Hot Shots: LeToya At La Perla Party

Published: Friday 16th Apr 2010 by Sam

R&B singer LeToya rocked a different at a cocktail party at La Perla’s Boutique in Malibu, California last night. The event was in support of the Heal the Bay campaign.

Peep more pics of the Destiny’s Child alumni below…

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  1. MAD HOUSE 20/23 April 16, 2010


  2. RihannasClit April 16, 2010

    When it comes to her face, something in the milk ain’t clean.

  3. SPRING April 16, 2010

    Amazing!!! keep it up.. love Letoya always…

  4. Aunt Jackie April 16, 2010

    Chick is always adorable.

  5. @VonniMediaMogul April 16, 2010

    I love letoya. She still is one of my favorites. She has a great voice but thank god she didn’t sing there because live the girl just needs her mic OFF. lol

  6. cool chick April 16, 2010

    looks like shes wearing lingerie

  7. yes again April 16, 2010

    she looks cute & young! yall stop hating lol

  8. RhiRhithegoatkiller April 16, 2010

    Yes she looks alright and she is getting better when she sings live. She is not the best but singing live she sounds better than Rhianna. Oh and by the way to much makeup.

  9. kekeluvsu April 16, 2010

    PLEASE LeToya doesn’t have on a lot of make-up, ppl need to know the difference. Hair and make-up looks great. But I really don’t like the dress. Gotta rep for my girl Toya. GET IT!!!!

  10. RihannasClit April 16, 2010

    But then again, beyonce looks like dog s***, so I should stop complainin’.

  11. maybelline April 16, 2010


    100% Co-Sign. I see we got some molded cheese ass haters up in here. Letoya can sing the devil out of any singer out and how dare you ducks even compare the stink bomb that is rihanna to the great singer Letoya. She should always have her mic on. Ya’ll must have been listenin to too much beyonkey and are deaf cause Letoya is the greatness when it comes to singin boo, boo.

  12. Devon April 16, 2010

    The black marilyn monroe right there. Extreme sexiness. I luv dat girl.

  13. MAD HOUSE 20/23 April 16, 2010

    I bet she was takin pointers from beyonce in applying make-up. ha ha ha!! Cause beyonce always looks like a clown. ha ha ha ha!!!

  14. cool chick April 16, 2010


    ur a dumbass cuz letoya sounds great live. I hate it when idiots come up in here talkin s*** cause they ugly as hell.

  15. Mouthie April 16, 2010

    I’m lovin the look despite what these senior citizens who are obviously out of touch with what’s s*** and hot NOWADAYS!!! Letoya is a classic beauty and actually looks like a Barbie. She sings great live btw (that smeans “by the way” for all you OLD people in here).

  16. Lola April 16, 2010

    This woman has the face of an angel. Absolutely gorgeous. Sell out n***** please EAT your hearts out!!!! Black women are the most beautiful women on earth hands down!!

  17. antertain April 17, 2010

    Lady Elle Rocking Again

    Where she been… Where the film i wanna see it Preachers Kid

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