Aguilera’s New Single Struggling On Chart

Published: Sunday 25th Apr 2010 by Sam

It appears the initial buzz surrounding Christina Aguilera‘s comeback single ‘Not Myself Tonight’ hasn’t been enough to power the song up the charts. Despite being released almost month ago, the song, today, sits at a disappointing #64 on the iTunes chart – noticeably dropping several places over the course of the week.

In looking at why the Polow Da Don produced cut is struggling to catch on, its lack of a proper hook or chorus may be one explanation (it simply doesn’t ‘stick’ in ones head). That and the fact that its accompanying video is taking, perhaps, too long to debut. In any case, one can only hope the video premiere on May 5th helps garner Christina a higher position – as this is kinda embarrassing.

Tidbit: Lady GaGa’s two year old hit ‘Poker Face’ leap-frogs Aguilera’s latest effort this week, hitting #62 on the chart. Just saying…

Your thoughts?

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  1. LIKE A BOY April 25, 2010

    It debuted at no 23 on Billboard . Radio airplay rising every week. Hardly struggling.

  2. TheFink April 25, 2010

    I think it’s because her song isn’t that good to start with, it’s not original really, sounds like something I heard before & not really memorable. I think she should release a follow-up single ASAP to catch up with the hype of her return to music, I just hope her new material would be MUCH better than this.

  3. hellohellobaby April 25, 2010

    I hope she gets it together.. cuz as u said sam its becoming embarrassing..and we want christina to win!!! altho she has nothing to prove.

  4. movieman April 25, 2010

    no the song is 65 on itunes its even beneath pokerface
    and its airplay is a disastuh .
    flop don t even try to deny xtina stans

    time to move on to single 2

  5. movieman April 25, 2010

    death i do love

    britney beyonce rihanna pink lady gaga stans all hate floptina and enjoy seeing her flop

  6. carl April 25, 2010

    I was watching a video today where someone was saying it’s not neccessary for people to re-invent themselves all the time. Sometimes people just want to see you do what YOU do best and I think that is sooo true.

  7. movieman April 25, 2010

    how the semi-mighty have fallen

  8. Boricua April 25, 2010

    Y’all are such b******! lol

    The song does sound a little like Gaga does ” Dirrty “part 2 just not half as good as the original…

  9. Hipocrits April 25, 2010

    This is exactly what everyone is talking about! How come this wasnt said about Mariahs 3 FAILED singles (I Wanna Know What Love Is, Hate U, Up Out My Face, Angles Cry.. thats what you call a faiure 5 singles and she still is not gold. BUt yet you want to write artilcles about a song that charted???? please!

  10. Ghetto Fab April 25, 2010

    LOL Just a lame attempt at trying to stir some controversy. Especially with mentioning “PokerFace.” Not myself tonight is not struggling. Its doing very well on the radio. The song will rise on the Itunes charts or as i like to call the teeny bopper charts when the video comes out. Stop trying to stir up controversy. Let’s try getting some actual news up here this Sunday.

  11. JustSayin April 25, 2010

    NMT is a killer song. I believe that its going to be hit once the promo kicks in, video May 1st, Oprah, American Idol, Saturday Night Live, MTV Movie Awards… so lets just wait and see.

  12. Katie April 25, 2010

    please, the promotion doesn’t even start! :/ I’m sure the sing reach Top 10 after performances

  13. Katie April 25, 2010

    the song*

  14. Last Boy on Earth April 25, 2010

    I dont even know how it reached the top 100 lmao, it is that bad, and I love me some Christina smh. She want get my support on this album that’s for sure

  15. Last Boy on Earth April 25, 2010


  16. Topman April 25, 2010

    Well Mariah isn’t cocky like Christina takling about how many years she’s been in the industry and all that. Plus Obsessed which was the album’s lead single was a top ten hit, selling in the millions and Memoirs has been Gold for a while now.

    I hope you know your username is misspelt btw…

  17. gxlo April 25, 2010

    Lady Gaga doesn’t do ANYTHING original. Xtina is the best, can’t wait for the album and NMT it’s a killer. Just need good promotion.

  18. JustSayin April 25, 2010

    Even it if NMT flops, which I doubt, it will like her only single that floped, but we cannot say the same for Mariah and her floppin ass…

  19. Blasian April 25, 2010

    Well the Song SUCKS she over sings on the song we know she can SANG but you don’t need all of that on a DANCE TRACK

    Maybe with the video and some promo it might pick up

  20. Last Boy on Earth April 25, 2010

    why the f*** are you talking about Mariah? Christina doesnt hold a candle on her, vocally Mariah is much more versatile and lirically Mariah is a genius so what if her last album flopped, it is one of the best and all her true fans like me are happy with it, the topic is about Christina so..

  21. Kyus93 April 25, 2010

    How is this news?

  22. jan April 25, 2010

    The song sucks and is beneath her- I never liked it when i first heard it- no hook and silly lyrics- airply bullet is decreasing everyday and being at #64 on Itunes is not good for her 1st single- i would expec that from an r&b artist not xtina- nex single please- shows u that fans are fickle

  23. Bionic- April 25, 2010

    I love Christina…. I am a huge fan ever since MMC
    but this song… is so uninspiring.

    The song sounded nothing like Christina’s song!! It seems like she was covering some new artist’s song that is… bad.
    and whoever says GaGa doesn’t do anything original, well…. It’s like saying Christina can’t sing. I love both, they are both original and great.

    Although, it’s time for Christina to reign again. I’ll be waiting for 2nd single.

  24. Blasian April 25, 2010

    ? How did Beyonce get in this?? Oh I know a LOSER RIHYODEL STAN lol Like always SAD they just can’t help it lmao!

  25. fdsfs April 25, 2010

    miley is gonna snatch her wig at this rate, both their albums drop on the same day

    roflmao if miley beats legendtina, she’ll officially be floptina then

  26. ADE April 25, 2010

    im not surprised to be honest, the song is horrendous

  27. Aunt Jackie April 25, 2010

    The song is okay, but she’s not doing anything revolutionary. She’s just following trends. Kind of like Usher. ‘Lil Freak’ is okay…but he’s Usher…he shouldn’t be following trends he should be creating them. That’s how I feel about Christina A. Her vocals aren’t even showcased on the song. What happened to ‘Fighter’ and ‘The Voice Within’. Great songs that she DOESN’T oversing, but showcase her amazing vocals.

    I hate when great, talented singers follow trends that other people, who usually are not as talented, start as an easy way to be relevant instead of trying to be more creative.


    Christina A. > ALL POP BISHES OUT NOW

    But that single was just okay. It was cute, but just okay.

  28. AP April 25, 2010


    As someone already said Mariah’s Obsessed was certified platinum and memoirs went gold!

    The reason why NMT is not doing well it’s because the song simply sucks! So all of you Xtina fans you can eat her FLOP!


  29. Dan April 25, 2010

    I agree with the comment about a lack of a proper hook or chorus… and it isn’t a very strong choice for a lead comeback single. She needed something that was unique to her, not a carbon copy of everything out there. I love Christina, but the single is forgettable. I hope her label either pushes forward with a second (better) single, or blows us out of the water with the video!!

  30. stan April 25, 2010

    well, to be fair she hasn’t done a ton of promo for this song.

    i personally don’t like the song, but i think it can definitely hit the top 20.

  31. geronimo April 25, 2010

    poor christina….

  32. rysinstarr April 25, 2010

    How can the song struggling yo.. it mite not chartin on dumbazz itunes but guess what it debut @ # 23 on billboard top 100 withouth having a video or performance ..its @ #23 on billboard hot 100 n its only been out for a week while Alejandro sits # 28 n it been out for 3 weeks now so wat yall tryna say..

    if yall dont belive check the charts 4 yall self

  33. jonstrax April 25, 2010



  34. Leepcd89 April 25, 2010

    Not Myself Tonight Is Hot!!!
    I Love It!!!
    Without Any Live Performance Or Video Yet It Debut At 23…Christina Will Perform At So Many Places When The Video Premier…This 4 sure will zoom Not Myself Tonight Into The Top 10…Just Look At Adam Lambert….Right After Adam Performance On Idol…He hit the top 10 With Whataya Want From Me…So Xtina will be just fine…

  35. anonymous April 25, 2010

    77K in the first week is not bad for someone who hasn’t had a new album in 4 years. Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance got off to a pretty mediocre start. 142K wasn’t great for someone coming off the monster success of The Fame.

  36. ico April 25, 2010

    During its first week on the radio “Not Myself Tonight” became the most added song on Mainstream Top 40 (886 plays in its first six days) and Rhythmic Radio stations in the United States.

    It was released for digital download on April 13, 2010 in the U.S. and sold 77,000 copies in its first week resulting in a debut of number 23 on the Billboard Hot 100.
    It is Aguilera’s third highest chart debut behind 2008’s “Keeps Gettin’ Better” debuting at number seven and 2006’s “Ain’t No Other Man” which opened at number nineteen.

  37. Dave April 25, 2010

    Ok, & this is y this blog is getting lame pretty soon. This is what your blog has to resort to, to get any type of buzz, readers or online traffic? Lame! Billboard HOT 100 > iTunes , enough said.

  38. V April 25, 2010

    @aunt Jackie I dont think usher was following a trend on lil freak, maybe the Nicki Minaj feature but everybody wants the hottest rapper at the time to be on their track. If usher was following any trend it was with OMG, like that dance/techno crap IS NOT Usher!

  39. Alex April 25, 2010

    its just not that great of a song & it sounds like just about everything else on the radio…point blank.

  40. here to laugh April 25, 2010

    You are such a bandwagon fan Sam…i remember last year you were a Christina Aguilera fan, now all of the sudden she’s a struggling flop? Bandwagon fans, just like half the people who post on here, only liking someone because they’re HOT, and not neccessarily for their material. And BTW, i wish ppl would stop comparing Christina to Gaga, they just LOOK alike, their music is completely different! Geez!

    NMT was not the best first choice for a single, but hopefully it picks up some steam, because its not that bad of a song. I am really hoping that the album has more of a “Stripped” feel to it rather than the autotune mess. I don’t even know why Christina chose this song, she’s got one of the best voices in the game.

  41. H April 25, 2010

    The point is no one cares what christinas doing anymore… she’s past it. Britney, gaga, miley, Kelly clarkson all topped the iTunes chart first couple days out with no
    promo and never fell below the top 20 let alone top 60 so quick. If no ones buying the single knowing damn well she has a single out… Why would they when she performs that mess on tv or makes a video for it

  42. neutral April 25, 2010

    If a song is realy good it doesn’t need heavy promotion look at britney and the blackout era/

  43. SiveZion April 25, 2010

    Who didnt this coming???The song is a total mess. Seriously, what is going on with the structure? Is it studied incompetence or was it an accident? It has about four million ridiculously short bridges, each even more lyrically vacuous than the last, culminating in what has to be the least exciting chorus of the decade. A lazy mish-mash of analogies and … See moremetaphors like “call the doctor ’cause I lost my mind”.. Alright, it has some redeeming qualities. Lurking in the rushed and half-arsed vocal blathering is the odd pleasant flourish, such as the line ending, “… I normally won’t do” and “I’m feeling unusual”. But that’s not enough to save a song, and it certainly doesn’t make up for how transparently calculated and cliched this is as a Lead Single Statement. Christina is different, everyone! She is “not herself tonight” And if you don’t like it [it being her new album and accompanying image], she says oh-so-fiercely, F*** YOU! Isn’t she FIERCE, everyone?! Uh, no. Christina, I think you need to go back and listen to Underappreciated, Make Over, Get Mine, Get Yours or Fighter and see how well you can REALLY say it.But is it Christina Aguilera’s best work? Does it show off any of her talents? Is it new? Is it needed? Is it good? Jesus Christ, no.Now excuse me, I’m going to watch Stripped-era live performances on YouTube

  44. Anon April 25, 2010

    I’m convinced you do this s*** on purpose. You know damn well her song just debuted at #23 on the Hot 100.

  45. Blackout_Music_Fan1011 April 25, 2010

    Hahaha “3” debuted at number 1 on Itunes and the Hot 100 with NOOO PROMO!!!!

    HAHAHA Floptina!!!!!!!!

  46. bbq April 25, 2010

    I’m a loyal, die hard Christina fan. And I love the song but do agree she needs to do something else to make the song a hit. Performing it Oprah and American Idol might ignite some kind of spark but I don’t think it’ll be enough to get it into the Top 10. It might be too late by then. But then again who knows those apperances along with all the apperances she has scheduled after the album comes out might help the song catch on. But hey Christina did say herself that ‘Bionic’ is ‘Stripped esque’ so maybe the second single is better just like with Stripped. Let’s hope.

  47. DION-ISH April 25, 2010




  48. April 25, 2010

    gosh, stop with the b*******

    remember stripped? dirrty wasnt a successful first single either…in the us…and stripped did great!
    of course christina is throwing an uptempo as the first single to connect to the people in the clubs and to gain radio airplay

    wait and see…the album will be great

  49. yo April 25, 2010






  50. yo April 25, 2010

    23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 . LOOK IT UP

  51. Oppa April 25, 2010

    If u dont like it, F U! Sam!

  52. h April 25, 2010


    You’re missing the point. #23 is why it’s struggling–how can she be CHRISTINA AGUILERA and debut outside the top 10 let alone the top 20 even with airplay. It’s flopping. Stop being delusional.

  53. Ghetto Fab April 25, 2010

    I’m not gonna bother arguing with some of you morons because fankly there is nothing to argue about. So i don’t know what the hell you folks are talking about. The promotion for the song hasn’t even started yet. To add to that the video hasnt even premiered yet. Why don’t yall calm your asses down and wait patiently til after her promotion, album, and video drops. AND THEN AND ONLY THEN CAN YOU ALL OR ANYBODY ELSE TALK S***!

  54. Bitchtinas Floppin Ass April 25, 2010

    no wonder this b**** floppin ass, becoz the song is b******* and she got no voice over Mariah. Mariah, Rihanna and Beyonce are >>>>>>>> better than the floptinas ass. She better pull another one becoz she tryna bee Lady Gaga. Hello Lady Gaga is original, floptina is just a sad ass. Lets pray for her. Amen

  55. matt April 25, 2010

    lmao at people saying alejandro is flopping and christina isn’t. alejandro is #16 on US itunes and that’s with the fame being out for two years, then a deluxe edition added (the fame monster) and two lead MONSTER singles, how can gaga be flopping after many people have the album, delusional stans. just shows how christina is no longer relevant in today’s industry, she is being compared to a NEWCOMER, YES A NEWCOMER that is gaga!!

  56. OddOne April 25, 2010


    Well, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, must be rather desperate mustn’t they? They appear to have to chuck in Lady GaGa whenever they can in order to get people’s comments; now that’s bitchier than me, that is… naughty naughty.

    But anyhow, this song is a bit of a dire comeback, but keep in mind there is no promotional video for it yet, and it better be huge because the last time a video was delayed this much we got a ten minute MONSTER of a video in the shape of ‘Telephone’.

    What? I just thought that if can get away with chucking GaGa in, why can’t I? :L:L

  57. Bitchtinas Floppin Ass April 25, 2010

    hahaha what a b****. Lady Gaga alejandro is a smash hit song and gonna go #1 on the world domination charts again like her other singles. B**** floptina is floppin her whoppin ass. Take it. My words are the law.

  58. matt April 25, 2010

    US itunes

    alejandro – #15
    telephone – #18
    bad romance – #36
    poker face – #61
    just dance – #69
    paparazzi – #91

    not doing too bad is she, yes im a motherfucking lady gaga stan. get over it!!

  59. lovelovewe April 25, 2010

    *YAWN* the song sucks. christina is F***** UP. #hoetryagain


  60. lovelovewe April 25, 2010

    @Matt DEATTH

  61. RATED X April 25, 2010

    X tina has a great voice, nobody cant deny that vocally she can sing circles around most of the so call singers out there.
    now to me she always had a stuck up attitude that eff up her talent for me. we know she can sing, but why bring crap out like this.

    this song suck, it sound just like every s*** out sombody said, xtina doesnt have to prove s*** to anybody out there, but she needs to bring it, since they are always gonna compare her to gaga.

  62. algie April 25, 2010

    i love xtina but this song is horrible

  63. Kenney April 25, 2010

    I love this song but personally Christina can do better than this song! I think she should’ve just stuck with Glam. Christina is almost 30 years old singing a song written by a 23 year old. a 23 years personality about the club is way different than a 30 year olds. I mean I love this song don’t get me wrong but it should’ve just stayed as a track on the album and not a single. It’ll do much better once the video comes out, she performs on Oprah, American Idol and the Movie Awards. But I wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up performing Glam instead!

  64. Jerome April 25, 2010

    It debut at 23 with almost no promotion. I’ll wait for the music video before reaching conclusion.

  65. Kent April 25, 2010

    Such a f****** biased dumb f*****.

  66. TBC April 25, 2010

    This is my ONLY problem with this blog… The sudden “articles” about struggling singles/albums and random explanations (more like opinions) on why the single/album are not doing well…

    With that being said “Not Myself Tonight” is doing great on all radio formats and now it debuted first week on Billboards Hot 1oo @ #23 which means it can only move up…

    Stick to blogging not “Reporting” news!!!!


  67. ~Team Weezy~ April 25, 2010

    I like Christina but the song is pure CRAP to me. Especially coming from her. People should stop denying that the song is struggling. I don’t think it’s a flop, however the fact that she’s been gone for so long and people have been anticipating her comeback, she should be doing a WHOLE lot better.

    The main reason I’m not a huge fan of her is because of her lack of originality. She just doesn’t appeal to me as a great artist and she’s been out for a decade now. Now there is absolutely no denying that this girl has the best vocal ability of any artist currently and most artists EVER. Her range and power are unbelievable. However, when she first came out she was following the trend of the corny POP i.e Britney, Backstreet Boys, Nsync, etc. Then she did “Stripped” which was around the time when everyone else was rebelling i.e. P!nk. Then she did an album centered around blues/jazz type songs which was a bit dry IMO. Now it seems she’s doing songs like Dance/Techno that are popular now i.e. Gaga. But whatever.

  68. mez April 25, 2010

    this is a hating blog Period…. does Gaga and kelly pay you???

  69. Ben April 25, 2010

    How can you say the song is Struggling On Chart when it only been out for a few weeks on radio and a few weeks on itunes. Christina hasnt even done any live performance of the song yet and it was the most added song to top 40 when release not to mention it debut at #23 on Hot 100. The video is not even out yet and her song is already on the charts Christina doesnt have to prove anything. I just wish you all would stop with the comparison what does lady gaga song have anything to do with Christina’s.

  70. Hipocrits April 25, 2010

    My name is spelled that way on purpose! I know how to spell “hypocrite”.

    Secondly, I don’t care what “Obsessed” did that still doesn’t make up for the fact that she had 4 more failed follow ups. Even if you combine her sales of her singles and album it still does not excuse the fact that her sales are this low with 5 singles out.

    You fans can say what you want but for a CD to have 5 songs/videos released from it it should be more than “Gold”. The point I am trying to make is that they {TGJ} never say these type of things about the artist that they like. They only post negative things on their artists competitors. I really think Mariahs situation would have been more suitable news because that album was hyped beyond belief. I really think you all should stop reporting news from such a bias standpoint and become more leveled. Every Artist is going to have hit and misses, but stop posting misses for others and hits for who you like.

    and FYI 470,000 is not gold, and that’s an average spit of 94,000 units sold per single minus 178,000 sold in the first week give you a total of 292,000 units sold since first week release, that means her 4 other singles drove 73,000 units since her November 09 Release which means shes only pushing an average of 14,000 per month… and if that’s not a flop? Then what is?

    All I’m saying is whats good for the goose is good for the gander., Be more fair and don’t post half the news but all of it!

  71. black April 25, 2010

    S***, by this time beyonce would be #1 everywhere, damn xtina, whats going on

  72. Goodshortygonebad April 25, 2010

    she’s not about the Numbers…. she’s more about grabbing ur attention. for example “Dirrty” only reached 48 on the Hot 100. but that is one of her signature songs… so “Not Myself Tonight” isn’t going anywhere anytime soon

  73. Sarah April 25, 2010

    For the people who keep NMT is doing so well on radio, what exactly is Christina airplay impressions for NMT as of today?

    If the video and upcoming promo doesn’t help, the stans will be left feeling very stupid.

    As others have pointed out, Britney, GaGa, RiRi and others have topped the charts, so why is Christina struggling? Especially for an artist of her stature.

  74. bay bay April 25, 2010

    i dont really like her anyways…nevaer heard her song either

  75. LANDEN April 25, 2010

    Look at the promotion Pokerface has had and compare it to the promotion of not myself

    tonight. You cant even compare. Pokerface video. Performed live on every f*****

    tv show known to man and exposed overnight to everyone. In constant rotation on mtv

    videos for how long. She just began the promotional tour this week. So PLEASE. SHE








    HOT 100 CHART.

  76. BeysBetter April 25, 2010

    yo sam SHUT THE F*** UP! Christina aguilara’s single debuted on the BILLBOARD CHARTS at 23..that’s whats matters!

  77. Kenney April 25, 2010

    Nobody is saying anything about alejandro being at #28 with no video or barely any promotion and with it being lady gaga that should be considered a FLOP or struggling. So what if it just made a little leap on the chart? NMT is still # 23 and I guarentee you after May 1st, NMT will at least be in the top 10 at least at 8 or 9. then american idol it will be top 5 and mtv movie awards at least top 3.

  78. Gucci April 25, 2010


    Oh that’s right because they’re closet stans! Kelly’s flop ass isn’t any more original than Christina, especially with her whack ass “commander” song that sounds like she sampled a Lady Gaga song for the beat. I do agree that Christina is not being true to herself on this album…..but the single ISN’T FLOPPING. It just debuted at #23 on billboard. The iTunes charts don’t mean s***……..and if they do….then honey point me to any Kelly Rowland song that has even graced the pages of iTunes!

    I’ll wait…….

  79. Aniyah April 25, 2010

    Damn I do find this one a little crazy being that I use to consider Christian like one of the best voices! I mean dont you remeber her loud and long vocals in “Lady Marmalade” Also “Hurt” I could listen to this song over and over, her voice is like the best. But yet people with no vocals at all like the annoying Britney Spears, did good on her whole entire comeback!! MAKES SENSE!!

  80. vneknin April 25, 2010

    @ gucci , how can you say she not true to her self cause of one song, plus she said she sang this song because the feeling she got after filming the movie. like the tittle ” not myself tonight” she not being herself but something different like her past album.

    01. Bionic (Intro) (Tricky Stewart, Claude Kelly, Christina Aguilera)
    02. Not Myself Tonight (Polow Da Don, Ester Dean)
    03. I Hate Boys (Kathleen Hanna, Bikini Kill, Christina Aguilera)
    04. Powerful (Sia Furler, Christina Aguilera)
    05. Hunger (Interlude) (Matt Darey, Detail)
    06. S** For Breakfast (Focus, Christina Aguilera)
    07. Birds of Prey (Christina Aguilera, Daniel Hunt, Ruben Wu)
    08. Kimono Girl (Cathy Dennis, Christina Aguilera, Daniel Hunt, Ruben Wu)
    09. So What You Got (Dr Luke, Christina Aguilera, Cathy Dennis)
    10. Night Desires featuring Goldfrapp (Alison Goldfrapp, Christina Aguilera)
    11. Monday Morning (Switch, John Hill, Christina Aguilera)
    12. Little Dreamer (Cathy Dennis, Christina Aguilera, Daniel Hunt, Ruben Wu)
    13. Listen Up (Claude Kelly, Christina Aguilera)
    14. Lost (Interlude) (Sam Endicott)
    15. You Lost Me (featuring Sia) (Christina Aguilera, Sia Furler, Sam Endicott)
    16. All I Need (Christina Aguilera, Sia Furler)
    17. I Am (Santigold, Anjulie)
    18. Glam (Claude Kelly, Christina Aguilera)
    19. Lift Me Up (Linda Perry, Christina Aguilera)
    20. I Will Never Forget U (Mia, Alex Da Kid, Christina Aguilera)

  81. Ghetto Fab April 25, 2010

    @ Gucci

    You are the biggest Kelly Rowland stan up in here so hush! Even in other folk’s posts you can’t keep her name out your mouth.

  82. Kaaaatt April 25, 2010

    Hmm….. the single was just OFFICIALLY released to purchase just about 2 weeks ago. Know your facts, please. Thanks.

  83. Kenney April 25, 2010

    Let’s all BREATHE! Usher, Monica, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake etc….all had songs that debuted very low in the charts but eventually climbed their ways to the tops after they started performing them live. For example (Hey Daddy debuted at #99 and is now #25, Everything to Me debuted around #90 and is now #44 you get where I’m going?) Considering somebody who hasn’t had any leaks from her album like everybody else does, who’s been gone for 4 years and done nothing but radio and tv interviews for promotion, #23 is damn good!

  84. Maria April 25, 2010

    Uh, the song suucks and it is no surprise. And uh, people, they are talking about Itunes, not Billboard. Try f*cking reading…. I hope the rest of her album isn’t her grabbing Lady Gaga’s coattails…Gaga is already more famous than she ever was. Anyone who says otherwise is just lying to themself. MJ wanted to work with Gaga before he died….He never wanted to work with Floptina… She has really disappointed me… It doesn’t matter how amazing your voice is if you can’t stay relevant. Celine Dion is a prime example of that… Whatever, the rest better be better if she wants me to buy the album and unless she looses her c=ocky entitled attitude, no Gaga fan will ever buy her music. That is alot of people to lose sales too. I actually think I am starting to hate her. What a yucky copycat. Even Madonna thinks Gaga is the next, well, Madonna. Again…LADY GAGA IS ALEADY MORE FAMOUS THAT XTINA EVER DREAMED OF BEING. If you average out how long Gaga has been on the scene and how many albums she has sold, she has already outsold Christina, especially if she keeps it up and her new album drops this year. What ever success Xtina has with craponic will quickly be eclipsed. These things are facts. Christina would never buy all her fans pizza. Remember, floptina was the popstar that used to have her bodyguard tell people not to look at her. She is nothing to me or any of Gaga’s true little monsters. We will never forget that sk@nks insults. She needs to get some lipo suction and go back to music school instead of relying on everyone else to write her crappy music. Again, anyone arguing this is uneducated or in denial.

  85. m22 April 25, 2010

    @ Maria:

    Poor girl. I pity you for having so obsessed with christina. I mean with all the hate you’re exuding? S-C-A-R-Y

  86. Sarah April 25, 2010

    Justin T had four #1 hits from his last album. Christina hasn’t had a solo #1 hit since like 2000 and her last actual #1 was LM back in 2001.

    Beyonce had one of the biggest songs of the year back in 09 with Singles Ladies and If I Were A Boy made it to the top 10.

    Lady GaGa has done very well with singles, so stop trying to make up lame excuses as to why NMT is flopping.

  87. Reasonable Voice April 25, 2010

    “Oh and she isn’t on the billboard top 20 at all…Gaga has two…”


    No s***, Sherlock. The first comment already established that NMT debuted at #23 on Billboard Hot 100, and how the hell would Christina have two singles on Hot 100 like Gaga if she’s only released one song?

    And kindly STFU about Gaga’s sales. Christina’s self titled debut sold ten million plus copies. 8 million in the US alone, as a teenager . . . Oh yeah, and that ten million plus that Christina’s first album sold was without the benefit of a re-release, hideos costumes, or lavish videos.

    I wish some of these dumbass Gaga stans would stop comparing her to an established artist like Christina that has been in the game much longer and has sold four times as many more albums than she. These comparisons have no merit. Unlike Lady Gaga, Christina’s career is built on vocal prowess, not gimmickry.

  88. Gucci April 25, 2010


    Honey you took the term STAN to a whole different level! Is Lady Gaga paying your bills girl?
    Granted Gaga has got a few accomplishments under her belt but i highly doubt MJ even knew who she was before he died…She doesn’t even have a number 1 album BOO. Christina has 2….and we KNOW the post was about iTunes charts sweety but since when was the ITunes chart really that significant?

    During its first week on the radio “Not Myself Tonight” became the most added song on Mainstream Top 40 (886 plays in its first six days) and Rhythmic Radio stations in the United States.[17] It was released for digital download on April 13, 2010 in the U.S. and sold 77,000 copies in its first week resulting in a debut of number 23 on the Billboard Hot 100. It is Aguilera’s third highest chart debut behind 2008’s “Keeps Gettin’ Better” debuting at number seven and 2006’s “Ain’t No Other Man” which opened at number nineteen.

    CALM THAT S*** DOOWWWWWWWN. That Gay juice is just hating oh so hard. Where is Mrs. Kelly at? I don’t see her Ru Paul look a like ass on NOBODY’S iTunes chart so is she a flop too?

  89. Kenney April 25, 2010

    Until Gaga has sold over 43 million worldwide had a 2 #1 albums (about to go on 3 with Bionic) on the US billboard, become a mother, a wife, maintained both relationships, won 4 grammies, filmed her first movie, and survived 12 years in the industry, LADY GAG-ME AIN’T GOT S*** ON XLEGENDTINA! Enough said! Christina doesn’t need her career to survive on ridiculous gimmicks that constantly get her attention!

  90. Ben April 25, 2010

    Aww well, I kinda expected this.

  91. Simon April 26, 2010

    Oh come on give the song a chance!!!!! once the video drops and she is all over the tv next month the single will pick up. It is currently number 23 on the billboard chart which isn’t terrible when you think that dirrty didn’t even do that well in the states and that was the lead off single for the stripped album, that album went on to be massive. I’m betting not myself tonight will be huge in europe Aggie will then realise a ballad which will take off in the states in a big way just like she did with beautiful. She is a great artist and she knows what she is doing. What I love about her she really dosen’t care about negativity she just gets on with it and makes great pop music. 🙂

  92. Oggie April 26, 2010

    Don’t speak to soon, the promotions for the single will not start until May as the video and all here guest appearances will be used to promote the album which is due out in June, labels aren’t bothered about first single positions anymore, it’s about the album, Not Myself tonight is killing it on radio in the UK and was the most added song to all radio stations playlist in America of all time, for the moment there letting the single do it’s thing on it’s own Christina has only done 1 2min interview to promote it, you’ll see how things change towards mid next month. Just so you know Dirrty only got to no.60 in the US billboard chart yet was no.1 in countrys all over the world and Stripped is Christina’s most highly rated album, plus Dirrty won the Q Music Award for song of the year!

  93. TokyoDiamondz April 26, 2010

    That’s what she gets for talking all that s***. Now people are paying her her coins. She is a FLOP. I predict this album will sell at least 50,000 copies the first week. NEXT!

  94. DizzyGuy1985 April 26, 2010

    The song sounds like a Britney song. She really needed a better song to utlilize her vocals. I feel like if people hear her true sound she will be good to go. Lady Gaga is pop and has an altered electronic voice. So she needs to display her true talents here.

  95. Maria April 26, 2010

    I know the truth hurts. And actually MJ did want to work with her…Look it up in the news honey. Gaga is a true artist and Christina is an arrogant copy cat who never got over being stomped by Spears.

    Now she is snapping at camera men because they cough during her interview. Look at all the artists that are better than her that she had to rely on to make this album. If the album is any kind of success it will be because of them not her. I am glad to see so many people on here that get it. I wouldn’t be so harsh if she wasn’t such an overrated diva and had talked so much trash about Gaga, and Gaga never says anything horrid about anyone. What does that say about them as people, as artists. Christina in her sweats at starbucks, nice. Gaga knows what it means to be an artist and she has that old glamor and amazing talent. She is a classically trained unique beauty. No she isn’t copying Gaga at all. She can’t . She is using crayons and Gaga is hanging in the Lourve. Sorry. The song is crap. Now Alejandro has stomped it on Itunes. Hells Ya! Can’t wait for this years album drop. Xtina might have a good month or two, but she always disappoints. Only her fans are in denial. The rest of us get it, and we don’t forget Gaga slams that quickly. Yes I am a little monster and dang proud. Gaga pays my emotional bills with her free spirit. There is already buzz that her album has numerous Gaga copy songs on it, even one with lyrics stating “don’t page me”. Really sad.

  96. matt April 26, 2010

    i love gaga, i stan for her, but i am not a crazy over the top stan like a few on here. MJ did want to work with her, yes it sounds crazy as she wasn’t that mainstream at the time, but it goes to shwo that she had a gift right from the start 🙂

  97. Maria April 26, 2010

    Yes, I can admit I have issues. I am sorry if I offend. I just have strong opinions. I don’t care if people think I am wrong. I know what I feel, even if it is looney. But Gaga has that effect on people.

  98. Bitchtinas Floppin Ass April 26, 2010

    Oh b**** shut yozur f****** mouth up!!! Understand!!! Bitchtina is floppin her ass off. remeber her last songs Keeps me gettin better flopped hard ass and now Not myself tonight is flopping harder even more. OMG i remember Britneys song 3 reached #1 with no airplay at all. OMG she reached #1 with no promo and nothing and floptina struggles to sell 100k in paid downloads. I guess even nobody illegal downloaded that song, becoz its sucking real hard everywhere. she make payola to the radio ststions so that it gets 10 spins…haha..if xtina wouldnt payola then nobody radio would even think about playn. My words are the law. get over it yall haters.

  99. Aaliyon [AHLIYON] April 26, 2010

    Wowwww! SMH! at all the negative bs, I support XTINA! i LOVE Lady Gaga too, how dare you compare the 2, their so different, and for the fans supporting CHRISTINA kudos to all of you because what u said made way more sense then most of the negative comments on here, Christina been in the game for what like 12 years now? has had growth in her music from t*** pop, to more mature adult music that all ages could relate to like the song “BEAUTIFUL” and “FIGHTER” and “THE VOICE WITHIN” she doesn’t have to prove to anyone why she’s the s***, her TALENT speaks for itself.

  100. Aaliyon [AHLIYON] April 26, 2010

    LMAO!!! please excuse my typos. I type so fast and didnt even proof read lol

  101. Monte April 26, 2010

    I hate when people keep bringing up that it debuted at no.23 on Billboard with NO PROMOTION! Well do you know when Billboard updates its chart, 1 F****** WEEK. And do you know when iTunes updates, EVERY F****** MINUTE. So of course it’s not going to show on Billboard as fast as iTunes…so once the results come, you will definitely be out the Top 40. And for those dumbass fans saying it got no promo yet, F****** 3 by Britney was in the same situation, but MANAGED TO DEBUT AT NO.1, a feat Christina has yet to do. You can’t use that as an excuse, and if you do, then you really know that NMT is flopping, and you don’t want to show it. And as for those f****** Lady Gaga comments…SO WHAT IF LADY GAGA HASN’T DEBUTED AS HIGH WITH ALEJANDRO…in 3 weeks it went from 72 to 28. In 2 weeks, that NMT will fall out of the Top 40…both do not have any promotion yet. And I don’t want to hear that Gaga will perform it on American Idol…because that has not HAPPENED YET…so as of now, no promotion. And ALREADY IN AUSTRALIA…it is at NUMBER F****** 2 WITHOUT PROMOTION…so Gaga is sure to have another no.1 in that country (suprised Telephone only made it to no.3 WITH tons of promotion). You know how much Gaga sold in Bad Romance in 1 week…145k. FLOPTINA only sold 77K…THATS ALMOST HALF OF WHAT GAGA SOLD!

  102. James April 26, 2010

    Not Myself Tonight debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at #23 one of her highest debuts for a song ever, and the song has already been in the top 10 on itunes in Canada, US and spain not to mention going #1 on the itunes charts in spain already.

    People Magazine, Billboard Magazine and Rolling Stone Magazine all named Not Myself Tonight one of their Top Singles.

    Christina is also doing VH1 storytellers and VH1 Behind The Music to air around the date of the album release. Not to mention high profile performances of the Oprah Winfrey Show in June as well as the Today Show Summer Concert Series.

    And the music video is set to premiere this friday on the new music video website which has also premiered videos by mariah carey and Usher’s ‘OMG ft.’ video which is currently number 8 on the Hot 100 chart

    So i think Christina’s doing pretty good.

  103. Jammy April 27, 2010

    She is doing well.. and to compare not myself tonight to Gaga’s alejandro is completely stupid because her album is already out! It’s really easy for someone to like a song from an album that is already out, so of course more people know about that song than they do with this song. Also, the masses still have not really heard the song yet, since the promotional campaign has not really began…

  104. OMG at the Bitchtina fans April 27, 2010

    Why cant you accept the fact that NMT is floppin? B****** tell me. Its floppin!!!

  105. Glorious May 5, 2010

    Floptina is a loser.. I don’t even know the names of her songs.. She’s unpopular that’s why she copies others to get attention (Britney,GaGA etc.) She flopped again.. I think she should retire

  106. PoorFloptina May 5, 2010

    Floptina is an unpopular loser girl who imitates big stars like BRITNEY SPEARS,MADONNA AND LADY GAGA !!!

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