That Grape Juice Rising Star: Jason Derulo

Published: Tuesday 2nd Mar 2010 by Sam

Since bursting onto the scene late last year, Pop sensation Jason Derulo has taken the charts by storm, notching up #1’s both in the US (‘Whatcha Say’) and the UK (‘In My Head’). With Derulo’s self-titled debut album being released today, That Grape Juice caught up with the 20 year old in London last week. The singer/songwriter talks with us about his musical journey thus far, his LP being like ‘Thriller’, comparisons to Usher and Chris Brown, his family background, touring with Lady GaGa, and much more. Check out the interview below {Special thanks to: Seye Iizsik and Mr Damaje!}:

That Grape Juice Rising Star: Jason Derulo

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  1. Realist March 2, 2010

    hes corny and his artistry wont go past his single and the comparison of his LP to Thriller? He just slapped himself

  2. Cicistan March 2, 2010

    I like him. Whatcha Say was so left field. Loved it 🙂

    I like his his writing style and voice. Ease up on the dancing though lol

    Congrats Sam on doing big things!!

  3. antertain March 2, 2010

    Wow @Realist u don’t listen with those ears do you?
    This is how s*** starts!!

    HE DIDN’T COMPARE HIS ALBUM 2 THRILLER, he jus trying to justify the reason for having nine tracks on an album and we all know the real reason is that’s the cap his label gave him.

    He seems abit Baldwin Hills to me, but the really good thing for him is that he does have his lane and his music fits the pop culture of 2day.

    His interview skills will definately grow so don’t judge him too harshly and at least he don’t front about his up-bringing as many try to do.

    Good Inerview Sam & Well Done Jason De

  4. NICKY March 2, 2010


  5. anon March 2, 2010


    Maybe he chose Madonna over Janet because he prefers Madonna. Why else? Or is it if a black man chooses a white woman (Madonna) over a black woman (Janet) he is betraying his culture. F***** gimp!!

  6. Mrs. Darren shellychele Sharper March 2, 2010

    I don’t like him. His voice is annoyin and so are his songs.

  7. hihihihihi March 2, 2010




  8. hihihihihi March 2, 2010


  9. Parisian girl March 2, 2010

    Thank you@ANON!!!
    I swear some people are so close minded!he prefers Madonna so what?
    Good luck to him,i hope he won’t be a one hit wonde…

  10. Dave March 2, 2010

    I love him, got his album & it punches!

  11. MushyLove_1992 March 2, 2010

    Wish him much success…

  12. Yo! March 2, 2010


  13. TJD March 2, 2010

    That song “whatcha say” is the most annoying song ever! they played that song to DEATH on the radio where I live…

  14. Ghetto Fab March 2, 2010

    I wish this guy all the success. I can tell that he will not be for everybody and that because he is a black male that was brought up in a rather nicer setting it’s going to throw some people off. But he sounds like a very educated guy who is passionate about music. So what if he chose Madonna over Janet. Madonna’s influence was much larger than Janet’s anyway. The only problem I had was him liking Elvis.

    If this kid plays his cards right he will very easily replace Chris Brown, the same way Chris Brown replaced Usher. Go Derulo! lol

  15. TJD March 2, 2010

    Derulo cant dance..he looks so awkward.

  16. Jordin March 2, 2010

    @Ghetto Fab
    he’s OK and I wish him success but he will NEVER replace Chris Brown. Well not in this lifetime. When Chris started out his buzz was out of this world and he came through. Chris is starting to get over the bump in the road and he will be back on top soon. I think it’s going to be harder now for new artist like Jason and it takes more that just being able to sing.

  17. MechanicalGirl March 2, 2010

    I agree and not just because im a Chris Brown fan. It’s definitely harder now starting out as a new artist. Like I didnt really know who he was until recently. You would have to bring more to the table than just being able to sing. Nonetheless I do wish him success because I know how hard it is and he seems like a passionate guy.

  18. cool chick March 2, 2010

    too much damn autotune! Have you ever heard this boy sing live? OMG! its a hot mess
    i hate the way he dances (like someone else said, very awkward) and he is not cute to me, his swag is LAME

    also he needs to put a black girl in his video at least just once! It’s clear what type of audience he is going for smh. hell naw you are not getting my $15 on for your autotune garbage

  19. Ghetto Fab March 2, 2010


    Don’t misunderstand, I do think Chris Brown is the real talent, but I really don’t know if he can get past all this drama. Derulo is starting with a clean slate. He’s another black male singer that can sing and dance(even if its not your taste). All he needs is the little teeny boppers going crazy for him and its OVER. It is a different time in the music business game now. When your it your it. When you are out, your OUT. And it’s very hard to get back on top after you’ve had a flop album let alone drama with another famous popstar whom you’ve beaten up. It’s going to take A LONG TIME for Chris Brown to get past that. I’m not even sure if he could even get to where he was at post Rihanna beating.

    As for Derulo, he’s already had 2 successful hits on the charts not only in the US but in a bunch of countries. IF he has good album sales and continue doing what he’s doing, E WILL BE THE NEW CHRIS BROWN. And there is nothing any of the Chris Brown stans can do to stop it. It’s just the way the music bizz works.

  20. A.D. March 2, 2010

    Great interview. I love watching interviews with new artists when they’re so new to getting attention and stuff.

    Do you mind if I share the interview with the Sound Check boards?

  21. Support jordin March 2, 2010

    He is an amazin person. I havent watched it cos am on my phone but i hope he didnt choose elvis over mj

  22. shay March 2, 2010

    Im not really feeling his voice but good luck to him.He may leave a nice mark on the music biz so ill stay on the look out.However he wont take usher or chris place for a couple of reasons.One hes only pop.Chris and usher r both crossover artist and they’ve been that way since they came out.They both do pop And r&b,he only does pop.Another reason he wont take there place is because he doesnt dance as well.His dances may be fine for the pop croweds but if he every wants to be as big as chris and usher he has to make r&b fans happy too.Usher has been in the biz for alot of years and hes still well respected.Chris has only been in the biz about five years but yet everytime a new artist comes out people compare them to chris.That shows how big of a star he really is.Usher and chris r not going anywhere besides the fact that they r both great singers and dances they also write hit songs.They have both won at least one award from almost every award show.He may become as big as them but he wont take there place.
    My point is,let the artist work speak for its self before u say they r taking someones spot or they r the next somebody.What I have learned about artist that r too hyped up,they usually dont reach as high as people would like
    (Sorry its so long lol)
    I really do wish him all the luck because we do need more talented male artist like chris and usher.

  23. Keep It Real March 2, 2010

    @GHETTO FAB, be careful what you say, because right now you sound silly, no one can replace Chris Brown, just like no one can replace Usher, Jason is new on the scene, we have no idea how long he will last and how much success he will go on to have, it’s early days, he may be doing well at the moment with his first two singles but he still has a long way to go to reach Chris Brown’s level let alone Usher’s, Don’t knock the guys who paved the way and are still top of the R&B Game in General when it comes to overall success in the R&B genre amongst Black male entertainers.

    Jason has been around for 5 minutes, not 5 or over years, he hasn’t got a fanbase yet, he needs to build one, time will tell how well his album sales will do and if he does worldwide arena tours, sale millions of singles, has platinum albums, appears in movies, write and produce his own music, something Chris Brown has managed to do to become successful.

    All you can knock Chris Brown on is that famous incident, take away that bad memory and you have a young talented guy, with huge talent, which is 1000 times better then Jason, who is also the same age as Chris. Chris Brown was compared to Michael Jackson, as well as Usher, that in itself says how great his talent is, because everyone knows how great MJ was, anything Jason can do, Chris can do better that includes Dancing, Singing, Spinning, Making Pop Music as well as R&B, I’m not hating on the new kid but it’s just crazy to write off someone like Chris, who’s the same age as this wannabe, he may not of got into trouble yet like Chris but the future will tell how big he becomes, Chris still has a career, Graffiti may not of started out on a good start, until Chris starts promoting it and starts touring and when everyone forgets in a couple of years time about 2009, as no one really hangs on to things forever unless their very bitter, Chris will be back on top, if not now at least with his next album, people don’t stay hating Celebrities forget especially if he doesn’t s get in to trouble again and learns from his mistake, his half way there already.

    Another thing Chris, has over Jason is that his better looking too, if he can achieve half of the things Chris achieve from 16 to 20, hats off to him, until now I rest my case.

    Jason is a watered down copycat clown mix of a bit of Justin Timberlake and Chris Brown, pretty much means his not that original for a newcomer but best of luck to him, even though he has nothing on all the other male artist I have mention in my post.

  24. Ghetto Fab March 2, 2010

    @Keep It Real

    You know what’s funny is that they said the same s*** you said when Chris Brown came out. “Oh he’s a bootleg Usher.” “He’s never gonna be successful this and that.” And look where Chris went? While my comments were a bit premature they certainly weren’t necessarily wrong. You talk about Brown not taking Usher’s spot, Usher can barely have a successful single. While he’s not flopping hard, he is certainly on a decline. As for Brown you can’t take away that incident as it was highly publicized and as long as Rihanna is around I don’t know if they will allow Brown to flourish. His album flopped and his ticket sales for his tours took a nose dive. This is only now, but time will certainly tell if Brown can come back. But still it will never be the same. Which is why I stand by the fact that If Jason Derulo keeps on the track that he he is going right now he will be on top and will have inevitably taken their space. Its not hard to see as he has NO COMPETITION as of right now.

  25. Aunt Jackie March 2, 2010

    That guy seems nice, and time will tell if he will be successful and have longevity.

    He doesn’t seem to have a super star spark though. Yes, it so much harder now-a-days to stand out and catch the attention of people if you don’t have a crazy gimmick, super-glamorous fashion, or some striking persona.

    Madonna over Janet? A personal opinion. I wouldn’t even have compared those two?

    Janet=Queen of Dancing and Performing!
    Madonna=Queen of switching it up/being unique and creative!

  26. Drew March 2, 2010

    He just annoys me and why be suprised he loves Madonna.I have yet to see any black women in his videos.He jus reminds me of a Kid Cudi, Tinnie Tempah and Taio Cruz that they lack pride and do not like being around black people.He is not even that talented his songs are lame.

  27. ADE March 2, 2010

    sorry Sam, but can you please hire someone to do the interviewing for you because i can’t take your voice seriously! and the “ok” u always say after he answers a question…what the f***? please work on your interviewing skills smh

    but anyway im liking his “In My Head” song more than “Watcha Say”, good luck to him

  28. X,Y,”and Z” March 2, 2010

    K, so WHO are we kidding? …If that “Feb 8th/09 drama” didn’t kick-up with Breezy and “head”, we’d NOT cared ANY-AT-ALL bout this…this….this…’opportunist.’ …If this dude knew ANYTHING ’bout Elvis – as a black man – HE wouldn’t give HIM any-props!

    …This dude just makes me wanna see CBreezy hurry his tour and get past “all-that-drama!”
    So, to any of y’all who’d disagree with me, all I have to say: “World-Tour time is now at-hand, let’s see who ‘pulls in the crowds’; let’s see who’ll make the audiences scream with every spin and turn! ….I’ll give y’all a hint, it AIN’T this wanna-be!

    @Sam – Sorry but THIS was an ABSOLUTE, COMPLETE AND TOTAL waist of time! …Two years from now, this guy will be giving tours – over at Graceland, and doing ‘Black-Elvis impersonations’ in Vegas!

    X,Y “and Z” — OUT!

  29. shay March 2, 2010

    just so u know chris ticket sales for his tour were actully great.He sold out everyone of his shows.How do I know?Well I saw pictures of the places and they were packed and every city he performed in felt the need to write an article on how successful his shows were.Bceause they were amazed.And it it wasnt successful I doubt they would be taking it overseas

  30. X,Y,”and Z” March 2, 2010

    @Ghetto Fab — “Bootleg Usher?!?!” …Dear Sir, do you blog “under-the-influence?” I have NEVER heard, by ANYONE – friend or foe, of Usher – regard HIM as the “next king of pop!”

    >>”his ticket sales for his tours took a nose dive”<< ….YOU need enlightenment: CBrown sold-out 90% of HIS last tour-dates, small-venues or not, given-the-atmosphere surrounding him, that's saying/doing a lot!!

    …And thanks to the' transgressions' of-the-likes-of: Mary J. Blige and Charlie Sheen, we'll be FORCED to reevaluate, just who, OR WHAT, defines "wanton", "the unacceptable" and "the reprehensible"!

    …If an X crack-dealer, who sold drugs to pregnant women and grade-school kids, and who is seen, ON VIDEO, assaulting a young black South African girl, can THEN "clean-up HIS-act", and marry the-likes-of 'a Beyonce', then the future is CERTAIN – with the "fragrance of promise and prosperity" – for one young – Mr. Christopher Maurice Brown!

    …Now, run-along – the adults are conversating…'re dismissed!

    X,Y"and Z" — OUT!!

  31. Keep It Real March 2, 2010


    When Jason is able to sale over 20 million worldwide with a
    album like Usher, ( COMEBACK TO ME )

    If his debut album goes certified double Platinum like Chris Brown debut

    If any of his videos on youtube manage to reach over 50 or 80 million views on youtube
    like Chris Brown, before his channel got hacked ( COMEBACK TO ME )

    When he starts a worldwide tour ( COMEBACK TO ME )

    When he gets a couple of endorsements ( COMEBACK TO ME )

    When he wins a Grammy ( COMEBACK TO ME )

    When he gets everyone talking about his amazing performance and a standing ovation at an award show ( COMEBACK TO ME )

    When he starts his own production or Charity ( COMEBACK TO ME )

    When he stars in a Box Office hit movie or has a movie coming out ( COMEBACK TO ME )

    When he gets a date with Megan Fox ( COMEBACK TO ME )

    When his a multi millionaire singer ( COMEBACK TO ME )

    You seem to be keep going on about the whole Chris Brown and Rihanna thing and Chris’s current position with his career like it will end altogether any now, it might of been tarnished in away but it’s certainly not over and he still has a bright future ahead of him and is planning to tour oversea’s pretty soon and as I speak is still overall more successful then Jason, no matter how much you say his going to take his place, based on two singles, which is nothing when we talk about long time success, combined with total single and album sales, Jason hasn’t over taken anyone yet, as for usher he has an album coming out soon and I bet it sales a lot more then Jason’s debut album, not saying this site reflects Jason fanbase but it appears most of the visitors are not excited about Jason, his a at the moment artist, you either like or you don’t, he fits into the pop scene for the commercial pop lovers, who will eat him up and throw him away when their bored, getting hit records are great but longevity is the main thing and as far as I am concern Chris brown is still go, I’m still seeing his vids on the TV, his still putting out singles, I Can Transform Ya went platinum , attending fashion shows, putting out mixtapes, doing gigs, performing, SOS for Haiti, did another concert over at the weekend, still charting on charts wordwide, may not be number 1 but it’s not bad for someone with the amount of bad press of last year, his still go, if Jason went through what Chris has been through, it would probably be a wrap for him because he has less then half the talent Chris has, FACT .

  32. Alex March 2, 2010

    His album is pretty good…I wish him the best of luck.

  33. IRONY March 2, 2010


  34. likeCAESAR March 2, 2010

    In reality we will be forgetting this joker in 12 months times. I hope that he saves his advance money…and pays attention to the things that are recoupable in his contract so he can possibly fund a college education or a small business.

  35. G.LaSalle March 2, 2010

    He is so corny, but it’s in a cute way. I’m gonna check out his album.

  36. Darian March 2, 2010

    I like his album…

    LOL at Sam’s voice. such a pompus ass tool

  37. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 2, 2010

    @Ghetto Fab, I know where you’re coming from and there are a scary amount of Chris Brown stans on here in denial.

    Only time will tell whether Jason Derulo is able to top CB success wise. He’s certainly off to a really good start, so let’s not discredit him just yet. He just may catch up if CB can’t live down his beating of Rihanna.

    Now with that said, JD needs to leave the dancing to the professionals (CB, Usher, etc) cuz his s*** ain’t cute – at all! And I say that with love. lol

  38. X,Y “and Z” March 2, 2010

    @Youputthelimeinthecoconut —

    It’s ‘one-thing’ to make-it, and NOT have to, count-on someone’s ‘fall’; then, there is “making-it” all-on-your-own – of YOUR-own accord! …Mr. Derulo is “of-the-former”: you ONLY heard ’bout him AFTER Feb 8th 09! …Everyone was rushing to take-over CB’s spot – ain’t no-one done it yet; ain’t no-one gonna – neither!

    Rihanna is a liar; the mainstream is racist and reactionary – in the extreme; and as CBreezy’s World Tour draws near, y’all are gonna see that the world didn’t fall-for TMZ’s racist-B*******!
    There ain’t no-one who can command-a-stage, BY HIMSELF, as our-boy can; NO ONE! …So, go wash the cold outta your eyes, change your underwear, brush your teeth and get ready for CBreezy 2.0!

    X,Y”and Z” — (One REALLY-scary CB stan) OUT!

  39. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 3, 2010

    @ X,Y “and Z”, I don’t know if I would consider you a scary CB stan as much as I consider you a scary Rihanna hater! :-p Either way you do make a point – there are people out there who are jumping on the Jason Derulo bandwagon simply out of spite, in hopes that he’ll indeed succeed Chris Brown. Bottom line, the fact of the matter is it more than likely WON’T happen. However I still believe it’s a little premature to say CB is gonna make a full comeback, especially if Rihanna is still in the picture (which she will be if the b**** is actually going to release another album this year.) Some of yall might be getting yalls hopes up, FACT!

    On another note, am I the only one who caught the shade Jason threw when he, out of nowhere, busted out laughing when Chris’ name was mentioned? HA!

  40. X,Y,”and Z” March 3, 2010

    @youputthelimeinthecoconut — I’m glad you mentioned that “shade-thrown-at-CBreezy by Mr. Derulo!” Now, we can ALL see, just what ‘sort’ of an individual HE is; and more importantly, decide as-to-what/how to feel ’bout him!

    With THAT “one-slight” Mr. Derulo hurls at CBreezy, he, in-my-book, has shown-himself to be nothing more than an ‘opportunist’ who CAN’T rely on HIS-own talent: HE has to wish-and-hope for the downfall of another man to “get his!” …Pure unadulterated ‘B****- Azzness’, if you really wanna know!

    Even Drake, who recently toured Va., brought CBreezy onstage with him – I, at one time, SERIOUSLY ‘went-in’ on Drake. ..But you know what? I had to back-up and apologize to him; Dude is righteous after-all! Look at how Rihanna used Drake to get CBreezy jealous; and it worked! Rihanna is a snake, and she ain’t all that – I’m really hoping CBreezy NOW will see her for “what SHE really is!”

    …But back to this “Derulo character” – they’ll be” no-quarter-shown”, nor repentance accepted – now I’ll have to add HIM to the lis-of-undesirables: Jay Z, Harvey Levin (TMZ), Oprah, Tyra Banks, John Legend….

  41. Jay March 3, 2010

    He alright I mean He aint no Usher, Trey songz, Ne-yo, The-dream, Justin Timberlake, Robin, Bobby V.he kool the problem is so many new singer been come in the game so or one hit wonder and so or not and then we got them old singers makin huge come back like silm, sisqo and r.kelly and it hard to keep up with them r&B SINGER BUT OVERALL I THINK HE GOOD AND STAY IN GAME

  42. flyboi March 3, 2010

    lmaoo whats gonna happen when cb releases what i do, pass out, i love u feat ester dean, wait ft trey songz and famous girl his album sales gonna go up those hits are definitely hot i in addition his album is almost gold with NO Promotion i cant transform ya went platinum cb hasnt been releasing his singles that easy or done promo hes taking his time and he might re -release when the movie takers come out and im not even hating but dont throw shade at cb his trying to recover his career which is doing reasonably well

  43. Keesha March 3, 2010

    People need to stop saying that someone is going to replace someone else. Although, I’m indifferent about Jason Derulo, I wish him the best. He seems to be talented. I mean he’s been writing since he was eight I believe he said and he’s written for many artists that are out today.

  44. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 3, 2010

    @FlyBoi, sweetheart I don’t know where you got your facts but they ALL KINDS of wrong. First of all, ain’t no way I Can Transform Ya is a Platinum certified single, in sales OR shipments. The single didn’t even go Gold. His ALBUM didn’t even go Gold, so how that #20 stalled flop can go platinum is beyond me. Never happened!

    Second of all, Jive is not going to release all those songs as singles. The label isn’t going to spend all that money and promotion on a flop album. And third, Graffitti is stalled at 250,000 in the US – that’s halfway Gold, not almost Gold.

  45. Kayla March 3, 2010

    Actually I Can Transforn Ya did go platinum and as of February his overall singles were 1.5 million in the U.S. and Crawl went Gold.
    You are saying Chris flopped because in 2 months his album sold 258,765 albums while everyone think Trey Songz is successful when in almost a year he just reached gold with 500,000 albums sold. His album isnt doing well here in the US because of the incident but he’s charting well overseas.

  46. Kayla March 3, 2010

    @Flyboi I agree because although What I Do isnt a single now it’s already on the charts because of the airplay. along with Wait. Haters can sit back and sip their haterade but Chris is not going anywhere.

  47. MOJO March 3, 2010

    Lool I didnt catch his little cackle at Chris Brown, the first time around but I did this time. And woooooow does this guy realize he has nothing on CB? If you look on his youtube account he has some live performances which are pretty bad ..he looks awkward dancing and his vocals are def not on point. But we already knew that was gonna happen because most of his songs are autotuned the hell out. I mean come on Jason..laugh at Chris really? I’m not even saying Chris is a great vocalist live because he isn’t yet but he’s better than you and we can already see you are no where near anyones level dancing…did anyone catch the dancing in his two videos…Come on when have you ever seen Usher or Chris Brown look so awkward doing something choreographed for a video. And to count Chris out is so premature. Chris has that movie coming out and you cant say his single selection is gonna be any worse than Derulo’s. Chris just needs to shut up for awhile which it appears he is doing and come back hard with that movie and slap a single on it. But Derulo can have his day cackling like a biotch for now until he gets exposed when he starts performing on TV…I saw him do “Watcha Say” on Alexa Chung and that performance was a mess.

  48. vegasgirl March 3, 2010

    What Mr. Derulo needs to do is attach a face to the music, everybody knows his songs but nobody knows him yet. Quite frankly, I get him mixed up with all of these new faceless, nameless dudes on the radio right know ( Jay Sean, IYAZ?, etc.) they are all the same, doing similar type of music currently.

    Also, no disrespect… to me he’s not really that attractive and that does count toward some level of appeal to an audience. He looks like a mix of R. Kelly and Avant ( anyone remember him?…Horrible) which is a look that may or may not sell to a broad audience. I am a bit superficial ( i guess) but at 15 I would have NEVER been into this guys music or looks. I think people love his songs but don’t know who the hell he is yet!

    I saw him perform on Wendy Williams months ago and he should next album try to use less autotune because he can sing and dance but he sounded completely different live than he does in his recorded songs. He also sounded a bit winded, but I expect that when you are dancing and singing live. Also saw him in that movie MTV did ( didn’t really watch it , just noticed he was in it) so he is making all the right moves. He is doing really well but we will see how far he will go.

  49. Flyboi March 3, 2010

    @lime lmao I’m just gonna laugh seriously I sed almost And 300,00 is close to gold and trust me Chris got enough money to release those songs lol I’m not gonna even explain u well see at the end of the year whose on top only cuz he didn’t sell doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the right to release his singles and promte his album still is never to late Oh and FYI in new zealeand I can transform ya it’s certified gold 500,000+ and I love u ft Esther dean was top 50 r&b 3 weeks ago and it’s still in top 100 r&b so imagine wen He does release it and when his album came out the first week what I do was charted already at# 89 and pass out #100 billboard so imagine when he releases those two singles POW!

  50. Renee March 3, 2010

    What Cha Say is a very catchy song. The second single I dont like much. He’s kinda corny. to me. Best of luck. He’s not going to replace Usher or Chris. SORRY haters..

    .Chris isnt going anywhere soon!!! I saw this cat dance and it was a hott mess. We’ll see where he is in a year! To me he doesn’t posses the charisma that Usher + Chris have… *shrugs* His buzz aint all that either… Chris has HIS fanbase, so does USHER.. and they are loyal fans too…. soooo …Also HE’S NOT CUTE …SORRY!!

    For those simples that said Chris’s album flopped. Do you say Trey Songz album flopped to? Cause Trey’s album been out since last August and just about two weeks ago went GOLD = $500,000.00 units. He’s on his 6th single. Chris’s album has been out since November and he’s only on his second single and his sales are at 300,000.00. Soooooooo what are you really saying???


  51. shanny March 3, 2010

    @lime lol cb has the support and money 2 release 4 or 5 singles trey songz release his 6th single with a gold cd chris is half way their buddy

  52. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 3, 2010

    You delusional stans are absolutely unbelievable…

    @Kayla, can you show me directly where I Can Transform Ya went Platinum and Crawl went Gold? Because until I see proof of this, I absolutely refuse to believe it. According to Billboard, ICTY sold 240,000 copies – that’s not Gold, let alone Platinum. Crawl did even worse than ICTY, so there’s no way that song went Gold either. Those singles were not that successful, plain and simple. ICTY peaked at #20 on the Hot 100 and Crawl peaked at #53. And when it comes to his album charting well overseas, that’s also false. The album peaked at #40 in Australia and New Zealand, everywhere else (besides the US) the numbers are even worse than that.

    @FlyBoi, Chris Brown has enough money to release the singles…fine, UNFORTUNATELY his RECORD LABEL (who’s in charge of releasing singles from his album, not him) is not going to further promote an album that is stalled on the charts and in sales (250,000, NOT 300,000) with an additional 2, 3, 4 or 5 singles. Especially when the first two weren’t anywhere near as successful as the label had intended.

    I Can Transform Ya was certified Gold in New Zealand for 500,000 copies sold? REALLY? Where did you come up with that? First of all, Gold certification in NEW ZEALAND for an album or single is 7,500 copies sold, NOT 500,000 like the US. Yes, it’s different for different countries. And second of all, I’m pretty sure if the song did 240,000 in the US, it didn’t do even MORE in (of all places) New Zealand. Again if this is true, show me. But you folks shouldn’t LIE and make up s*** just to make him look better or something. His stans lack a lot of credibility by over hyping his flop singles and albums, period!

  53. shanny March 3, 2010


  54. shanny March 3, 2010

    @yupputthelimewith so actually think cb career is over?

  55. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 3, 2010

    @Renee, Graffiti sales are at 250,000, not 300,000. I don’t know why everybody keeps upping these numbers.

    And yes, Trey Songz IS a flop – SORT OF! Yes, the album did go Gold…which is not a flop at all. What makes it a flop is that his album was released 6 months ago and 6 singles (SIX!!!) were released from it before it went Gold. Now his stans can try and justify that until they turn white in the face…the fact of the matter is that really isn’t great at all. I mean it’s not like he’s an indie artist or anything, there’s no excuse.

    Chris Brown is a flop because in his position and with his caliber in the industry, the album should have been Gold by now, FACT! It isn’t. It’s halfway there. That’s not good enough. Again, yall keep hyping a n**** up talking about how he’s on a higher level than Jason Derulo and he’s this “big talent” and all that…yet his s*** ain’t selling? Something doesn’t seem right there, now does it?

  56. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 3, 2010

    Shanny, no I actually don’t think his career is over. But it’s going to take a long time for him to recover from him beating Rihanna up. My whole problem is that his fans (and stans, especially) are giving him way too much credit and getting all wet with excitement over his “comeback”. What comeback? What is he doing right now that would make people suggest his career is just fine and dandy?

    Anyway, the reason why I’m posting here is not necessarily because of his career, but because his stans LIE and FALSIFY his stats. I’m here to correct the b*******, that’s all.

  57. flyboi March 3, 2010

    @lime so your point is that JIVE wont release those 4 or 5 singles? are u sure about that? do u know the people whose working IN the JIVe record label? only because hes has poor albums sales doesn’t mean jive is gonna stop trying to recover his career and release his gang of hits that hes has

  58. flyboi March 3, 2010

    @ lime ok your comment with trey songz his album wasnt gold with his 4th or 5th single!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cb is in his 2nd so your are trying to say that jive still wont release what i do or pass out i love u? as singles? which will improve his album sales

  59. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 3, 2010

    FlyBoi you have to understand something about record labels…for them, it’s about the dollar sign first and the artist second. They’re not interested in “recovering his career”, they’re interested in the amount of money he brings to the table. If he’s not bringing in any money, they’re not going to shell out more money on a failed project. Now they may release a third single, in fact I never disputed that anyway. I said they wouldn’t release an additional 2, 3, 4 or 5 singles on top of the first two. If the third single they release isn’t as successful (or in this case, more successful) as the first two, it’s done. What they’ll probably end up doing is scrapping the album altogether and start work on the next project, but what they’re not going to do is pump money into an album that isn’t selling and singles that aren’t doing well on the charts.

    That’s the way it works.

  60. flyboi March 3, 2010

    @lime are u sure about that usher has released 3 or 4 singles and none of them have been certified gold or climb the charts like cb first 2 singles so stop throwing shade at cb then if dont know what his future holds with his next singles

  61. Renee March 3, 2010

    @Youput tha whatever b*******… who the f*** are you??? Why are u riding his shaft so hard??? Da f$#k are you talking about Jive this Jive that…??? *puzzled yo I really hope your a female, cause if your a dude, not a good look. Why u riding his shaft so hard son???

    * Anyway, u need to SHUT DA F$CK UP, you dont know S***!….. Ms. Cleo. SMH

    Did you really think that after all that drama of last year his sales would have been the same as previous albums? Cmon son. Im a STAN, and even i knew that it wouldnt have been..SMH… Various obvious factors…

    Go back to RihannaDaily and worsip No talent Princess Riri, dress up nice, good hair + make up, good producers, good song writers etc and of course, she has to say and rehearse everything they tell her to say. But underneath all of that, NO TALENT! Atleast Chris HAS talent… (and of course ur gonna say, im not a 5 head fan, yeah right)

    Gaga is shitting on her ass right now, being out for abt one year and went diamond… go suck on that and stop studying Chris Brown so hard…k homie.

    As much as you want him to fail, it’ just not gonna happen.. SO KEEP TRYING !

    P.S abt Jason Derulo laughing at Chris…um ok, lets see if we know u this time next year…


  62. X,Y,”and Z” March 3, 2010

    @youputthelimeinthecoconut — But Rihanna is “fading”, you’ve witnessed her sales numbers for yourself; she’s a liar! She used this incident, as-ruse to sell her CD – as much as – she used that-now deceased little girl for PR! Can’t say that Jive records does NOT realizes that, with the recent revelations regarding Charlie Sheen; Chris can’t be judged in-the-same-light, he was, only a few months ago? I’ll even dare-to-say, that there isn’t a talent, at age 20, as “A Chris Brown”: singing, dancing, songwriting, producing, acting and he does have that “cross-over-look!” What 20 y/o can command-a-stage as he – I now ask – can you name one?

    I think, as time passes, and as other celebs do ‘dumb-stuff’, the public will ‘move-on-to-the-next-one’ and forget ’bout Feb 8th/09!
    With the “constant- revelations” ’bout Rihanna, she will be fast-forgotten; what does SHE bring-to-the-table? NOTHING! …That’s what…absolutely NOTHING!

    When you get a chance, go-over-to TMZ and read the comments for this last story regarding her: Rihanna NOT paying her personal trainer; who is -in fact- suing her for $30K for services-rendered and non-payment; 99% of the comments are BRUTAL! Just a few months ago, she was the ‘darling-of-the-media’ who could do no-wrong; what a difference a few months make, ‘eh? …Rihanna is self-destructing, no-one believed her 20/20 interview, hence her sales numbers! …There is “NOTHING-to-her”; she’s all-a-gimmick; she’s just lucky she’s light-skinned and sucked and f***** the “right d***”…(cough Jay Z!)

    I said this BEFORE “Rated-R” was released: I said it immediately-AFTER that 20/20 interview: Susan Boyle showed EVERYONE, that folks want/need “happy-endings:, not that “Rated-R-darkness”; why should they? They can look ,in their very-own lives, given the current economic-climate, and see-all-the-darkness, they’d EVER wanna see!
    …Then she goes on Oprah and sings Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song”, what utter madness – that was: “How long shall they kill our profits, while we stand aside and look”; are YOU kidding me? She hurt “that-effort” – if anything! Why is she scaring white-folks? The object is to soften-’em-up and have ’em THEN, open-up their wallets!
    …A better song, as I’ve said, would have been Bob Marley’s “No Woman no cry.”

    …All I can say, is that she’s fast-fading; her squandering-of a ‘once-in-a-life-time- opportunity’ will make for ‘a good-chuckle’ come 2-years from now, when she’s ‘trying-HER-best’, NOT to be eliminated from Dancing With The Stars!

    X,Y “and Z” — OUT!

  63. flyboi March 3, 2010

    well im not gonna lie riri is doing good with rude boy but after that she doesn’t has strong hits she only has rockstar 101 and fireboomb thats y they want to work on another album shes gonna become overrated Russian roulette didnt do that well in the U.S I cant transform ya made more money even though Russian roulette was top 9 billboard but it quickly fell off the charts and i cant transform ya was still there for 21 weeks

    @lime i can transform ya doesn’t have 240,000 downloads it has more than that in the billboard magazine on December or jan it said 250,000 downloads and we in march already and its still top 4 in r&B itunes and top 70 in tunes videos still

  64. Renee – Trinidad + Tobago! March 3, 2010

    X,YZ you go hard!!! Also why doesnt he/she (Putlime in it whatever) speak about the Rated R Project. Since you know sooooooo much about record lables. Discuss Def Jam’s budget for the Rated R Project and whether or not they have been reaching their targets??? Huh?? Mr. L .A Reid, is *supposedly* getting fired for among many projects that one as well.

    Now lets just say, they thought after her award winning performance on 20/20, her first week sales would have been like 300,000 or sumthin, actually they were 160,000 oh yeah at 99. cents too!…which is first week FLOP! (Chris’s 2nd album did $ 294,498 first week.)

    Anyway yeah, basically what they are saying is that huge amount of money put into the porject, they are not getting it back ,soooooo, we’ll see! Her stans always talk about
    numbers, but if you dont know what they are working with, numbers dont mean s***! But you know she gon rerelease the s*** out of that album!

    Finally, let her prance around, she has momentum now, thanks to Chris Brown, so go ahead overexpose yourself …when people get tired of u they get tired of you. Society is fickle! Meanwhile Chris is laying low …we’ll see who has staying power!

  65. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 3, 2010

    @Renee, first of all yes I am a female. And I’m pretty sure you know who I am and have seen me on this here blog many a time. 😉 Second of all, I’m not riding his shaft at all. If you actually read my comments instead of skimming over them (which you obviously did), you’d realize I made nothing but valid points, as well as called out the fake numbers people on here are giving him. I’m not going to explain it a second time, read my comments again. What I said isn’t anything that most us normal folk don’t already know. When it comes to mentioning Jive, there are people in this post who are clearly not familiar on how record labels work; that’s another point I was explaining. It’s not about being a psychic, and it’s not rocket science when it comes to knowledge of how the industry runs.

    Now honey…why are you telling me to “go back to RihannaDaily”? I’ve never visited that site in my life. I’m not a Rihanna stan at all, in fact I can’t stand Rihanna and Chris Brown equally. Not once in this post, or any other, have I bigged her up or anything. What, because I’m schooling these people on Chris Brown’s lack of success and offending yall with the truth, all of a sudden I’m a Rih stan? Not even, lol. They’re both as mediocre as the next, and that’s real!

    I’m very well aware Gaga went Diamond with her albums…and? In overall sales though, Rihanna still got her beat by a few million anyway. And?? No matter what though, both Rih and Gaga s*** all over Chris Brown’s album sales, so I don’t know why that’s even being mentioned.

    And last but not least, did I think that, with the drama surrounding him beating up his girlfriend, his sales would be up to par with his previous albums? Absolutely not. I never said so. His album flopped, period. That’s what I’ve been saying this whole time, lol!

  66. Renee – Trinidad + Tobago! March 3, 2010

    @Flyboi, yeah Rude Boyis doing good. Thanks to Esther Dean + Stargate!!

  67. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 3, 2010

    @X,Y,”and Z” and Renee, I know Rihanna is flopping, nobody on my side is denying that at all. The reason why I’m not on Rihanna is because this ain’t even about Rihanna, I’m talking about Chris Brown’s flop of an album here.

  68. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 3, 2010

    @FlyBoi, okay fine. I Can Transform Ya is at 250,000. That’s still not Platinum, nor is it Gold. I don’t even remember who it was that was saying that record was Platinum but that s*** was just too funny to me, I absolutely had to comment on it!

  69. flyboi March 3, 2010

    @ lime u didnt answer my question about usher lol

  70. flyboi March 3, 2010

    i can transform ya is not on 250,000 that was in December!!!!!!!!! we in march now and it still selling more than Russian roulette POW! in the US

  71. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 3, 2010

    Oh I’m sorry FlyBoi, I forgot. Usher has released one buzz single and one official single from the upcoming release, peaking at #31 and #47 respectively. The singles are flopping, yes. Who knows though, this album may actually do big things.

    And Chris Brown doesn’t rely on autotune and sings live, and Rihanna is one of the greatest performers of this generation! 😀

  72. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 3, 2010

    NO! See, you’re pushing these number again honey. ICTY was at 240,000 copies sold as of December 2009. We’re assuming the single sold another 10,000 copies between then and March, and I still find even that hard to believe.

    For the sake of argument, let’s just say the song sold 300,000 copies thus far (it didn’t, but for the sake of argument). That’s still not Platinum…or Gold. 🙁

  73. Renee – Trinidad + Tobago! March 3, 2010

    @putalimeinwhatever .. ur funny. go back to Rihanna Daily though. Ur riding his d*** honey, infact your riding it harder than Princes Riri used to!. Real Talk. Soooooooo who are you the album sales police??? *roll eyes* omg , whatever makes you happy.

    Finally, you dont work at Jive, so that whole paragraph you wrote is a bunch of bulllllllll. You dont know what their targets were or what their expectations were for the album. So how can you write a thesis about something you know nothing about, seriously?

    Jive this, jive that:

    “Second of all, *Jive is not going to release all those songs as singles. :::The label isn’t going to spend all that money and promotion on a flop album*:::. And third, Graffitti is stalled at 250,000 in the US – that’s halfway Gold, not almost Gold.”


    GIRL BYE!!! F*** outta here…


  74. flyboi March 3, 2010

    @lime FYI: usher in total has released 4 singles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey daddy, There goes my baby and lil freak ft nicki minaj and papers which and have not gain alot of downloads compare to cb first 2 singles and they stil keep releasing singles on march 18 they going release another single called MOre by usher which is gonna be his 5th single so what makes u think cb cant release at least 3 singles later in the future?

  75. flyboi March 3, 2010

    uk crawl re enter charts peaking at #35

  76. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 3, 2010

    Wow Renee, at first I pegged you as one of his smarter stans…I was clearly wrong. What part of “I’m not a Rihanna stan, I can’t stand them both equally, I’ve never visited RihannaDaily in my life” did you not understand? Lol. Listen, I may not know exactly what Jive’s expectations of this album were…however I’m pretty sure their expectations weren’t 250,000 copies sold after almost three months of release with two flop singles to accompany it. I mean really, Renee, use some common sense.

  77. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 3, 2010

    You know, they say an artist’s fans are, in a way, a representation of that artist. We all know Chris Brown is uneducated, didn’t graduate high school, couldn’t form a proper coherent sentence out of his mouth if his life depended on it, more than likely doesn’t know what the definition of the word “coherent”, and has the intelligence of a 15 year old. I guess it’s no surprise then that his fans are just as uneducated and ignorant as he is. I mean, Renee here can’t even spell my name properly so that just goes to show how dumb they are. I’d laugh, but it really isn’t even funny. :-/

  78. Renee – Trinidad + Tobago! March 3, 2010

    Fly Boi + X Y Z…leave her/him alone…She’s Putlimeinwhatever aka Ms. Cleo aka Album Sales Police. She/he is deluisonal.

    If he was at the top of his game scandal free + he was doing these would have been a flop.

    Ms. Cleo you contradicted yourself:

    I’m very well aware Gaga went Diamond with her albums…and? In overall sales though, Rihanna still got her beat by a few million anyway. And?? No matter what though, *both Rih and Gaga s*** all over Chris Brown’s album sales*, so I don’t know why that’s even being mentioned.

    Then you tell me:

    I know Rihanna is flopping, nobody on my side is denying that at all. The reason why I’m not on Rihanna is because *this ain’t even about Rihanna*, I’m talking about Chris Brown’s flop of an album here.

    BUT YOU BROUGHT IT UP FIRST!!! You mention gaga + 5 head shits all over him, but u stans dont realise they are not his competition. Then when I say 5 head aint doing all that good, you say well this aint about 5 head…Gilr bye.

    Well you slayed me with this one:

    And Chris Brown doesn’t rely on autotune and sings live, and Rihanna is one of the **greatest performers of this generation! **

    YOU WIN!!! Ms Cleo you win, (just a little tidbit though, an online community with just under 60,000 members (with some serious hardcore 5 head stans) had a poll about who is the MOST overated Female singer of the day . The contenders were, 5 head, Beyonce, Gaga, Taylor Swift+ Britney Spears.. your princess won with 81 % 2nd was taylot with 57%!

    Rihanna is one of the **greatest performers of this generation! **


    You stans are delusional…you just proved yourself to be a 5 head stan!

    Im done!
    Good Night!

  79. X,Y,”and Z” March 3, 2010

    @youputthelimeinthecoconut — NO, don’t get me wrong, I don’t care WHAT Rihanna does – I don’t! What I do know, is that SHE wasted an opportunity – most will NEVER get!
    …Now, she has to do ‘something’, while STILL relevant; a public – whose attention-span, fades, but fast! …I just DON’T see ANYONE current or on-the-horizon who’ll be as dynamic a performer or has the talent of a Chris Brown.

    Even during that Larry King interview, Mr. King was inquiring ’bout Chris being at MJ’s funeral; even HE recognizes that CBreezy was to be “the next MJ!” Even BEFORE MJ’s passing, and BEFORE “all of the drama” he was said to be the “next MJ!” Whether anyone can truly-be “the-next MJ” is ‘not-really’ up-for-debate, but to follow in HIS foot-steps, as HIS ‘figurative-son’ , is what CBreezy was/is! …As proof, I offer the night, of THAT BET MJ Award/Tribute, the entire-world was waiting for CBreezy to perform – that Jamie Foxx BS was a disgrace – A total, complete and utter disgrace to anything MJ has done; “soil the legacy of MJ,” with some BS like that, is what BET and Jamie Foxx did!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT!

  80. flyboi March 3, 2010

    @lime lol cause someone can not spell your blog name they are uneducated wow!!!! i did not know that someone misspelling or type-0 determines their level of education level

    ps answer my questions stop avoiding them

  81. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 3, 2010

    @FlyBoi, I don’t know, and really I don’t care anymore. I’m tired and over this s***. If this n**** releases another TEN singles, I couldn’t care less. The album is s*** anyway, it’s not as good as his last two efforts and it’s doing really bad.

    Here’s what needs to happen if Chris wants to come back in a big way: they need to scrap Graffiti altogether, just call it a day! Then Chris needs to go into hiding for a good 6 – 8 months; and not this Beyonce s*** either, where he’s making movies on the side and s***. He needs to get away from the public eye completely! It may not suit his fans, but it’s about HIM not them. He then needs to finish up that community service and those domestic violence courses, FINISH HIS EDUCATION, focus on himself and his own personal growth and make improvements within his life. Then when everything is taken care of and said and done, he needs to come back with a heartfelt single – not a song like Crawl, where it only reminds people of Rihanna, but a song about whatever; life, love, something that’ll win not only his fans over, but the general public. Then the label needs to create a hot album for him, something that will actually SELL, something he can base a world tour or something on.

    If he doesn’t play his cards right, he really isn’t going to come back in a big way. His fans can talk all the s*** they want, but the fact that his “comeback” is not going as planned and the fact that he’s not doing as well as he should, only means you folks are obviously not supporting your boy the way you need to. Think about this the next time somebody else brings up his dying career!

  82. X,Y,”and Z” March 3, 2010

    @yYouputthelimeinthecoconut — YOU-stand-corrected: CBreezy HAS a HS Diploma – Rihanna doesn’t — I care so much, I just had to….

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT!

  83. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 3, 2010

    @Renee, you are a real piece of work sweetie, lol. When I said “And Chris Brown doesn’t rely on autotune and sings live, and Rihanna is one of the greatest performers of this generation!” in reference to the chance that Usher might have a big album, I was being sarcastic. You didn’t get that? Wow, thanks for proving my point even further than Chris Brown’s stans are slow.

    Renee you’re a nitpicker, dissecting my comments and misplacing them. When I said Rihanna is flopping, I meant with Rated R. When I said she shits all over Chris Brown’s album sales, I meant total album sales – not just Rated R. Again Renee, you need to learn how to use common sense.

    If you knew how to read and if you knew how to follow dialogue, you wouldn’t have misunderstood my comments. I don’t know how old you are love, but stay in school, that’s all I have to say. No hard feeling at all, have a good night. <3

  84. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 3, 2010

    XYZ, does he really have his diploma? Can you show me a link or something…I’ve yet to hear about this. If he indeed does though, I’ll take that back completely. Although you have to admit, he doesn’t sound like an educated dude. Let’s keep it real now…

  85. flyboi March 3, 2010

    @lime lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats all i guess u gave up about the singles situation great! mission accomplished! that prove my point cause earlier u said he can not release singles cause of his lack of downloads which your wrong cause other artist have released singles weather their previous records were successfully or not but keep in the look out for the pass out video and what i do videos coming soon killing u softly! goodbye case closed!

  86. flyboi March 3, 2010

    @lime you make me laugh tell me about rihanna first album sales and cb first album sales please

  87. Renee – Trinidad + Tobago! March 3, 2010

    LOLOLOL@ Putlimeinwhatver aka Ms. Cleo aka Album Sales Police

    Rihanna didnt finish secondary school, so what are you really saying?? In every interview she prepped word-for-word..

    Yeah I used my common sense, to know that you dont know what you’re talking about. Continue trying to convince yourself sweetie. That paragraph about Jive isnt’s just something you created in YOUR delusional mind!


    Your name is lame thats why i dont type the whole thing dummy.

    I guess Im really “dumb” to be responding to your delusional ass…

    Rihanna is one of the **greatest performers of this generation! ** She came here to Triniadad and bombed big time. Greatest peformers my ass… smh


    Girl bye!

  88. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 3, 2010

    FlyBoi, the initial reason why you and I are even in discussion about this is because you said ICTY went Platinum. But yes, case closed. Let’s just agree to disagree. 🙂 If he releases more singles, great. If he doesn’t, great.

    With all that has been said though, I Love U with Ester Dean is my jam right now, I ain’t even gonna deny that. Ester Dean’s “Drop It Low” is still on constant rotation on my iPod, those two compliment eachother well. If he released that song, I wouldn’t be mad at all. Still, I don’t see it happening!

    *waits for Renee to trot back in here and refer to me as a hypocrite because I said I like a Chris Brown song even though I’m saying his album sucks and it’s a flop* WATCH! Lol!

  89. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 3, 2010

    Lol, take major offense to that, Renee. Some other fool the other day was saying my name was “stupid”, that’s so wrong. My name is neither lame or stupid. My name is a play off the all too famous song “Coconut” by Harry Nilsson. PLUS my avatar has a lime in a coconut. You ain’t never seen something so creative before you met me, and you’ll never see anything more creative after I leave! :-p

  90. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 3, 2010

    *I* take major offense to that, is what I meant.

    @FlyBoi, it’s not about “first album” sales, it’s about overall albums sales in total – combined. I don’t judge an artist’s sales on individual projects, but rather as a whole. And as a whole, Rihanna has him beat. Not that I’m taking sides (I had to explain more than once to some moron on here a few minutes ago why I don’t like Rihanna over Chris Brown and vice-verse), but it is what it is.

  91. Renee – Trinidad + Tobago! March 3, 2010

    @Putlimewhatever… Girl/boy whatever..i didnt catch your sarcasm. Shoot me, I guess im dumb ass rocks for that s***…….. Whatveves!

    But I still know your DELUSIONAL as f***! Continue Album Sales/Stats Policing!

    Chris Brown aint going NO WHERE!

    It’s 5 to 2…so Im outtie!! TEAMBREEZY!!

  92. Renee – Trinidad + Tobago! March 3, 2010


    Creative? You mean dumb!, that s*** is lame yo

    I dont care if you like Chris Brown.. i dont give a f*** .. Do you!

  93. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 3, 2010

    Okay fine Renee, goodnight. I have to say though, Team Breezy needs some better strategies if their main captain is going to win the game like he used to. That’s a cheesy way of putting it, but yall get the point.

  94. Flyboi March 3, 2010

    @lime cb went double platinum the first time n second the only reason riri may have more cuz she has 4 albums out trust me if Chris had 3 albums out b4 the incident he will have more gggb is the only worthly album in my point of view and she needs 3 albums to make up what Chris did in 2 albums POW!

  95. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 3, 2010

    Umm not really FlyBoi, GGGB did 7.5 million worldwide – that’s 1.5 million more than Chris Brown and Exclusive (including the Forever Edition) combined.

    If were talking about their latest albums, she’s still got him beat, technically.

  96. Flyboi March 3, 2010

    @ lime Cuz she has 4 albums and Chris got 3 of course she gonna have more but her first two albums can’t touch cb first two period riri had to go to her 3rd album to be known as cb wen he first cAme out Chris is in his third album now ! But um why don’t you think I love u won’t be released that single is the only single that’s in the top 100 r&b right now with out being release

  97. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 4, 2010

    FlyBoi, Music Of The Sun did 2 million worldwide, A Girl Like Me did 4.5 million. Chris Brown and Exclusive both did 3 million a piece worldwide. Their first two albums sold roughly the same amount (minus 500,000 copies), however with their third studio albums, Rihanna clearly came out on top. It really has nothing to do with who has more albums as she only has one more over him. And even if Rihanna stopped at the third album, she’s still have him beat.

    Or better yet, let’s pretend GGGB doesn’t exist and that Rated R is her third album. She’d still have more in sales as Rated R, while not doing anywhere near the numbers it should have, has most definitely surpassed Graffiti significantly.

  98. Flyboi March 4, 2010

    Lmao music of the sun is certified as gold buddy where did u get your facts it didn’t go double platinum like cb first cd

  99. chianne March 4, 2010

    Um…this was about Jason whats-his-name, and now its all about Chris Brown. That’s what you get , Jason Pretty Boy, for that arrogant and condescending laugh you let out when they asked your opinion of CB’s situation. I used to think this newcomer was kinda interesting, and kinda a little competition to Chris. But I’m gonna start turning his stuff OFF when it comes on. That laugh just seemed cruel.

    @LimeCoconut – I have problems with some of your comments also. All this arguing about the charts – of course the album didn’t do well, with so little promotiom and so much Chris bashing. But it sold. It placed on charts. What defines a flop? Lots of us love this album. The numbers arguments are getting tiresome.

    And wow – your high-and mighty-comments about how lowly Chris Brown is, he can’t speak proper English, and his fans (why do we say stans?) reflect his ignorance (or something like that- and for your info, I have a masters degree). HEY, this is about the MUSIC darlin’ – where did you miss the boat? Its not about giving speeches in English class. I feel that Chris Brown’s raw talent as a performer (singing, dancing, wowing a crowd) is maximized becuz he IS such a natural, simple guy, kind of unrefined (and not uncomfortable about it). He didn’t go to perfoming arts schools, like Mr. Delaro (sp.?). He may not get to “the top” for a while, in terms of sales and s***, but he is already coming back strong doing what HE wants to do. Stop telling him lay low – he doesn’t want to! And the mixtape is doing quite well thank you.

  100. OJ March 4, 2010

    just dont beat anybody. He reminds me of a darker skin version of chris brown.

  101. X,Y,”and Z” March 4, 2010

    @Sam, this dude is ONLY 20?

    Why then, does his face look like that? He has the face of a 30 y/o! …I SWEAR, I thought he was the same age as Usher!

    …Don’t take MY-word for it; scroll-up, don’t read anything, THEN have a good-look at dude’s face, tell me: Does HE look like any-“regular 20 y/o?”

    ….He looks, NOTHING-like, any 20 y/o I’ve EVER SEEN; I’m thinking he was a “CRACK BABY” – I mean, his face looks like someone, you’d see, in the movies who was a recovering Alcoholic/Substance-Abuser; no-wonder this dude is angry/bitter at CBreezy!

    … I don’t blame him – I understand HIS bitterness: if I were born with SAID-physical-features, ‘as-such’, and THEN decided to get-into THIS industry; maybe HE should think-’bout “working in the background”, you know? …Maybe Producer/Arranger or Songwriter, I mean, this show business can be so….unforgiving: No-one can, or should, “blame” HIM for having said physical features that reminds us of our mortality – even in the powers of our youth – but then again, we can’t have said reminder, now can we?

    @Jason Derulo – ‘The Ugliness of your insides,” NOW-SHOWS on YOUR face; Jason, I’ll NOW leave YOU with this: “THERE, BUT-FOR-THE-GRACE-OF-GOD, GO I!”

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT!

  102. Chianne March 4, 2010

    hey @limey (I’m taking digs at you when its called for – not trying to be mean) – check CB tour dates. He has about 20 – Brazil, UK, France, and all those places he and Hottie toured 2 years ago – Manila etc, – but he’s doing it without Hottie. Oh, and Japan’s MTV awards. WHAT SENSE DOES THAT MAKE?? “HIS CAREER IS OVER!” “GRAFITTI IS A FLOP!” I think some people who know the business KNOW he is coming back – and strong.
    Watcha think?

  103. shanny March 4, 2010

    @ lime how u say chris brown singles are flops wen CNN REPORTED

    ” Particularly when you add in the number of individual tracks sold, which need to be accounted for in the era of iTunes, Mitchell said. Rihanna has sold 1.7 million tracks, and Brown is right behind her at 1.4 million.”

    which is outstanding great considering in the condition he is in about the whole domestic violence stuff

    so stop the hate

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