Bow Wow Readies New Album

Published: Saturday 6th Mar 2010 by Trent

Outspoken rapper Bow Wow has announced that he is working on a new album. Omarion’s close friend was interviewed by HipHopWired and revealed details about the LP which will serve as his Cash Money debut release. Peep below for more details:

“I am here to announce that I will have a double disc album, 2 CDs in 1 album. With every album I try to be creative when it comes to a theme for my CD’s. I have no name yet…but I chose 2 discs in 1 because every album I always say “Man I wish the whole album was like my Greenlight mixtapes because everybody loves the Greenlight series or I wish I wish I had an album full of just hot rap shit like “Fresh Azimiz” and my “Oh I Think They Like Me” verse.”

“I want to cater to all my demographics. I want every 1 to be pleased as I’m gearing up to make my Cash Money debut. So this album is a more of a me thing, but u all will love it because this album is a reflection of who I am. Maybe we all might have something in common once y’all listen to it. Maybe 1 side will be your favorite, hell maybe even both of them. So get to know someone y’all think y’all know but have no idea. This should be fun.” {Source}

Is Bow Wow getting ready unleash his own version of Sasha Fierce? Only time will tell…

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  1. sugar March 6, 2010

    We want chris brown this dude needs to fall back

  2. March 6, 2010

    unless it comes with a series of nekkid photos of him, i think i’ll pass

  3. Devil’s Pie March 6, 2010

    ^^ Agreed. He better leak the s** tape we all know he has with Omarion.

  4. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 6, 2010

    Well he certainly set the record for shortest retirement…*yawn*

  5. Ben March 6, 2010

    Thought he was gonna focus on the acting? Ah well. I actually liked his last single-the remake of TLC’s “Baby, Baby, Baby.” Why Cash Money though? I think people still view him as a little man. But all of his songs are kiddy love songs, so how does he plan to have us take him seriously?

  6. h March 6, 2010

    for f*** sake

  7. MS.CLAY March 7, 2010

    Agree with Ben. That “Baby, Baby, Baby” remake was FIYAH!!!! So if he does come back hopefully he does something of that nature.

    On another note, I’m pretty sure he wants to all of sudden come back from retirement because he think being with “Young Money” would give him a different boost but I’m not sure if his original fanbase nor new fans will buy an album of low quality, which is probably why his last album [FLOPPED] and that’s being nice because 18,000 copies in the first week is beyond [DREADFUL] and was probably the ignition to his so-called “Retirement”

    Anyways, wish him the best.

  8. lyric_lee March 7, 2010


  9. jmoore March 7, 2010

    I guarantee Bow Wow comes out sounding just like Lil Wayne, he doesn’t have his own style. What ever flow is hot…is what flow he will be jocking. He is a clown!

  10. cool chick March 7, 2010

    lmao nobody and i repeat NOBODY checking for Bow Wow

    only when i was in the sixth grade

  11. TokyoDiamondz March 7, 2010

    “Bow Wow readies his next FLOP!”

  12. SmH March 7, 2010

    Nobody cares..this dude goes around fuckn trannies..ugh..he needa sitbdown someowhere

  13. MushyLove_1992 March 8, 2010

    LMAO @ these comments. Some of you can be so mean…

    But anyways, hope he does well. I enjoyed his song “You Can Get It All” so maybe this album will be just as good if not better…

  14. VERONICAYADHIRA fuentes lopez May 5, 2010

    pz nada ke desir so0lo0
    bo0w wo0w
    chatear co0n el

  15. mac May 24, 2010

    bowwow s*** as hellfuck what yall say

  16. edig June 16, 2010

    I encourage all of you to checkout the new mixtapes and videos on youtube. Bow Wow is definitely a contender on a whole new level. Watch out Drake, Cash Money has a new star.

  17. musa July 8, 2010

    bowwowz next album gonna be fiya just like his mixtapes!!! f*** hate if you want this n**** got flow.

  18. carolynbarrett July 19, 2010

    Whatever he comes up with…he…Prince Shad Moss…will always be the best!!!

  19. joshua August 5, 2010

    your stupid why would u want chris brown back? hes a woman beater plain and clear and im not saying rihanna didnt play a part in that, but your retarded, chris brown has only been a single sided artist, love songs….thats it….bow wow is diverse…money girls love break ups cars clothes….bow wow taught chris brown his s*** hahahhahahahha

  20. allissia September 10, 2010

    You are so cute

  21. Devante October 5, 2010

    I am really looking forward to this new Bow Wow album and the fact that it is a double album is amazing. I loved his Price Of Fame album it was awesome and his infectious and incredibly catchy duet with Chris Brown “Shorty Like Mine”. The Bow Wow music video for this song was great too and definitely one of the best rap music videos of the year. I also liked his album with R&B singer Omarion too FaceOff that was a great album too full of hot R&B and rap songs and some really cool Bow Wow and Omarion music videos too.

  22. bonnie October 7, 2010

    Don’t knock it until you heard him on his mix-tapes tha man is going place in the rap industries. i mean he’s giving us a more explicit side of him as a man not a lil bow wow boy. But i don’t know why he would choose cash money. Oh, well check out youtube type in bow wow freestyles and take from there people.

  23. KomeHere LemmeDope You November 6, 2010

    Yall Sit Here And Critisize Him Bout His Work, But MeanWhile He Still In The Game After 17 Years Or So.. Like That’s Some Real S***. Like No Lie, IDont Think No Other Person Coulda Done That. Not Even Tryna Sound Like A Crazy Fan Who’s Obsessed With Him, Bc Im Not. IJust Think People Needa Give Him More Credit &Respect For What He Has Done.

  24. Tranisha January 23, 2011

    I love you boo

  25. njklammer February 18, 2011

    Nah i cant wait for it to br honest his freestyles r dope hes with cash money cuz his flow as an adult now is sick nd wayne kinda helped him with it he been chillin with them for a while now dont knock it till u hear it

  26. Hector June 6, 2011

    yall f****** haterz this n**** beat everyone in the game he retired early cuz thats how hard he was and left a f*** load of haterz witch mean he did his job

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