Hot Shots: Mya Attends Fashion Week

R&B singer Mya attended the Rock Media Fashion Week this weekend. The dancer posed for this pics at Eden Roc Renaissance Resort on Miami Beach, Florida. Check out more pics below:

What do you think of the pics?

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  1. Stoney-Brie March 28, 2010

    guhhh no

  2. ~Team Weezy~ March 28, 2010

    Surprisingly, I like this on her! The color suits her well! She has been missing the mark lately with her attempts to be different but this isn’t that bad! I love her hair and make-up too! Cute!

  3. ADE March 28, 2010

    lool a mess

  4. ~Team Weezy~ March 28, 2010

    Um, but those nails GOTS TO GO!

  5. alida4221 March 28, 2010

    the hair is a mess n the dress is too much!

  6. Stoney-Brie March 28, 2010

    she’s lookin like Paris Hilton’s tinkerbell..

    im not liking..

  7. MMF March 28, 2010

    mya loookkkks hotttt..this is dope yall need to stop hating ..damn yal always got sumen to say..yall wish yall could look like her MYA is the beautiful and classy Love it #loveistheanswer smh at these haters!

  8. 12345 March 28, 2010


  9. c March 28, 2010

    The dancer you know, tis tis tis throwing shade at Ms Mya like woah lol.

  10. 12345 March 28, 2010

    Instead of hating Rihanna or making posts about has beens why dont you post the new Erykah Badu video that is fantastic and the meaning behind it is superb, ahm? Why dont you promote real talent? Oh, I forgot, your music taste is too limited, I doubt that you even know who Erykah Badu is

  11. Goodshortygonebad March 28, 2010

    I am always rooting for mya.. but wtf is she standing on???? she looks like she is a second away from falling over the damn balcony. lmao. love her away

  12. rineybeany March 28, 2010

    when bad fashion happens to good ppl

  13. Anthony March 28, 2010

    what ya’ll think she looks a mess??
    this is a hot look on her considering
    the usual with her.

  14. Puppy Love March 29, 2010

    She has always been beautiful in my eyes. She looks great here!

  15. TRUTH March 29, 2010

    Great dancer! Sucks ass that Donny Osmond won DWTS last year. Complete set up and skewed voting results. A minority celeb has never won DWTS since inception. SMFH.

  16. Junior in Jamaica March 29, 2010

    I swear the bloggers on this site are smoking something!

    How you gon’ start off saying the R&B singer…then end up saying the dancer? Mya is a talented entertainer who can do it all. You all need to check yourselves.

  17. likeCaesar March 31, 2010

    WHO IN THE HELL INVITED HER TO ANYTHING RELATED TO FASHION. She always looks a FOOL! She is “from around the way”….and that red peice of s*** dress looks like a project runway reject! In my best Heidi impersonation: She is out …Avida say…

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