Hot Shot: Jason Derulo Meets JLS

Pop sensations JLS and Jason Derulo posed for the cameras backstage at London’s Hammersmith Apollo recently. Derulo, 20, took a break from his busy promotional schedule to attend the BRIT winners’ show, chatting it up with the guys backstage after it had ended.

With the group now set to debut in the US, after singing with label Jive Records (Britney, Ciara, Chris Brown), they are said to want Derulo on-board to pen songs for their Stateside LP. For those somewhat puzzled by the link, American producer JR Rotem, who is Derulo’s mentor, produced JLS’ ‘Everybody In Love’ single – which is set to serve as their first in the US.

Whether JLS, or Derulo for that matter, manage to make a dent on the US industry will be interesting to see…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Julian March 5, 2010

    Jason Derulo has already made a dent with his first two singles… A lasting dent? We’ll see. However, his place in the industry right now isn’t bad.

  2. erin chenault March 5, 2010

    to much gayness in one picture. (haters, im gay so i can say that)

  3. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 5, 2010

    I don’t know if it’s going to work out for JLS over here. I am rooting for them though and I actually kinda like them, they’re really not as bad as people make them out to be. So I hope they’re able to make more than a dent in the US market.

    Here’s the thing, there really are no boy bands out at the moment that are doing anything big in the US market these days, so JLS pretty much have the floor to themselves at the moment. If the little teeny bopper chicks and us older folk who are pushing for boy bands to come back get our way…it just might happen for them.

    I mean f***, if JUSTIN BIEBER is huge right now, what makes anybody think JLS can’t be either?

  4. Aunt Jackie March 5, 2010


    I don’t know if the US will accept JLS. The United States likes there guy performers sweet and flamboyant (see Justin Timberlake and Usher)…..but JLS might kind of be pushing it. Plus they don’t seem like the type that would attract young girls. I don’t know? They seem alright, though.

  5. chi09 March 5, 2010

    Is it me or does Jason Derulo wear a shitload of make up……but JLS and the US dont mix, we are not very liking of bands lol

  6. Ciara_2010 March 5, 2010


  7. Dave March 5, 2010

    Jason is handsome. JLS, I hate to be the bringer or bad news, but I don’t think so

  8. Kayla March 5, 2010

    Im sorry Jason looks FUGLY and OLD to be only 20 years old.. That band looks GAY. They both should go overseas because I think they would market better over there than over here in the U.S.
    Im not gay or ugly but it’s my opinion.

  9. thestar March 5, 2010

    haters take a deep breath and will shall wait and see….

  10. BC March 5, 2010

    Derulo is just the next Jerimih. He had a HIT song forever and then just fell off. I’m not sure if it’s the voice, production, image, or whatever, but most “artists” pop real big for a minute and then fade away as of lately. I think the problem is that most of these here-today-gone-tomorrow male artists are following the fad. Sure your song will be hot and maybe even the next one, but then it will be old news. I’m not saying that every song needs to be new and fresh, but it should at least stand out. I can’t tell Derulo from Iyaz from Sean Kingston from…well you get it.

  11. Fred March 5, 2010

    I dont know about JLS havent even heard their music they look funny to me for being males I am actually female lol

    Jason Derulo on the other hand I saw on Ellen and had to change the channel it was a big mess to me he cant dance or sing he should stick to song writing in my opinion.

  12. g3 March 5, 2010

    jason fire your makeup artist lookn ashy lol wrong undertone buddy but his music is good his songs are catchy

  13. Porsche March 5, 2010

    LOL they all look gay as hell!!!

  14. sugar March 5, 2010

    These people are so ugly…. they are not welcome here in america. we already have chris brown

  15. mez March 6, 2010

    gay is better than a woman beater so bring em on

  16. Meechy05 March 6, 2010

    Too many cuties!!

  17. Emma March 6, 2010

    I live in the UK and i actually think JLS will do fine in the US
    They already have Jason and Jay Z behind then so why not
    NONE of them are gay by the way
    In the UK they are like the mot popular band at the moment

  18. Emma March 6, 2010

    None of them are gay
    believe me

  19. HLOVE March 6, 2010

    Nowadays boy band or groups in america are not that successful as a solo artist or a rock band (e.g. Day26, Brutha or Backstreet Boys). I think they will be successful in Europe and Asia. But I think Alexandra will be successful in america.

  20. Tiff March 6, 2010

    Jason has those red kool aid lips. IDK, he always looked kind of suspect to me.

  21. Emma March 6, 2010

    If none of you guys have heard of JLS why dont yo look them up
    or watch there videos on youtube

  22. jade March 6, 2010

    I love jls they are the best they have the greatest job ever

  23. jade March 6, 2010

    JLS are the best i love there song called one shot and prviate and still the rest are fabulous i am so lucky to got to get there cd and get there website i cant unerstand that they didnt win the x factor because they have got the x factor the people who did not vote for them i dont like you one bit anyway I LOVE JLS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. jade March 7, 2010

    jls are the best people ever i cant understand why they didnt win the x factor OH MY GOSH WHY DIDNT THEY WIN THE X FACTOR

  25. jade March 7, 2010

    its true there not bysexual

  26. Linda March 7, 2010

    Well I think JLS will do just fine in the US , they are brilliant, they have already had 2 number 1 singles in the UK and a number 1 album since becoming finalists in the X factor, give them a chance. The young girls are going crazy for them in the UK so whats so different in the USA . Whats the problem with bands, to many female singers, you need a change of scene over there. JLS here they come, enjoy them but your not keeping them.

  27. fatima aka jls wifey March 8, 2010

    i think jls got the chance make in th US they r great and telanted guys so there will be no stoping in become bigger star in any country
    they are s*** and brillieant guys any girl who fall for them
    in my book there already bigger so i don`t knw wat r some people are chting abt just u watch and seeeee then will see who get 2 be laugh at looooool even doe they did`nt win the X FACTOR LUK where they are and those who won Xfactor where are dey nw no where 2 be seen so i say JLS has a bigger a chance in make big hits in US
    and those people who has thick head ned release jls are not gay so get ur fact stright before u say something u dunno u dump ass

    i love jls

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