, 2010

    yes ma’am she did the DAMN THING!!! better than that rihanna s***!! take note Ms ri ri!!

  22. beauti January 23, 2010

    I think people nit pick on her waay more than needed.I don’t comment often on Kelly.But I do read her post and the comments that come along with them on these blogs,and the truth is people always have something negative to say about her they try so hard it’s a bit funny they always come up with something she’s performing the song because it’s a hit beyonce been performing single ladies and halo just as long if not longer when you have a hit you perform it until the wheels fall off did people tell micheal to stop performing thriller,did people tell tina to stop perofrming proud mary,did people tell whitney to stp perming I will always love you..if your tired of the song why watch the performance? doesn’t make any sense to complain if you think she can’t sing why listen? if you think she’s boring why comment? these are questions I really want answered leave the woman alone

    she’s doing very well for herself admit it!

  23. HOT January 23, 2010

    The vocals were flawless, she has mature so much and improved.
    I wish her the best of luck with her 3rd album.

  24. Chile January 24, 2010

    I dont understand how anybody can honestly say that she sounded great…..and mean it! wow she sounded tired from the first few lines. I couldn’t imagine Kelly doing a whole concert and making it through without a lung falling out of her ass.

  25. Jamie January 24, 2010

    Kelly shitted all over this stage. F*** all you haters Ms. Kelly is in the building!!!!!!!!!!! And she is here to stay. Ya’ll just mad Bee was upstaged. The crowd loved Kelly and I would’ve loved to sit that b**** Beyonce’s face when everybody was on their feet supporting Kelly. Classic!!!!!!

  26. misspetite82 January 24, 2010

    Go Ms Kelly I loved this performance as I a fan of the song I am glad she did it justice. She owned that stage * I was mad when she just left the stage..kinda left me hangin there Kelly* but I was loving the look and the crowd has awesome energy huh? Overall I enjoyed it and am bout to watch it again..

  27. lostonesz January 24, 2010

    she murk the performance

  28. david January 24, 2010

    best peefomance.2010 will be kelly.

    go kelly!!!!!!
    i love you.

  29. aline brazil January 24, 2010

    kelly is beatiful.
    best perfomance e best vocal.

  30. kelvin January 24, 2010

    i love you kelly.
    best perfomance:)

  31. carlos January 24, 2010


  32. ivete January 24, 2010

    wonderful perfomance.vocal the best

  33. luiz January 24, 2010

    2010 will be kelly.

  34. antoni January 24, 2010

    beatiful.come very soon your new album

  35. avatar January 24, 2010

    it stays one of the best of kelly.
    love you kelly.

  36. carla white January 24, 2010

    I loved it when output began another performance
    go kelly”””

  37. zack January 24, 2010

    beautiful, talented, and sings very well.
    kelly success in 2010.

  38. adam January 24, 2010

    go kelly.
    She got a beautiful body.
    best perfomance.

  39. rnbcascade January 24, 2010

    Come the F*** On!! Where is a promo single? Or something?? Kelly stays shutting hatrers down. Must have felt liberating. Loved and Respected and all the while sounding good!! 2010 will be the year of Kelly!!

  40. Princess January 24, 2010

    Kelly was really great. She was confident and was working that stage. Can’t wait until the album drop.

  41. Muni January 24, 2010

    Kelly is a great singer! Her time is comming you better be ready for her. I love you KELLY ROWLAND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! forever.

  42. justin January 24, 2010

    people alwayz sayin this gurl cant sing live yes the hell she can. how about tryin sing this song hitting all those high notes and singing every part without a back track she could have easily pre recorded the chorus but she didnt she sung that whole damn song live. so HATERS fall back because the chick still richer then u r. and ps just because u a bee fan dnt mean u gotta hate on kelly its room for both.

  43. loso January 24, 2010

    I loved Kelly performance I am so ready for her new album she sounded the best last night
    and all you haters are mad that Kelly is finally about to get the shine she deserves and stop hating on her just because she left the Knowles click alone you guys would have done it to if your careers were on the line. Kelly it is time and I am ready to support you and get you to the top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. LOLERZ January 24, 2010

    Sam I know you stan for MS. Rowland but please do not give her praise for something that is easily her among her worst performances of her entire career, how pitchy and rough did she sound in this… I find it so strange how you dog Rihanna, Mariah, etc for EVERY performance without just cause yet when Ms. Rowland or any other celeb who “CLAIMS” to be a fan or follow your site does a bad performance its they “served the goodness with the performance; great vocals, off-the-charts confidence, and a stunning look, Great performance!”

    Go sit somewhere please your too transparent

  45. Lolerz January 24, 2010

    Sam I know you stan for MS. Rowland but please do not praise her for a performance that is easily among her worst performances of her entire career, you can’t deny she was hella pitchy, and rough sounding… I find it strange how you dog artists like Rihanna, Mariah, etc EVERY single performance regardless of how they do, yet when a celeb who “CLAIMS” to be a supporter and follow your site does an awful performance they “served the goodness with the performance; great vocals, off-the-charts confidence, and a stunning look, they did the damn thing! Great performance!”

    Seriously go sit somewhere you are so transparent i could drink you.. hope you make this spam before others see this and start to agree 🙂

  46. Lolerz January 24, 2010

    Haha had to write that twice as it “blocked me” the first time, at least now there are two versions of THE TRUTH

  47. lace January 24, 2010

    Haha if this was a rihanna performance you would have slayed her in your review Sam, because this isn’t exactly um a great performance but hey its your site you can like who you want lol

  48. i like kelly but i aint bout to sit here and lie like some others January 24, 2010

    this performance was ok but wtf is going on with her singing its rough as hell back in the dc days it was crystal clear idk whats going on with her

  49. jjlova06 January 24, 2010

    She sounds so much better than she has, but she still performs horribly.

  50. .Fc.Reez January 25, 2010

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat are u guys saying?? do u guys even know what singing is? this is singing! this is belting the voice! this is talent! Rihanna, cassie and all those commercial artist can sit one. True Talent is in the house. She saaaaang it~! some people need to dig their ears!!!! and that is why US music industry is not doing well… why? because US listeners dont know how to listen to goooood music! Make it big in UK kelly, US doesnt need u!

  51. Really Tho , Really January 25, 2010

    Kelly killed it loved it

  52. CJ January 25, 2010

    Kelly killed this performance….Love her.

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