Jay-Z: “JLS Will Be As Big As N Sync”

Published: Thursday 18th Feb 2010 by Sam

Following their double-win at the BRIT Awards this week, JLS have yet another reason to smile – they have received an endorsement from Hip-Hop superstar Jay-Z.

The boyband, the biggest to emerge from the UK in years, caught the 40 year old’s eye when he sat in the audience at the BRIT’s. Speaking to The Sun, Mr Carter said:

“I liked JLS, I watched them do their show. They’re a good band and remind me of ‘N Sync, a band who do the boy band thing well. They put on a class performance and I think they will go on to be as big as ‘N Sync.”

Erm…ok then…LOL.

I’m not quite sure where or how Jay would have come to such an off-the-mark conclusion, as based on their performance-ability alone, JLS are light-years behind what N Sync were serving up back in the day (and that’s me being extra nice). More than anything though, where N Sync boasted viable solo stars in the form of Justin and JC Chasez (still cheesed off things never popped off for him, then again the material was doo-doo), JLS – to put it simply – don’t.

Still, with the likes of Jay-Z backing them – even if only verbally, the guys have indeed got a much needed boast ahead of their debut in America.

With their Stateside label Jive having already started promo for their 1st single ‘Everybody In Love’, I can not wait to see how the US takes to them. I say this as the guys have been getting away with a hell of a lot here i.e. mediocre vocals, awful routines, and more. Yet with the US – from my observation, (more times than not) calling out the wackness from the jump, it’ll be interesting to see how the boys fare. That said, they are signed to an awesome label there, who will likely promote them to the high-heavens; so maybe, just maybe, we may be onto the next N’ sync….right?

Randomness: Strangely enough, though not taking to them musically, I’m internally glad to see a group like this doing so well (see: Obama effect). If only their talent matched up.

Your thoughts?

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  1. h February 18, 2010

    he also said Jedward was talented so…

  2. Li February 18, 2010

    Jay -Z also signed Lady Sovereign… Look where that ended up… Then he signed Sugababes, and they fell to pieces before the first single even settled… Come come… lets be serious now Jay…..

  3. wtf February 18, 2010

    Camel is good at managing camel ONLY!!..

    these fruity brothers will not go anywhere in america..heck noone knows them outside the UK..I could be wrong but I wait to be proven otherwise..

  4. Steffon February 18, 2010

    No they won’t. Boy GROUPS& Girl GROUPS are so non existance anymore. They better go off solo.

  5. thestar February 18, 2010

    lets just wait and see eh?!! good luck to them i say doing much better than the person who won xfactor….over 1 million albums sold/2mobos awards and now 2 brits awards…oh and a sold out tours as well!!

    whether they crack america or not at least they have the chance to do it….you never know they could surprise everyone!

  6. Lioness February 18, 2010

    I could see them all being drag queens

  7. 12345 February 18, 2010

    he said Usher could be the next MJ, like seriously, is he kidding us? He should only open those big ugly lips to rap, not to say s*** like he says on interviews and etc, it is his opinion sure but I rather listen to a 14 year old opinion then his opinion since he showed more then once that his taste sucks.
    @ the ones who said that the ones that signed to Jay-Z not ended up well, well, Jay-Z and Knowles family are all a mafia to only work for Beyonce and her sucess, they dont want anyone to be successul what did you expect? I think Rihanna escaped between his fingers eh

  8. Ben February 18, 2010

    Music groups don’t make it anymore like they used to, unless it is a rock band, alternative, or soft rock group.

  9. MushyLove_1992 February 18, 2010

    If he say so…

  10. alljokesaside February 18, 2010

    Not with routines like those in Beat Again and Everybody in Love…they WON’T! Aston looks like a shrimp, Ortise looks slow, JB looks gay and Marvin looks like he suffers from and EXTREME case of mouth and body odour.


  11. trucie February 18, 2010

    how does he figure that. Lookin at them i don’t even want to hear what kind of music they do. WTF music is dead!

  12. Mrs. Darren shellychelle Sharper February 18, 2010

    Ha! *rolls on floor laughin*

  13. DizzyGuy1985 February 18, 2010

    This is like Rihanna saying K$sha was the new “It” girl. I mean really? These guys all look wierd like ovens turned on but there is no pilot light.

  14. hboss February 18, 2010

    There too many boy bands in the US struggling to get a top 10 hit (e.g. Day 26). I think that Alexandra Burke has much chance to succed in the US. Other news about Alex, her single BAD BOYS is alredy been playing across US radion station and getting good review and her album will be release at the of March with some new songs. She also will be appearing on the Oprah show with Simon Cowel (Just like the did with leona back in 2008) and she also will be performing on the Tyra show. GOOD FOR HER.

  15. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut February 18, 2010

    I would love to see the boyband era come back. It’ll be ’96/’97/’98/’99/’00/’01 all over again!

  16. Sam February 18, 2010

    HSBOSS please tell us more anout Alexandra Burke, which stations are playing Bad Boys is it alot.How do you know she will be on Oprah and Tyra Banks.She is supertalented so really want her to do well.I think if Brutha and Day 26 cannot hit the big time. JLS are not that good in the UK there are no boybands so they have the market all to themselves.

  17. February 18, 2010

    “where N Sync boasted viable solo stars in the form of Justin and JC Chasez (still cheesed off things never popped off for him, then again the material was doo-doo)”

    uh, have you ever listened to “schizophrenic”?
    it puts justin’s (overrated as hell) solo albums to SHAME.

  18. FREE February 18, 2010

    y all of them look a little extra, extra suspect……
    boy bands, female bands are all 2000..nobody is checking for them anymore.
    and jay z, joe camel looking ass can sit his old ass down cause he knows rihanna is the only person he got lucky with.

  19. ANONYMOUS February 18, 2010


  20. Kendra February 18, 2010

    UMMM. these dudes will never get *NSYNC success they would have to not be boring on stage and vocals need to be on point all the time. Say what you want about *NSYNC but when they put on a show they put on a show. Ive seen these dudes and…no

  21. SXSW February 19, 2010

    I like JLS. I really do, but let’s be for real in the image conscious US market there needs to be more than one decent looking guy in a boy band. JLS are skating very thin on physical appeal. One of them looks straight ghey and the others are borderline eww. So uhh yeah whatever JLS. Didn’t he say Sugababes were going to do really well too ha ha!

  22. alljokesaside February 19, 2010

    ^^^^LMAO!!!! They need to enjoy their 0.05 seconds of fame and keep the recruitment numbers for MCDonald’s at the ready, cus they’ll need it for sure. Maybe they will resurface in a few years on a reality show doing some outrageous s*** to earn a fast pound.

  23. Mike February 19, 2010

    HBoss, Alex isn’t scheduled to be on Oprah and I’m pretty sure her single hasn’t seen any airplay at all yet here.

    Boy bands are dead here. They’re out of their minds if they think they’ll succeed.

  24. tweetypiebabe1 February 25, 2010

    I agree with you they’ve been getting away with too much. I like the boys and they are talented but they can come way harder than they have been. Their songs are catchy but I could only tolerate maximum four songs from their album.

    Their lead single Beat Again had me checking my calender to make sure I was in 2009 and not back in the 90’s seriously. As a new boy band and a new black, urban band they can be doing better than they are. Also I’m sick of them and autotune and lip syncing.

    Everyone calls out Cheryl when she does it but I’ve yet to hear controversy over these boys!

  25. Emma April 11, 2010

    most of you guys live in america, have never heard there music,
    over in the UK they all like the biggest boyband infact just biggest band for that matter,
    thousands and thousands of fans so wy dont you guys wait and see if they do well instead of judging them before they aint even realeased anything in america

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