Ke$ha Vandalizes The Hollywood Sign?

Published: Thursday 4th Feb 2010 by Sam

Seemingly not content with the media attention her worldwide #1 ‘Tik Tik’ is receiving, newcomer Ke$ha has today posted a video of what appears to be her vandalizing the iconic Hollywood sign, spray-painting ‘Ke$haWood’ over it. Check it out above…

Yawn. Though a relatively daring deed conceptually, it’s doubtful this is anything more than a publicity stunt – a cheap one at that. One need not look further than the fact the clip is well / professionally edited, as well as, of course, the fact her behind would have been arrested had thus been true! Still, I guess when an ‘artist’ is talent-starved, resorting to such actions to validate her ‘rebel’ status  is the next logical step. Boo!

Your thoughts?

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  1. ka$h February 4, 2010

    A >>>boo<<< that you promote on your lovely blog! ^^

  2. Vic February 4, 2010

    f*** you! k$$$$$$$$$$$$$ is amazzzzzzzing.

  3. brandoise February 4, 2010

    Ke$ha is the new Avril Lavine! Pretty soon she’ll be bashing Lady Gaga for publicity.

  4. February 4, 2010


  5. emily February 4, 2010

    i hope she gets in trouble… i liked her and all but that has gone wayyy too far. im 13 and She proves here that she isn’t a good role model for people my age. grow up Ke$ha… ive lost my respect for her… honestly, my days of singing the dinosaur song in the hallways with my best friend are over… time to pick a new song…

  6. Yerr Motherr. :D February 4, 2010

    Girl, get over it, she was having fun. I think it’s funny as s***, I’m 13 too, get over it. XD GO KE$HA! XD

  7. matt February 4, 2010

    K$$$$$SHA is a crack w**** publicity seeking talentless fool. I’m sorry but jeez she cannot sing without a littl help from autotune. And how dare people compare her to Gaga, I know gaga is a publicity w**** but she can pull it off unlike this h**. And gaga can actually sing believe it or not for the people who seem to think she can’t!

  8. emily February 4, 2010

    fer yall who support meh i just made up som lyrics
    theyll probably shut her down – prob-prob – shut her downnnnnn -plz stop no more Pop plz kesha go blow up, last night u were drunk hid huge tarps in a trunk. plz stop no more Pop plz kesha go blow up and die… nononono nononono !!!

  9. emily February 4, 2010

    oh and yer mother, my mom hates ke$(hit)a

  10. =\ February 4, 2010

    not only the fact that she did this, but also the fact that ppl r like “omg ur sooo cool!!” “shes just having fun!!” ITS THE HOLLYWOOD SIGN! NOT SOME ALLY WALL!!

  11. emily February 4, 2010

    o hey =/ we need to pick a new song to sing in the hallways…. hmm…

  12. rihanna has no business to be singing February 4, 2010

    my goodness she is so TRASHY

  13. Soulstar February 4, 2010

    I need these current “artists” to actually have talent before egos… S*** like this makes me sick to my stomach.

  14. BBBBB February 4, 2010

    wow this is SO not real.. or at least not done by 5 wasted girls… it’s a stunt.. another mini-movie.
    1st how did they hang the sheets like that when they cant reach the top of the letters…
    2nd a guard on the lookout at nite wouldnt leave a bunch of girl who seem wasted and which seemed like ready t jump the fence b4 he arrived.. i mean come on…
    3rd true.. the video has been professionally edited
    4th he saw them at the end? after they’ve finished spray painting?
    spray paint makes a lot of noise esp. at a silent night.. besides it takes alot of time to spread evenly and write huge letters like they did here…
    cheappppp stunt…. unless she goes on somewhere and says in an interview that it is a stunt, i lose respect for her for trying to “fool” her fans..

  15. MODE February 4, 2010


  16. emily February 4, 2010

    she still sucks ass

  17. matt February 4, 2010


    you are so delusional. a “singer” who always looks like she is coked, drugged, boozed up. the only place she is going is gonna be a mental home. cannot stand her. and by the looks of it, so can’t many!

  18. =\ February 4, 2010

    yeah cause it reeeaally looked like she knew what she was doing when she went out there wasted. &&chill, dont have a baby

  19. stan February 4, 2010

    i cant wait until this 1-hit-wonder becomes irrelevant

  20. ANONYMOUS February 4, 2010


  21. EMILY February 4, 2010

    ite emily… new icon… she will be dead… she will be arrested… she will be in a mental home

  22. EMILY February 4, 2010

    she should f*** off

  23. ruby February 4, 2010

    Ke$ha is the new Linsay Lohan. She is a train wreck waiting to happen. Rehab by the end of the year. Mark my words!

  24. seriously? February 4, 2010

    well the actual sign wasn’t vandalized they just hung sheets over them so i dont think any thing can be done about that. but uh…yeah i’m sure they had full camera and crew with them along with a watch for the mountain lions and coyotes….

    she needs more people

  25. Alex February 5, 2010

    This obviously is not meant to look real…but its cute I guess

  26. B February 5, 2010

    She is too contrived! She needs to stop ACTING like an alcoholic crack head!

  27. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut February 5, 2010

    Dammit Sam, quit hating on a b****! Kesha IS talented, she CAN sing. And you morons who are calling her a “c*********” and saying she’s gonna be in rehab in 2 years, what the f*** is wrong with yall? Do you people know her personally? Did she say she does crack, or any other type of drug? You folks can’t come up with something better? It’s the same people who say these things that turn around and call it an “act”, but how can it be both? And the morons who say they “lost respect” for her because of a stupid video, b**** you never had respect for her in the first place so who are yall kidding? Lol!

    You know, Kesha truly has some of the lamest haters in the game when all they can come up with is “she’s trashy” because she wears her hair and makeup messy. I guess then you can truly call Lady Gaga a “hermaphrodite drag queen transsexual”, as that’s how she styles herself. Oh and by the way, it’s mainly the Gaga fans who hate on Kesha because she’s snatching Gaga’s wig left and right these days. Breaking download records and s***, number 1 albums and singles, Blah Blah Blah debuting at #7 on the Hot 100 without even BEING a single (at the time), 150k first week sales – everything Gaga DOESN’T have! Stay pressed fools, stay pressed. That is all, lol.

  28. room319 February 5, 2010

    that could work if the hype matched the talent…. but then again… if it did…. would you need to?

    (food for thought)

  29. Aryo February 5, 2010

    Yall guys don’t wanna see what is new
    oh c’mon guys you all know that Ke$ha is dominating but U are tryna make Urselves not to believe that Kesha or modern singers like her are da new generation.
    Don’t ever never compare kesha to that lindsay whoran again

  30. JT February 5, 2010


    You must be truly an idiot to think this chick has talent. I won’t even base it on the “trashy” aspects. Her voice lacks range. It sounds like she relies on autotunes and also sounds like she sort of talks through the track. And it is obvious that her whole look is to be this rebellious chick who is “sooo badass”, but in reality she is wack and won’t be in the music game too long.

    Sam is INDEED RIGHT, so i suggest you STFU!

    Also, Lady Gaga’s name is soo much bigger than this trash. She is FAR more talented. This is like the white versions of beyonce and Rihanna. You already know who is far more talented, but dumb bitchhes will pick the less talented one and try to argue that they are better because of some random hits. Who won a grammy boo? Who do you hear being played in the radio GLOBALLY!!!! Lady Gaga. I know plenty of people who don’t even know who Kesha is. And I don’t care if I didn’t spell her stupid name right. Artists, no wannabe singers like her is the reason why this music industry continues to go down into the gutter.

    Also, all of Lady Gaga’s singles have pretty much went number one except for a few. Somehting Kesha can only dream of. Gaga can sing and dance. What can this girl do? Break some glass and try to pose liek she is cool? Please, we already have Rihanna for that.

  31. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut February 5, 2010

    JT, you delusional Gaga stan you… the “she relies on autotune” argument is so done. Every artist in today’s market at some point uses autotune, it doesn’t mean they “rely” on it and it doesn’t mean the artist doesn’t have a voice. Kesha has no range? Yet Lady Gaga does? I don’t think so, and unless you’ve actually heard Kesha’s entire album (or better yet, her demos) you can’t even claim that anyway. And by the way, her “sort of talking” through the track is actually called rapping. At least what’s considered for somebody who’s a singer, and not an actual rapper, but nevertheless. It’s a style and she’s not the only one who does it. And yes, she does actually sing more than she “talks”, if that’s what you were wondering.

    Now moving away from Kesha for the moment, you are dead on about Gaga being the white version of Rihanna, those girls are two peas in a pod for obvious reasons. But here’s something that made me wanna swallow a fork…did you also say Lady Gaga is the “white” version of…BEYONCE??? Lol, listen now…I can’t stand Beyonce as much as I can’t stand Gaga so there truly is no bias here. But you have GOT to be kidding me if you’re actually attempting to compare Lady Gaga’s vocal and performance ability to Beyonce’s! That is so not gonna work, as Lady Gaga is nowhere NEAR in comparison to what Beyonce is able to achieve in a studio or on a stage. You can’t even put Gaga’s name in the same sentence as Beyonce when it comes to talent. Beyonce may be a selfish, self-centered “ass shaking in your face 24/7/365” annoying glorified s****, but the one thing you cannot deny her of is her talent and her ability to entertain.

    Lady Gaga is not a performer nor is she an entertainer, but rather somebody who relies on heavy theatrics and elaborate costumes to put on a good show (and I use the term “good” loosely.) Put her ass up on a stage without all the hype, and what do you have? A piano player – nothing more, nothing less. She doesn’t have the pipes Beyonce, Christina, Mariah and Whitney has. And she doesn’t have the moves Janet, J. Lo, Ciara, and Britney (well “old” Britney) has. As far as I’m concerned, Gaga and Kesha are BOTH on the same level talent wise, as they’re both mediocre-at-best vocalists who are clearly not professional dancers. To try and make Gaga look so much more talented than Kesha that you have to put her on the same level as Beyonce is real cheap, and puts a damper on your entire statement. But I’ll let it go, I’m sure you were just in the moment.

    Gaga won a Grammy…good for her, but that’s irrelevant here. Kesha hasn’t been around long enough (nor her album out long enough) to have even been nominated for a Grammy. Who do I hear being played on the radio globally? Both. So that doesn’t apply either. Tik Tok is most definitely a worldwide smash, and oh…did it NOT shatter Gaga’s “Bad Romance” airplay record for most spins? Hmmm…and when it comes to number 1 singles, Lady Gaga has had TWO number 1’s on the most important and relevant music chart – the Billboard 100. Pop 100 singles, Dance Club chart singles, and any other irrelevant chart singles don’t count, sorry. The only chart the industry’s main focus on is the Hot 100. And based on the fact that Gaga has sold over 35 million digital singles worldwide yet has only garnered TWO number 1’s, versus Kesha who is nowhere near the 35 million mark but has reached number 1 with her debut single, really says a lot, doesn’t it?

    Oh and before you bring up the whole “well Gaga’s a songwriter” thing, so is Kesha. Although I think we all have to admit, writing wacky lyrics that only fit today’s pop music isn’t anything to “brag” about. The difference is Kesha doesn’t think her wacky lyrics belong in a bible, whereas Gaga clearly does.

  32. justme February 5, 2010

    she is just stupid and not interesting.

  33. IH8SAM&TRENT February 5, 2010

    have u ever though this was just a promo video..

    obviously its not real JackA$$….

    its problly funded by her label , u moronic twit for brains

    so stop H8in, Before The Po Po Shut u Down,DOWN!!!!
    for comminting PATHETIC ONLINE HATE!!!

  34. matt February 5, 2010


    LMAOOOO you are a delusional gaga hater who seems to think she heavily relies on theatrics, yes he may but she has the TALENT to go along with it. come back with your argument when kesha can get 5 NUMBER ONE SINGLES on the billboard pop charts, an album which has been on the billboard top 200 for more than 60 weeks, and is still at number three. yes kesha’ss album DEBUTED at number one, but forget me not but hasn’t it gone down to number 16? and gaga’s music took time for people to get into, we wasn’t force fed this stupid KESHAWOOD trash, it grew on us. Kesha grew on us with tik tok, but then she started talking trash. have you heard her in her interviews, he just sounds like some dumb high school kid too spaced out to even know what kind of day on it. yes i’m a gaga stan, get over it, i hate people talking trash about gaga, saying she isn’t talented, and comparing this CRACK H** to her, i wouldn’t insult gaga by including kesha in the same sentence!!

  35. bobs February 5, 2010

    you are dumber than your writing indicates if you even for one second thought this was real. lord.

  36. Aryo February 5, 2010

    Ke$ha is a she , not a HE

    I agree with U sayin that Ke$ha is talented or whatever
    but GaGa is talented too
    I love’em both cuz they are the most poular singers at the moment.
    and the thing that is making me confused, is that U believe beyonce is better than GaGa
    NO WAY
    GaGa is way better than Bey
    at least GaGa can sing.

  37. Aryo February 5, 2010

    I missed a P
    I meant popular

  38. matty February 5, 2010

    yes i know kesha is a she. typo lol

  39. Madame X February 5, 2010

    All of ya’ll have no reason to be hatin on Ke$ha!!!!!! Oh yeah and to Emily and all the other people on this blog that believe this story…… how do you know it’s even true. I’m 13 and i know better than to just believe everything i see or hear. Just a little tip DON’T ALWAYS BELIEVE PUBLICITY!!!!!! they will say anything to get paid. PLUS she is a new YOUNG artist so the bloggers and papparazzi are going to be on her like she is the last Prada bag being sold. Like i said she is young and they are trying to break her.

  40. Kami February 5, 2010

    It honestly doesn’t really matter. But Lady Gaga actually sings, opposed to Ke$ha. They each have different approaches to performing, singing and just expressing themselves in general. Its retarded that you guys have to fight or compare her to people.

    Its obvious that it was a stunt.
    At the end of the day, both of the girls are on top with their hits.
    They’re only famous because we keep talking about them. If you truly disliked them, you wouldn’t be talking about them whatsoever :p

  41. char February 5, 2010

    she sucks ass just like sam… maybe u shud give her a few pointers sam. lol

  42. BLAH. February 7, 2010

    alright she did something scandalous, but dont act like every star hasnt done s*** like this.
    there in the industry. they have money. they can do whatever the f*** they want.
    so unless you have some sense to go up to these people dont f***** talk.
    its there business. not yours. dont you have a life to worry about? so yeah back off.
    im not sayin i support her, and im not saying i dont support her. all im sayin is that she has her own life. let her live it the way she intend to. she’ll realize it someday, but for now let her do her s*** and you do yours. because by sayin “oh i hate her now” or “oh shes still the best” is still getting in her business. awh s*** yall dont know her personal life. what she shows on tv is what her manager tells her to.

    SO MiND YOUR OWN BUSiNESS. you are talking because you know damn well you cant go up to her to tell her. 1? because your nowhere around here. 2? because your just gonna be embarrased. 3? because your proving to yourself you are lower than a f***** worm.

    • 99ways2die April 12, 2013

      I wasn’t going to answer back to any of you dumbasses but, she kinda put it out there on her own didn’t she? After all she was the one that put the video out there to get the attention. Stop asking stupid questions. All Hollywood is a bunch of attention whores that think the world evolves around them. She made the video, she can deal with the consequences.

  43. Sacred Hollywood Satanic Sign February 13, 2010

    No one should do such things to our sacred sign… just for that we can start hating…

  44. Purple $hizz March 31, 2010

    tik tik? Lol! they put tik tik! how f*cking stupid is that shiz? as stupid as kesha and company’s out fits, i mean what the hell is up with that shiz? and what is up with people comparing lady gaga to kesha, jeeeeeeez! but the whole graffiti thing was sweet shiz, i mean really, she put a thing over top of it, so it is not that bad and it’s that guards fault to in a way. she never even vandalized that shiz, she put a sheet over it so quit makin such a f*ckin deal about it you b*tches cuz u r all,
    ‘ hey let’s arrest kesha for putting a sheet over the holly wood sign’
    ‘no, let behead her!’
    ‘or send her to hell”
    yes it’s a very good idea. keep talking that shiz, and you’re gonna s*** miley for wearing shorts! i’m not trying to be mean, i’m making a point. where’s news that matters? all i’m sayin is not to make such a big deal out of i. and you b*tches are comparing kesha and lady gaga and it is just the kind of shiz that doesn’t matter cuz theyz are very different and why are you comparing them anyways? i don’t care like hell but still, it’s useless to compare the two.
    peace i am out b******

  45. Robert May 3, 2010

    Ke$ha is better than crap singers like Lady Gaga , get over it , it’s a cool video.

  46. Andrea May 30, 2010

    what are you guys 12? really, get off her! i love her. and i hate hip hop, rap, pop. all that. im a rock girl. Old school rock like zeppelin. and Stuff like Rob Zombie. But im also 17 and not a dramatic little b****.

    her voice is altered?? hmm do the words tpain or lil wayne mean anything to you? yea i thought so. Nobody now adays has any talent worth s*** but that doesnt stop you from listening to them or the radio. Lady Gaga, is a freak, her voice too is altered. you have no idea what the hell you are talking about. shut up. And if you ever heard Ke$ha’s cd she has songs where shes ACTUALLY singing and she has a great voice…..

    if you dont like her fine, no reason for all the hate. saying she should die and that shes a crack head. News flash your precious lady gaga is an ACTUAL w****. Honestly, back off. I dont see any of YOU making chart toping records and songs.


  47. Meghan September 1, 2010

    That Was Actually Not Edited.! (Believe It Or Not.!) My Friend & I Had Visited Hollywood With My Parents & We Drove By The Sign.! Everybody Who Either Drove, Or Walked By Had Faces That Were Simply Just PRICELESS.! xD

  48. 99ways2die April 12, 2013

    Ke$ha is nothing but an NWO Hollywood w****. Now she’s even trying to look all demoniacal acting like a goth, which is totally fake imagery from her, Singing about Dancing with the Devil just to fit in with the rest of her NWO promoting loser crowd. (And she looks stupid like that by the way) She’ll be flashing Illuminati signs with Beyonce and Jay-Zee before you know it. Her songs are untalented shills and still I don’t know anyone that even remembers she exists for more then a week at a time.

    Ke$ha if you see this, get your out dated 80’s dress style back, be hot again and find a new line of work, stop trying to be another NWO following Hollywood w**** and find a life more suited to you. You like Hollywood, you’re a lie, your life’s a lie, you don’t have any real friends and the only one on any popular Hollywood sites that even reports about you is Perez Hilton who’s only out to talk s@#$ and in real life I know you’re probably best friends with the guy but either way, if this is the life you chose to live, you can’t even do it right cause not even Hollywood will pretend to like you. You’re just NWO trash and they don’t even seem to want to accept you.

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