Sneek Peek: Usher’s ‘Lil’ Freak’ Video

Published: Monday 22nd Mar 2010 by Sam

Peep this short preview of the video for Usher‘s latest US single ‘Lil’ Freak’, featuring Nicki Minaj. We’re going to hold judgement on the TAJ directed clip until seeing it in its entirety when it premières later this week. Check out the vid after the jump…

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  1. Fat, drunk, and ugly, Mariah! March 22, 2010

    Usher is cool. Don’t get that Nicki Minja b****!

  2. Aundrea March 22, 2010

    Ciara a 3 seconds sitting at the table!!!

  3. AalexisR (The Bahamas) March 22, 2010

    Hell yeah. I can’t wait. Hope his album does well.

  4. Anonymous March 22, 2010

    I’m just not really feeling Usher anymore. I don’t feel like he’s evolving at all.

    Say what you want, but if it wasn’t for “Chrihanna-gate”, Chris Brown would have easily replaced Usher.

    I’m really waiting on another Justin Timberlake album! He always brings it!

  5. Carl March 22, 2010


  6. rip king of pop March 22, 2010

    cant wait for the vid love this sooonnggg……do u guys think it will premiere tomorrow?

  7. ADE March 22, 2010

    this song is garbage

  8. stellastar March 22, 2010

    lol @ ADE

  9. Blasian March 22, 2010

    No Comment…. #thatsall

  10. March 22, 2010

    hot mess

  11. Dilla March 22, 2010

    I like it. Can’t wait for Usher to come back strong again. Nicki verses sound as if you heard one, you’ve heard em all.

  12. GLYNNIEE March 22, 2010

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmm ok…

  13. Aunt Jackie March 22, 2010

    Not a huge fan of the song, but the video looks cool.

    Nicki Minaj is a curious case to me…i don’t love her, but I don’t hate her either. Just another manufactured pop-star, in this case it comes in the form of a silly, “unique” female rapper.

  14. BEYDABESS (DA REAL ONE) March 22, 2010

    VIN DIESEL @ 3 seconds sitting at the table ON DAT RITE SIDE!!!

  15. Raychel March 22, 2010

    NICKI LOOKS A HOT MESS. what is up with her hair? NOBODY can pull that off…two different colors? NO.
    and the song..STRAIGHT GARBAGE. Ive heard better. come on usher..what happened to you making songs like You remind me and you make me?

  16. Radical Redneck March 22, 2010

    Gay ass n******!! Lol.

  17. Tammy March 22, 2010

    Nicki facade is a sh*tty diaper.

  18. lisa March 22, 2010

    same old s*** club, club, club, try something new usher but niki makes the song hot period

  19. cool chick March 22, 2010

    love Nicki’s verse, she made the song hot not Usher lol! That’s just sad

    Nicki still weird and ghetto as hell tho

  20. Hope March 22, 2010

    TEAM NICKIif u go listen to her songs like Autobiography she is a real cool and complicated chick even thou she might be gay or watever….its all good i dont judge as long as u a good rapper/singer i could care less of wat u do in ya free time!!! WHOS WIT ME??

  21. truth March 22, 2010

    hate this song. him and jay z clof the radio airwaves with the same s***. no diversity on radio anymore! eff him!!

  22. 12345 March 22, 2010


  23. Oh Yeah March 22, 2010

    i know this is just a 30 sec. snippet, but i hope Ciara’s part is longer this this. if not she has just been demoted to a back up dancer, seems like everyone is coming out the closet.

  24. Nick March 22, 2010

    video seems plain. but GOD this song needs to be a hit- one of the hottest i’ve heard in 2010

  25. afan March 22, 2010

    sorry to say this i hope ciara part in this video is not long. this is not a good look for ciara in this video . look what just happen to beyonce in lady gaga in video phome very bad vibs coming from lots of ppl these ladies are role models for the youth. PLEASE do not have nicki minaj ass up on ciara with that stupid s*** because these lebisan rumors will never go away. hope she’s just dancing and lets not forget jamie foxx in here.

  26. Alex March 22, 2010

    Typical club video….nothing to see here

  27. Parisian girl March 23, 2010

    Not original!but i love the song!
    Nikki killed it!

  28. R March 23, 2010

    Shame on all of you haters. No matter what Usher does to regain his status u will all be hating what kind of lousy people are you. This song and video will be huge and Omg will be massive hits this summer. U all hating on somebody so awesome and talented like Usher will fail in life. It’s sad but I think every time I see a Usher post it’s called we hate Usher.

    Usher prove all these lame fans of yours wrong!

    By the way does anyone know when this video and omg is coming out?

  29. qiara March 25, 2010


  30. Mrs Matson March 25, 2010

    That video is hot Nicki looks good in it….

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